Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


7. Chapter-7

The moment the video ended I burst into tears.

I had been crying ever since the video clip showing my family ended . I was ....  aware of the fact that t.v. had been shut down and now someone was comforting me while I cried , wailed and sobbed  , all at the same time . My guess would be that this someone is Nate , seeing that he is only person here , who I believe , can genuinely be concerned about me . I can't say how much time had passed from when I started sobbing but it probably had been a while and I am grateful that Nate decided to hold in my weak state , he had been sitting with me this entire time , holding me and rubbing my back so as to comfort me . I pull away and I am surprised to see that it was not Nate who was with me all this time but someone else , someone , who I could have never expected to do something like this .

" Uh .. thank you " , I say while wiping my tears and cleaning away my face with my hands . His reply was a short nod and assuming I am alright now , he goes to some place . I am shocked .. well you would be too if you realize your kidnapper was comforting you , would you be not .I had expected the person holding me to be Nate , hell it could have been any one of the other people I have met here but never have I ever thought that my kidnapper could show me some compassion . It was such a weird shock for me that for a some minutes I had completely forgotten the reason why I was crying .. now that I remember , I could not stop the tears from flooding my eyes and quickening of my breath until I am panting . This time I am rather unlucky as no comes on to console me .. even if it is just for the sake of checking up on me . No .. I am in no way willing for their but at the times of need like this , a mere presence of human figure within your grasping radius can help the person psychologically . I am no expert in such topics but it is a daily day to day life experience , nothing else , like how a child immediately stops crying once in reach of his mother or how you start feeling a lot better when a friend hugs you , yeah that is what I meant .

I was tempted to turn the channel on television to see if I can only catch merely a glimpse of my family but I knew I could not , there was just a hunch that stopped me from doing that . I was a crying mess when Nathan approached me , I had felt that I had a right to be mad over him but then I realized that I have nothing over him , we were not even friends , yes , I do think he is a good person as such in general but that does not make him obliged to be everyone's friend , being mine is such different business , I am a kidnapped person after all . I am yet to know any person's name here other than Nate and Jack , and more so as Jack tried to assault in me such disgusting way , I can only hope for the time when I get the hell away from here . I perfectly remember what I happened last time I tried to escape and more so the consequences that followed after my said actions , the bruises still are fresh on my body and the haunting time is still as fresh as it was yesterday(it was yesterday only !) on my mind . The main difference would be , that I no longer fear the consequences but the worry for my family is there . I have seen that they all more or less in healthy state and I would not want them face any hardships if my kidnapper was to learn about my escape . It is one thing that I bear his punishment and another any pain was to be inflicted on my family . The plan was set in my mind and now I have to find an perfect opportunity to work it into actions . The escape would not be hard ... I know that for sure , it is only my fault that I ended up here again to my too distraught thoughts ... when I look back to my actions of yesterday ... I see nothing but foolishness . I could have easily escaped from these criminals' grasp and would have bought help in-case  my mother , I should have contacted someone somehow, I am sure that we are not very far my city because well , they could not have flied to one or another without it looking suspicious , seeing the state I was in or more if they did have traveled by road , we can be into a another state at most , moreover , given the fact that I had gained conscious not a lot of time after the attack on bank . I would like to think as an fortunate event even though I would have much rather preferred being in blackness then to be confronted by the truth of being kidnapped , I am still in hope that when I escape .. in near future , I could come to certain town or city , so that I could ask for help , I surely know by now that this house is in middle of nowhere , or preferably in a thick forest , I am sure to find an road nearby . I had been crying the entire time I was making this plan in my head and tear duct are surely empty and in the end , I am just dry heaving . I have not noticed when Nathan has left because he certainly did in time when I was too lost in my world but I was not alone , oh no , someone had occupied Nathan' previous place and now that someone instead was holding me than Nathan . The body of the person was heavier than Nathan , frame was a little taller and this person had brownish-blonde hair rather than Nate who had clear beach blonde locks . Why , this person is a boy of course and I perfectly know who he is . As I precisely know who this person is , I still make no attempt to pull away from him , if anything I hug the person more tighter , trying to guilt them by making them see what state they had put me in . Boy ! who am I kidding here , these people are professional criminals , they kill people for living .. they don't feel any guilt or remorse for their victims , even if they do feel a little percentage of those emotions , they can not show them , in any matter or by any means . I pull away as it's too quite in here now and I am know for a fact that my tear ducts would not produce anymore tears even if I bribe them with two gallons of water , it is not like the emotions that I acquired upon seeing my family on television has left , no , not at all , in fact they still are flushed to my heart but now I have an new found courage to escape this place and these emotions they are only motivating me to do so , sadness is converted to hate in my heart and now I am not the one to spread hate and go out an about revenge , it sure sounds sweet if said in context with these criminals . I am going to return with a bomb in my backpack neither am I going to send armed forces to location of this house but I will sure by any means provide required information to authorities , I can not imagine any other person stuck in situation like mine and busting this gang will surely provide information to authorities about other criminals too , so it is a win win situation but I'll have to get out here first . As I pull away at last , I realize that the person holding me , were hugging me just as tightly as I had and they still do not let go of my waist when I pull away my head that was somewhat in the awkward position on top of his head . I was not shocked to find that this person was none other than my kidnapper but imagine my surprise when I find that he is asleep on my chest . I had no idea that during the period of my lament he had fallen asleep nor of the fact that this period was so long ( what's up mother nature reference here ! )
that he got bored out of his brains that he eventually decided to use me as a pillow . I was still  in state of shock when Nathan entered the premises of me lamenting and my kidnapper sleeping on me . His facial expressions and bodily actions showed that he was shocked too but it looked like he was shocked due to entirely different reason than that of mine . He has stopped on the entrance of this room and his mouth was parted in awe . I still had made no actions so as that can remove my kidnapper on from me , I was not drowning in his weight or anything but it still made me quite uncomfortable that he was near , more like smothered , on such private part of my body and his hold was iron tight in a vice-like grip , so that was not comfortable either for me . I had intentions of waking him up as soon as I registered that he was sleeping on me but I did not because for one , I was afraid to see his reaction , no one likes to be woken up and as I did not need or want his attention when I had a plan to follow suit and two .... because he looked too peaceful to be woken up , he did not look like a criminal when he is sleeping, killing and mass homicides was not his profession when he is sleeping . He looks like a normal teenager with charming looks and deathly smile . I can not imagine the reason for which he turned towards crime as a source of relief .

