Why Can't You Love Me?

Alex is a sophmore at a new high school. His crush John ignores him until one day when they have to pair up on a project. What happens when John and Alex becomes friends and start hanging out.


4. Moment of Truth

John honks the horn of his truck letting me know he's outside. I finish fixing my coffee and grab my bag. This is all so new to me. I'm the oldest in our friend group with at least a driver's permit. Daniel is 16 but she's never been behind the wheel of a car. I make my way outside locking the front door behind me. I see the lady across the stare at me like usual. Ever since I moved in with my mom she has stared at me every morning when I come outside. It's very creepy. But if she didn't stare I would think something was wrong.

I climb in the lifted ford pick up and say good morning to John. His hair is wet from recently taking a shower. He's dressed in a purple shirt with the school mascot on it and kaki shorts with is usual Nike's. It fits him. Me on the other hand. I'm in white skiny jeans with a black hoodie. The dress code at our school requires a collared or school sponsored shirt that's tucked in to you pants or shorts. You can only where solid color hoodies without any writing on them unless they are school sponsored. And jackets can't be zipped up. It's quite ridiculous.

We drove in silence John looking over at me every now and then. Being tired of the silence I reach over and turn on the radio. Country music starts blaring. Absolutely not. Not gonna happen. I am a person of self dignity. I turn the station to the pop station. Lady Gaga starts playing. Again I have self dignity I turn it off. John starts laughing.

"What are laughing at?" I say staring at him.

"Nothing. It's just funny that the silence bothered you but the music bothered you more," he explained laughing more. I just scolded him. He lifted up his center console and pulled at a wire and connect it to the auxiliary plug in on the radio. "Here," he handed me the other end, "Listen to what you want."

I smiled and took the cord and plugged it into my phone. Oh yes. I am going to love this. I scrolled through my music until I found a song. Bulls in the Bronx by Pierce the Veil. I turned up the volume just as the guitar hit making John jump but then he smiled.

"I love this song!" he exclaimed. I didn't think he would like my music. We both started singing along.This was great. He's cute as he sings along with song. I try not to stare but end up doing it anyway. He notices and looks at me smiling. "You should get better at staring without people noticing."

"I don't call it staring. More like admiring." I say with a smile giving it a 'matter of fact' attitude.

"Try not to admire to much. I'm straight remember." He said with a smile. Wow what a tease. The song finishes as we pull up to school. "Oh, Alex," he grabs my arm, "I won't be able to take you home today I have practice. I skipped practice yesterday to hang out with you. Plus we have a game tonight. You should come."

"I don't have a ride," I say back, "or money to get in."

"Here," he gives me a plastic ticket. "It's a present. I get tickets half price. So $3. It's no big deal." That was sweet. "I can get my mom to swing by your house and pick you up."

"Oh ok. Well you just have a plan for everything."

"It is the last game of the season. There's also gonna be a party tonight after the game. You can come with me." He said and I stared at him with a smirk. "Not as a date." He laughs ruining my dreams. "I have to shower in the locker room tonight but I can give you the keys to my truck so you can wait for me and drive me."

"It sounds like a plan." I reply happy.

We get out and start walking in. I notice a few people scattered around the Parkin lot. As we walk in together people start staring at us. How wonderful? People are already assuming shit. I walk over to my table of friends and I assume John is going to sit by his friends but he suprise a me and sits next to me. All my friends look at him weirdly.

"Guys this is-" I was cut off by Liz.

"John Hutchinson. The quarterback for the football team. Why is he sitting over here?" she asks looking at him like he's a god.

"I am siting with Alex. I figured since he's a good guy his friends must be too." John speaks making them all look at him curiously. What the hell? Have they never seen him before? well that's what it seemed like. "So what's up?" He asks them in a confused tone. It's cute.

"Just admiring an angel," Saige says taking he brown hair out of a pony tail.

"Oh my Jesus," I say a bit too loudly and a kid named Nathan looks up. He carries a bible around all day. He says he wants to be a preacher. He gives me an ugly look for using the lords name in vein. "Sorry Nathan." I apologize and go back to the conversation. John is laughing at me.

The lights flicker off then back on. We all know that means the vice principle Ms. Hodges wants her attention. There are rumors of her being a lesbian but I don't know if it's true. As we all look at her he dismisses us to the halls. Hooray for us.

All the students dismissed the cafeteria and went their lockers. John was walking on one side of me while Lexi walked on the other side. John really wasn't her type. Liz and Saige on the other hand were practically fighting for his attention. I thought it was funny. John who was enjoying it earlier is now dreading it. I can tell by the way he keeps glancing at me with pleading eyes. Luckily we came to the freshman hall where Saige and Lexi had to leave. Liz had calmed down a little since they left.

We got to t locker and we stopped. Liz turned and looked at me and have me a look that said I was in trouble. "We are going to talk later young man." She turned and walked away. John stood there watching me put stuff in my locker and take some out. One of the football players, Donavan walked up to him and pulled him away to talk to him he had some other guy, I think his name was Ty, with him.

I wasn't trying to listen to the convo but they weren't exactly quiet. "-hanging with that queer is like betraying us as friends." Donavan said it. I heard some more whispering that wasn't understandable. Then I could hear again.

"I'm just fucking with him," John said. My heart stopped. I could feel my eyes start to burn with tears. I turned an looked at him. He looked up at me as I did. Donavan, Ty, and John were all laughing at what he said but John stopped when he saw me look at him about to cry. I slammed my locker door shut and ran. I heard John calling my name but I ignored it. I ran to the bathroom. I ran inside and made sure no one was in here then walked to beside the sink and put my back against it and slid down. I can't believe I fell for this.


A/N: hey guys!!! Really excited to write this story. I don't really think it's that great but I hope it is. But anyways. You guys should comment, vote and whatever if you like it lol. But yeah I love all for reading. Stay beautiful xD

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