My Baby Sombra

This is the story of when King Sombra came into the real world. He was only a colt when I found him, not more than a week old. He was defenceless, and completely alone. He had always been my favourite character, and it was because of him that I got into My Little Pony, especially the Fan Fiction Videos with him in. I couldn't just leave him on his own, so I took him into my home, and kept him hidden from everybody. Read the story to find out what happens to Baby Sombra...


1. Vanished To The Real World

Hi there! My names Jessica Rattey! I was never always a fan of My Little Pony. Infact, I was actuallu quite nasty about it. I had a Brony as a friend, and I told him if he didn't stop talking about My Little Pony near me, I would put a My Little Pony figure into a microwave, and record the results. Those were dark times in my life... I never thought I would end up being changed forever, thanks to one song. That song was Still Alive by Lisa Miscovsky. I had been round my best Friend Crystal's house, when she showed me a My Little Pony song video of Twilight Sparkle singing with her friends in 3D. After that I searched the Still Alive song to download it onto my computer, but that is when I saw 'A Tale Of One Shadow'. A video about Sombra before he was cursed. That video struck me deep, and I just had to see what episode King Sombra first appears in.


King Sombra being the first pony real none 3D pony I ever saw instantly made him my favourite, even if he was the bad guy! When I found of King Sombra appears first time in Season 3 episode 1 & 2 The Crystal Empire Part 1 & 2, I watched it immediately. But it broke my heart to discover he is only exsistant in those two episodes, then they kill him off perminantely. So I researched my favourite pony, learnt everything about him, watched all his videos made by fans, and saved as many good pictures as I could find.  King Sombra had become my obsession, and had changed my way of thinking about My Little Pony forever. So I was pretty surprised when I was watched The Crystal Empire episodes for the 100th time, only to find that King Sombra never made an appearance. I couldn't understand how a tv character could just dissapear like that, so I checked fan made videos, only to find he wasn't there either. I scrolled through my pictures on my computer, and he had vanished from every image I owned, and was no longer existant on the world wide web.


It was like my favourite pony had never existed, and it was all in my head. All of my Brony and Pegasister friends memories had been wiped clean of him as well. The only things that kept me beleiving was the drawings of Sombra I had done myself, and plastered all over my wall. I was deturmined to find out why King Sombra no longer existed. But I had no idea how I was going to find him, or convince the makers of My Little Pony he existed. I didn't want to go to work that day, I just wanted to stay home and awate King Sombra's return, or at least wake up from my everlasting nightmare. On the way to work, I kept my head down sulkily, upset that the only pony I cared about was no longer there. I would never want to watch My Little Pony ever again!


I only stopped thinking about My Little Pony when I heard crying in a dark alley way. I was reluctant to go in there at first, but I was worried for the scared child that could have lost it's parents. When I went down the alley way it was completely empty, except for a metal bin, that had been knocked onto it's side, probably by foxes scavenging for food. I didn't think nothing of the bin at first, and was about to leave beleiving my mind was just playing tricks on me, but then I heard metal on metal clanking around inside the bin, like something living was trapped in there. I edged closer to now realize that the crying sound was coming from inside the bin, and the clanking metal continued, as if some terrified child or creature was scrambling around inside the bin. I bent down slowly as I said "it's okay little one, I'm not going to hurt you. i'm here to help you out".


But what I saw looking back at me was such a shock. I was staring into the cute green evil eyes of what looked like King Sombra when he was a foal. Baby Sombra clanked his metal hooves as he backed away to the bottom of the bin, now hiding underneath his red robe that was far too big for him. His metal shoes were loose on his tiny hooves, and his crown kept slipping down over onto his snout. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I just couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't know what I should do at the time. I was half tempted to take photos and alert the makers of My Little Pony about the situation so they could take care of baby Sombra, and another part of me just wanted him to prove to my friends that I wasn't delusional, but deep down what I truly wanted was to take him home and care for him. I had made my decision, I gently lifted him into my arms, his legs dangling as he tried to scrabble away from me. "It's alright boy, I'm going to take good care of you" I said in a soothing voice. It was as if baby Sombra understood me perfectly, as he hid inside my jacket out of sight, shaking vigorously with fear.

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