" Whoa" , these peculiar words were mumbled by Nathan that woke up my kidnapper from his precious sleep , turns out he is a light sleeper . Nathan and I keep on watching dumbfounded as my kidnapper stretches and rubs his eyes a little , he has an little smile on playing on his lips as if he had completed all the sleep he needed for ones lifetime . He is confused upon seeing his surroundings that is clear from his expressions but as he turns and looks at me , his eyes widen , for just a fraction of second  before he is fully awake due to shock and his cold , hard expression mask is slipped back on his face . Seeing this particular expression or none on his face , if you get my drift , I wish that Nathan might have not let out that particular word from his mouth and could have allowed my kidnapper to peacefully to rest and continue his slumber but what's done is done . My kidnapper gets up and goes out the room within following minutes of his rising up from sleep without any words from his mouth and without any other looks towards my direction from him . I am surprised at his actions , I am not going to lie about that , I still remember the way he had reacted the last time he had woken up around me . He was rather aggressive , mind you that the bruise on m jaw is still healing but nothing like how passive he was just now . It was something I could not have guessed if asked , his behavior I mean . Sometimes he is joking , other times it looks like he can take on a bull if needed and on many occasions , he is just so cold and distant that one could mistake him for an robot . I am now sure that he is ought to be dealing with some kind of disorders may be bi-polar disorder for example .I don't know what exactly is wrong with him but what I do know is something is definitely up with him and by the looks Nathan was giving him when he was asleep just proves my point .

"Here , drink some water , you'll feel better "

"Yeah , uh , thanks "

Nathan had been standing there holding the glass of water in shock as I had been sitting on sofa in shock . He must have left to bring me some water and that is when my kidnapper took his place but then again , it wouldn't take quite long for Nate to fetch water , could it be possible that my kidnapper fell into slumber in such short amount of time , well he did look sort of pale today , so may be that is why .

"You o.k. now ?" , Nathan asked as I drank up half of the content of glass .

"Not really ..", was my mumbling reply . The look Nathan gave me after the words tumbled out of my mouth could be associated to that of genuine concern . He didn't say anything for a while , probably thinking as it was obvious from the distant look on his face .

"That was so weird " , he mumbles to himself  .

"What is weird ?" , I can't help but be curious .

"You know he have problems falling asleep " , he turns to look at me whilst saying and I know that he is talking about my kidnapper .

"Okay..." , he has trouble sleeping , so what , a lot of people face problems related to sleep.

"What I am saying is he is never easily able to sleep ,even if he does , he suffers terrible dreams "

"So ..he is insomniac and have nightmares , I can assure , a lot of people go through them "

"You don't understand it , when he is having those nightmares , it's's horrible to watch how his body reacts in those dreams "

"I sympathize " , I say with no indifference .

