The Miracle of Life | Drabble Series

Sometimes getting pregnant is inevitable. She is apart of the 2 to 15% Condom failure rate, 15% Emergency Contraceptive Failure rate and is now a Teen Statistic. Her life had been seemingly perfect, it only took 10 minutes to change the sands of time. Now she must decide to end an innocent life or bare through the  miracle  of  life


3. 2 ♡ For  Fucks  Sake

Better Luck Next Time, Sweet Heart


He's holding his breath with a tight gullet as tears pour down her now rosy cheeks. 


"Oh My Gosh!", she whimpers shaking her head back and forth fidgeting within his grasp. 


"Be still Jane!", He hisses huskily with pursed lips. "Open your legs, Wider".


She squats her legs and he feels up on her pink smooth lineless skin going towards her tiny waist.  She refuses to look at the older male and upwards her gaze, her face is burning red like a swollen tomato. She couldn't even begin to Fathom how something like this could happen to her, she had to be dreaming. 


Disgust washes her over in a cold sweep, it no longer feels good to be touched down there. 


He reclines back and avert his eyes "It's not in you", he assures Jane with a dry mouth. 


She drops her arms "Then where is it?"


He flexes both of his eyebrows and nonchalantly picks up his gray boxers off of the floor and slides them onto his built. He grabs his lighter off of the night table and proceeds to put a Cigarette in his mouth laying back on the bed. He closes his eyes, his breathing is shallow.


All it takes is the feeling of something rolling down her inner thighs for her to start screaming hysterically. "My mom is going to kill me!", she grimly tells him. 


He puts his finger at his temple, annoyed. 


She swings open her bedroom door "My Moms going to Slit my throat!"


He blows out smoke glowering at his girlfriend. 


" Fuck".





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