Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


18. The Great Debate (One Shot)

Not a chapter,again.
But I hope you enjoy.
And oh! Watch this video.
It's a trailer I made for this book but I forgot to upload it for like a month.Lol
Anyway...let this(whatever it is) begin!



  "Ella, can you come here!" Ella left her book with a bookmark and started walking towards the room she presumed Nate would be in.

"What is it?" Ella asked Nate who was sitting alongside Jack, both of them looked pretty preoccupied/ concentrated and it looked like that she walked in the middle of a heated argument.

"Come here" Jack beckoned her towards the sofa. 

Ella saw a laptop on the table in front of the two idiots, she hoped that she wasn't going to become part of some immature prank, again. She remembered the time when they had tricked both her and Jason into almost destroying the whole story. Needless to say, Jason was furious, not only at them but also with Ella, and well, it didn't sit quietly with say the least.

"Okay Ella, I want you to close your eyes and do deep breathing a few times" Nate told Ella without  acknowledging her. It irritated her, typical Ella.

"Why?" She asked annoyed.

"Just do it!" Nate shouted.

"Jesus Christ..." Ella put a hand on her chest in shock.

"What's with the Nike tagline?" She asked more calm than before. 

"Ella" Jack groaned.

"Okay, okay, chill...well" She heaved a 'phew' and then closed her eyes.

"Okay, I'm done" Ella said opening her eyes.

"Okay...what colour is this dress?" Nate asks.


"What colour do you see, Ella?" Jack asks.

"Ah, it's white and gold...and ugly" 

"Ah-ha! I told you! Ella, give me a high-five, babe" Ella confusedly high-five backs Jack.

"No!" Nate groaned.

What is he celebrating about, anyway?

"Jack, you alright? What are you so happy about? What is up with you Nate?" Ella asked.

"Here, let me explain. You see this dress, WHICH IS WHITE AND GOLD BY THE WAY, well...Nate here said that is was blue and black and I said it was gold and white, so we just wanted a second option" Jack explained.

Ella looked at Nate with bewildered expression.

"You see it as blue and black? Are you out of your fucking mind?" 

"Guys, it is blue and black" Nate said stubbornly.

"Jason, JASON! Come here, you idiot!" Nate shouted.

"What got stuck in you pants" Jason said as he walked towards the trio, who looked like they could murder someone any second.

"Jason, close your eyes and take some deep breathes" Nate instructed.

"Who do you think I am" Jason commented and refused to close his eyes.

"Just do it this one time, Jason, please" Nate was saying in a strained voice.

"'Okay, dude, chill" Jason did as Nate asked and the other three waited impatiently.

"Now what?" Jason asked, a little wary because of the expressions on the faces of the three.

"What is the colour of the dress?" Ella asked as soon as appeared on the screen of the laptop.

"Blue and black...and kind of weird. If you are planning to buy this dress, then please abandon the idea, you would look great in potato sack but I don't think that any angel could make this dress worth wearing" Jason commented but he didn't realize that everybody has basically stopped listening after his first three words.

"I knew it! What did he bribe you with Ella, huh, a chocolate or something?" Nate fist pumped the air.

"No...Jason, it's not blue and black, dumbass, open your eyes for once. And no, Nathan, he didn't bribe me, if someone did bribe someone, it's you who bribed Jason" 


"It's gold and white , right, Jason?" Ella asked.

"No, it's blue and black"

"Gold and white"

"Blue and black"




The house had been divided in halves over the colour of the dress.

On 'Gold and White' team were Ella, Jack and Ryan.

On 'Blue and Black' team were Jason, Nathan and Drake.

"You know what, let's just stop this" Everyone turned and glared at the Kind lady who had said that. She was on neither of the teams because she was colour blind and hence the reason behind everyone glaring at her.

"Are you going to accept the colour as 'Gold and White' or no?" Ella asked her opposite team with a fire in her eyes.

"No." Jason replied for the whole team.

"Okay then..." Ella brushed imaginary dust form her lap and stood up. Everyone followed her and now both the teams were standing face-to-face with each other.

"Let the big guns out" Ella commented and that was the beginning of the end.

I bet you guys were waiting for a chapter, lol!
I know this is really stupid but I couldn't help myself. Hahaha. The dress brought so much drama though, it literally divided the whole planet. Yeet!
OMB! Our baby is 21! Can you believe it?! I have been crying the whole day. 
BBye, now! And oh! Completely forgot it- "KIDNAPPED" was #274 in Mystery/Thriller on Wattpad yesterday,OMFB...crying.  
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