Lighting & Fire (Leo Valdez)

Set in Lost Hero


1. Prologue

" Born with hair as dark as a ravens wing,

Skin as fair as the ripest peach.

Eyes as dark and grey as a brewing storm

.To meet her end or beginning at a simple flame.

To choose her destiny in good or evil.."

Zeus glowered and shut the multiple voices off completely, angered and worried. The god of thunder knew exactly who the fates were speaking of. Even if the prophecy was made eons ago. Waving his hand through the air he watched as a shimmering image appeared and stared longing at it. A woman was cradling a small infanft who sucked a bottle with a sleepy expression.

The woman was undeniably beautiful with lush wavy brown hair and warm cocoa brown eyes. She sang quietly to the child, an old song her mother sang to her as a child. A song speaking about courage and bravery. The child seemed to be soaking every line up and sucking from her bottle. The child was just as enchanting and beautiful as her mother with a head of growing soft black hair and two grey eyes that trained on her mother.

" Alrighty time for bed " she exclaimed after the song and gently took the bottle away and stop up shifting the child into a comfortable position.

Zeus watched as she lied the child in the crib and secured the bars into a safe height for her. Turning she disappeared from sight. Sighing he re waved his hand through the image shattering the picture.

" Zeus " turning he watched as Athena walked closer into the room. He was too mentally drained to be angered at her eavesdropping.

" What is it Athena " he asked in a tight tone as she stopped.

" Hera won't be happy if she hears of your affair with the mortal and will not spare her wrath..." Lightning cracked causing her to quiet down.

" She will not find out. Simple " he told the wisdom goddess in a deathly tone. It was no debate.

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