"He labors himself out of sleep , he can't .. he can't just sleep "

"Look , he is a big child with horrible nightmares , I get it , okay "

"No one can " , he says while shaking his head , I look at him confused,  what does he mean by ' no one can ' , like what..  is he some arrogant teenager with issues.. oh wait he is . I am confused at his words but only for a second , shaking my own head I realize that I really don't give a fuck as it is famously phrased . I mean yeah , as a human , I am like , he should be a better person and I rather believed the thought but before he pushed me down the stairs the other day , now I know he is to be not changed , it is beyond my measure how he can be turned into a better person , he is a criminal and that is not my thought but instead it is statement , I can't question it , Nate can't question it , nobody can question it because well .. he indeed is .

I had been planning my escape all day , it is not like I had anything better to do anyway and no one was around , so it made my work only more convenient . I had observed that the house was rather deserted today , I mean I have not met or seen many people earlier either but there was always some movement to be felt around . Even when I was knocked in the basement , a lot of noises had made home in my ears , many of which were not of my own  and I knew that people and work were in play above my head but now it just feels empty and I don't mean it metaphorically , you see , after the breakfast , only people I saw were my kidnapper and Nathan , the former' presence unnerving and quite weird while latter provided me easy company on a side , he still did confuse me with his words . The abandonment provided me ample with the needs of working with one-track mind for to plan and purpose it in my escape from this hell .
Dinner to me was served to me in that bedroom I am provided with , I had in no way despised it , it just happens to flourish my plan further . So , I had no objections whatsoever and I was still keenly aware of the fact that desertion has in no way declined in the house and forgive me not for what I say , I was not in intend to share dinner with my kidnapper and Nathan , sure Nate was what could be compared to as close to friend for me here but his former words keep revolving in my head " No one can" and it was absurd to just as much as acknowledge the meaning in it . The former' company should be avoided as much as I can , for he is quite adequate in deciphering motives of people , don't ask me how I know it , because my friend , I don't quite know answer to that myself , may be it's his calculating eyes which regards everything and everyone with certain degree of intelligence or for the fact that he rules over a gang .
Midnight as had approached quietly , not as I quickly as I would have preferred but is had approached nonetheless and I am thankful . I have discovered rather unusual things today , you see one of the quirks of desertion in this house was that I could roam about anywhere and that uncovered me some sweet passages to my escape . As I had hoped , the door to my room was not locked , blame it on the emotional outburst or on whatever you wish , my kidnapper and Nathan has thought that I was not apt to be left alone today or to put it in easy words , I was not stable enough to be left alone . I had heard their discussion about this topic when I was roaming around the top-most floor or what I redeem as top-floor , my kidnapper was skeptical but taking the unlocked door as a sign , Nathan was able to prob him into doing it anyway I think .
The hall lights were dim , almost non-existent , but gave light to my path just enough for me to go through it without tripping over it . I was not so fortunate with the lights in living room , it was practically black , the room but somehow I knew my way , may be spending whole of my afternoon here did payed away at last . I had found back-door with not many troubles , sure the walls had helped and I had to catch myself quite a few times from falling , it still was easy , too easy . During my walk around the building , I had discovered that the backdoor was as neglected as the dirt on side-walk and was always open , so it came as an easy escape option . My heartbeat was erratic and my owns footsteps echoed in my head . Everything felt surreal now , I was through the backyard now and was running into the thickly covered forest area . The air around me was breezy and soothing just as it is supposed to be on a summer night , and the crunches that sounded from the fallen leaves made me feel alive . The forest was a dense , just like I remember from yesterday and lack of lights made it hard for me to move forward . I had not thought about what is to happen if I get lost in this forest , my pace faltered a little but I quickly regained it , we'll think about it if that actually happens , for now , I have to get as far as I can . Dodging the tree and twigs with help of whatever little moonlight shone through the thick canopy , I made it to the place where I had , yesterday , questioned my mother' well-being , the only place on both the trips that was mostly clear land and where I some moonlight actually shone through . I paused for a breather , I was sprinting at first and then took to jogging as the forest had approached and now that I am half an hour away from my kidnapper' house , it was only right that I rest a little . I was laying on a tree trunk , catching my breath , when I sound made my body go on alert mode . It could have been wind rustling the leaves or some animal passing by .. but it simple was not and it put me on edge . Could it be possible that someone had followed me here .. no I would have heard or seen something . This is absurd , get a grip Ella , paranoia is such a bitch and creepy one at that , just think about .. about your family. I huffed out a breath while standing up , this place , if I had stayed any longer , would surely have pushed me to insanity . There was sound from my huff ...and from something else . My eyes darted from one place to another , my breathing was normal now but the pulse were still ringing in my head as if I had never stopped running in the first place . Keeping my movements to minimal , I moved forward , only to retract a second later ,as the leaves rustled and not from wind , I knew someone was bloody here , I could have never guessed it . Panic was seizing me , I had to get away from here but the only problem was .. I did not know to where . Deciding it was in my best interest to keep moving , I started towards the opposite from where the imprisoning house lays . I could have swore that the sound followed me but when I turned to look back , nothing or better , no one was there , I continued with my pace as my heart drummed in my ears . Five minutes passed and I again heard same sound , this time , not only my head but I whirled my whole body around but I froze as no one was around and it was all just my imagination , may be all the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me .

