Kærlighed ved første blik

Mit bud til konkurrencen "What If" - jeg har valgt at lave et digt


1. Kærlighed ved første blik

When I saw her
Her eyes was like the water – crystal blue
Her mouth was red like a rose in the garden
Her hair was yellow like the sun
I was in love with her
I want to live my life with her
She is the most amazing girl
Actually she is my best friend, but when I saw her
For the first time
I knew that I was in love with her
We been friends for a long time now
And she don´t know about it
I wish I could tell her, but I can´t
I´m nerves for what she then thinking of me
But then she told me that
Lately she had feelings for
I couldn’t stop smiling
I was so happy
I asked her to be my girlfriend
And she said yes!
It was the best day of my life  

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