Why Can't You Love Me?

Alex is a sophmore at a new high school. His crush John ignores him until one day when they have to pair up on a project. What happens when John and Alex becomes friends and start hanging out.


2. Through The Window

As the bell rang I watch John walk out with his friends. My next class was math. One word for math. Ew. The only good thing it was another class with John. After John had went back to his seat Shayna had interrogated me about class. I told her we just worked together. I didn't tell her what he said or him giving me his number. I walked to my locker and was putting my stuff away when a prep came up to me. Jake. I can't even pronounce his last name so don't judge. He slammed the door shut, "hey fag! I hope you didn't need in there."

"Actually I did," I told him putting my combo back in. I didn't want to look at him. I didn't think I could without punching. As I opened the locker he slammed it shut again.

"Well I don't really care," he said with a smug look on his face.

"I recommend walking away before something happens." I was clenching my jaw together.

"What are you gonna do pussy?" He said shoving my against the locker. I finally looked him and cursed to myself. Behind him stood Caleb Johnson. Another prep. This wasn't going to end well. I balled up my fist. I slammed my fist into Jake's face and he fell to the ground. Caleb advanced on me and swung I ducked as his fist met it's destination in the locker. I squirmed from the corner and was faced by Ean from English. His fist bashing into my gut. I doubled out clutching my stomach. Someone came up behind me. And grabbed my hair pulling me up to face Ean. He held my arms behind me so I could fight back.

"Hit him!!" I realized it was Caleb holding me. Ean began pounding his fists into my face. I noticed a group had gather around me. I saw John watching from behind everyone. We locked eyes and he looked sad. Just then Ean's fist connected my my left eye. My face came back up. I could feel the metallic substance in my mouth. I thrust my head back making contact with Caleb's nose. He let got of me and I fell the ground. Ean began kicking me and Jake had made his way of the ground began kicking me as well. Jake had blood poor from his mouth.

After about a minute of them kicking me the teachers came and pulled them out o me. Before they got there Caleb had joined kicking me too. The took me to the nurse and she had told me I had a broken rib. She called my parents and asked if she could put in stitches above my eye brow and they said yes. I also had a black eye and busted lip. When the nurse was done the took me to the principle office.

"Mr. Edwards we have talked to the other boys and looked at the video footage from security cameras and we are giving you Saturday school and 4 hours f community service for starting the fight." Mr. Evan's our principle told me. How in the actual fuck is that my fault?


"You clearly began the violence by punching Jake. They only fought back. You broke Caleb's nose and knocked out three of Jake teeth." I mentally smiled knowing that I did a little damage to them.

"So them kicking me on the ground was self defense. Them slamming my locker shut and pushing me against the locker was self defense? What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you fucking blind?" I stood up and walked out. I found my mom looking at me as I opened the door. My stepdad was behind her.

"Alex go sit down. your grounded once we get home." My mom was totally pissed at me. I walked over to a chair and sat down. A few minutes later my parents were screaming and walking out "Alex get the fuck in the car you aren't grounded." I walked out in the car.

"Alex your mother and I are sorry for them punishing you we requested to see the tape and it was obvious that it was those kids fault. They aren't being punished because they are athletes. I swear this school is very prejudice to non-athletes." Steve, my stepfather told me. I smiled as we drove home. I had so many text from my friends congratulating me on almost kicking ass.

I got home and took a shower. I was about to go to bed when I remembered I had John's number.

To: John

Hey it's Alex from English.

I waited a few for him to reply

From: John

Hey :) sorry about the guys today. I don't know what's up with them. They are good guys but they just don't like you. I just want to apologize.

I smile to myself. He apologized for something he didn't even do. He is so perfect and doesn't even know it.

To: John

It's fine. I gave them hell before they got me good. :)

He replied quickly.

From: John

Hey we should meet up tonight at the park. That cool?

Holy shit I can't believe he just invited me to hang out. But I can't get out of bed. They really beat the shit out of me.

To: John

I don't think so. I don't really feel like going. I'm in a lot of pain.

From: John

Ok I'll be at your house in a few.

To: John

You'll have to sneak in through my window because my parents are asleep

I waited a few minutes for his reply.

From: John

Deal XD

With that I shoved my phone in my pocket. I walked to my door and peaked out. My parents were definitely asleep. I walked back in my room and looked in the mirror. I was in gym shorts and a tank top. My black hair fell in curls. I didn't see a point in straightening it.

Just then a knock comes from my window. I walk over and open it to see John staring at me with a sonic bag in one hand and two drinks in the other. "I got you a coke and some tater tots. Is that ok? I didn't know what you like so I got something everyone loves."

"Yeah that's great," I take the cokes and food and set then on my night stand. I slide back in bed and turn on the T.V. "So why did you wanna come over?"

He climbs in my window and shuts it back. He take his shoes of and slides under the covers next to me. We both sit there with our backs against the head board watching T.V. he turns and looks at me, "because you're my friend and I want to hang out with my friend."

"Before today I had never even spoken to you and now we are friends?" I say as he looks back to the T.V.

"The only reason you didn't talk to me is because you have a crush on me," John looks at me and smiles. I blush as continue eating. How did he know that? "Word gets around... Sorry you were thinking out loud."

"It doesn't bother you that some fag has a crush on you?"

"Hey! don't call yourself that. You are not a fag. You're a human being. And no it doesn't bother me. I don't see why it would. You're just another person." He turns on the lamp beside my bed and looks at my face, "the guys really got you didn't they?"

"Yeah it's nothing I can't handle." I look down at my phone and see that it's 12:00. How did it get this late? oh shit John has to go to school. I would normally have to but my parents outrage I got suspended on top of my Saturday school. "John you need to get home so you can sleep. you have school tomorrow"

"Nah it can wait." He said laughing a little bit because I was worried.

"John you need to go. It's not good to loose sleep because of me," I tell him and he gets up and walks towards the window to leave.

"I'm only going because you need sleep too."

"Actually I'm not. My parents flipped thier shit and got me suspended. And I have Saturday school. Mr. Evan's also talked to the police an got me 4 hours of community service." I say and he turns around to look at me. His face drops.

"So you won't be at school tomorrow... Or today. It's Thursday now haha."

"I'll be there Friday though." I say with a smile. He turns and opens the window.

"Why don't I come over to your house tomorrow and fill you in on everything. I mean we have every class but one together. I could tell you what happened."

"That sounds awesome," I tell him a smiling playing on my face.

"Great, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Now you have to go. My parents will kill me." I say smiling.

"You act like I'm a romantic lover Jesus, I'm just a friend." John laughs as he climbs out of the window.

"Bye John."

"Goodnight Alex"

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