"Looking for something , darling " , a voice whispers from behind me , a voice I know all too well . Jack twirled me around , making me crash into his chest . I furiously start struggling into his hold , chanting 'let me go ' over and again , shouting could not be allowed by my body from the lack of its well-being ,you see.

" Jack , let her go " , a bored monotone voice came from somewhere around me and I instantly recognized it as that of my kidnapper . My ears perked up at his voice , I have heard him talk many a times but something is way off about his voice right now , it is just ...dead . It is horrible to hear this voice , to be honest , it gave me chills and not the pleasant  kind either , it was the kind of chill when walking by a cemetery or the chill you get while walking around alone at night . It was just plain creepy , it stilled me for a moment and then I again started thrashing and screaming, as much as it was possible for me .

"Just put her damn it ....before she makes my ear bleed ." My kidnapper muttered the last part , but no , oh no , Jack wasn't having any of it .

"Man, it's all in duty , yeah."He said , duty my ass , not leaving any chance to feel me up , does he . I had stopped struggling after my kidnapper's words , because I know it was of no use . I should be scared , I know I should be but right now , I am only itching to find another opportunity to escape from these damn criminals .

"Alright.."My kidnapper sighed while rubbing his eyes , what is wrong with him , isn't he supposed to be hounding at me with tormenting insults or hurling me towards his house for some sort of punishment . Well , I guess I shouldn't count on my luck and just hope that the inevitable could be postponed . I felt Jack pushing me as my kidnapper started walking . As we walked , I noticed a few things , now that I actually had time to look around . Jack and my kidnapper both were bare handed but there was still light present , confused I looked around , only to be terrified . A group of people .. man , with a bouncer-like built surronded us with some big lamp-like figures . The scene was almost comical , the big , mascular, brooding man holding lamps , which looked so tiny compared to their frames , only if I wasn't the one being surrounded by them .

Almost halfway towards the house , all the lights suddenly turned off . Everything was a silent for a moment and only the sounds of the forest could be heard , you know , crickets and owl , yeah suff like that . A silence that streched like eternity was disturbed as suddenly my kidnapper barked ,

"What is going on !" Surprised by the intensity of his voice , Jack let go me , I am not surprised , I , myself flinched too . With the fact registering in my mind that I was free from Jack's hold , I stepped forward timidly and carefully , not to amke a sound , thankfully , a lot of noise had started after my kidnapper's sudden shouting as everyone scrambled to come up with an logical exclamation . This was my golden chance , it was a now or never decision , either I can let these slimy bastards take me back to my personal jail and let them punish or I can use the oppurtunity to get the hell away from them . Since I had just seen the arrangement we were walking in with , I knew that only two , mostly three gaurds were covering us from back and kind of lany ones at that . This was the only possible escape route . I had been in the dark night fairly longer than everyone else and so I could pinpoint a few places where moonlight would shine and can guide me , they had been using lamps anyway . 

I turned around , feeling for Jack's presnece or anyone's for that matter , but since I could only sense crisp air of night , I started walking with shallow steps , careful not to make any sounds and give myself away . I kept moving my hands in the air around me lightly , so that I don't bump into one of the gaurd or any other person as I continued with my aprehensive pace . I had made it to a tree with thick trunk where moonlight easily showed the nature without getting caught in my act by anyone of them . It has been good 10 minutes and the idiots were still trying to reason for the sudden blackout from their only source of light , if only they concentrated and saw that the moonlight was available but then again, I don't wish to be caught . Yes , I was still able to hear their commotion because I wasn't that far away from them . It is ridiculuos how they still haven't realized that I had been missing , oh well , good for me . I sincere smile crept onto my face as I registered the fact that I might soon be meeting with my family but the smile didn't stay for long .

"Um .. where is Ella ?" It made me hold my breath as the question Jack proposed silenced all the commotion between them .
How have you guys been ? Sorry for such a late update , please accept my apology ? I had my exams going on in the college and I just couldn't find time to write .. sorry again .
Anyway .. so Selena and Justin are back together , Jelenators must be so happy right now . I too am happy for them , it is their business anyway but whenever they had been together , it had caused problem lately and that goes for both them . Well , whatever .... Enjoy the story .  
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