The Miracle of Life | Drabble Series

Sometimes getting pregnant is inevitable. She is apart of the 2 to 15% Condom failure rate, 15% Emergency Contraceptive Failure rate and is now a Teen Statistic. Her life had been seemingly perfect, it only took 10 minutes to change the sands of time. Now she must decide to end an innocent life or bare through the  miracle  of  life


2. 1 ♡ Inside  you

Do you know that feeling? The one where you feel like you're being drowned and suffocated.


“Jane?”, A sickened voice says, his tone is rattled and nauseated.


She props herself onto her elbows staring at the white skinned male who lingered largely over her. Her eyes widened tempting to pop out of her very skull.


“Where's the condom?” He jumps off the bed and flicks on the light switch, by now any color that his very skin had held is drained from his face, turning him sickly pale. He begins to move his hands deliriously all over the blanket proceeding to shake it out.


“Where's the condom?” Again the question is repeated.


His brilliant Ocean blue eyes turn frantic and he twists back to gaze at the petite female.


“Where's the condom?!”, She cries raising her tone, fear is now beginning to course through her 16 year old body.


He puts his hands through his greasy onyx black hair, revealing the noticeable tattoo on his inner left ear on his anti helix . It was a simple flower, a beautiful crimson rose that had been placed their exquisitely in honor of a dead love one.


“Inside  you”.  

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