Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


20. Chapter-16.5

Jason's P.O.V.

We have been sitting here for quite some time. 

"Did you find anything?" I asked in the bored tone.

"Nothing is coming up" Drake replied.

After the group meeting today, which also included Ella, I don't know why I allowed her to be a part of that, we have been trying to find more about the "Red Eye" gang.

I think Ella has got a point.

The name does sound absurd. 


I never thought that she, that she could have 
 psychological  problems, no, I'm not going to use the word 'mental', like that fucktard Jack phrased, I swear  sometimes he gets on my nerves.

I mean, you don't really expect a normal teen girl, a normal high-school student, to be facing any psychological problem, psychological disease, do you know?

And, moreover, she is very...naive and innocent, she doesn't deserve this disease- whatever it may be.

What is she actually suffering from anyway?

It was horrible to watch those two incidents of her, her twitching, screaming, sobbing and they way she was scared of everything around her...I have never seen anything like that before and believe me, I have seen a lot of things.

Maybe I could help her in any way- What The Fuck! what the hell am I thinking, me helping her! Even if I do get her  some medicine or something, she is probably not going to trust her kidnapper. 

Back to present now...

"Really? That gang has been around for more than half a year, we really couldn't find anything?"


"I think they have been trying to lay low" Jack, who has just entered the room with a soda can in his hand, comments.

"Well, it can be true" Ryan, who has been searching about the "Red Gang" too, says. 

"Hmm, yeah" Drake mumbled his agreement.

"Hmm, why would you say that?" I ask in a nonchalant tone. 

Although Jack is new, it seems he has a lot of knowledge about the underworld and its way of working. 

"They haven't done anything spectacular or something worth making the headlines, like most of the new gangs do" He shrugs while lounging on the arm of the sofa.   

"Yup" Ryan agrees. 

"He has a point, Boss" Drake says.

"Yeah, you do" I say to Jack.


"So, about that guy who broke in, what else do you know about him?" I ask.

We have been searching for Red Eye gang for more than an hour and could not find anything but dead ends.

It is better to discuss something we have slight knowledge about.

"We do know he was in his early twenties" Drake started.

"So, most probably an old part of the underworld" Jack muses.

"And dark hair with a slight build" Ryan continues where Drake left off.

"Hmm, brown or black hair then" Jack comments again.

"So, we are looking for an average man with brown or black hair with a skull tattoo on the back of his hand" Jack formulates. 

"Basically, yeah" Drake nods.

"That's not impossible at all" Jack says sarcastically and  throws his hands up in the air.

"Stop with the theatrics" Nathan says to Jack as he enters the room. 

"Why are you panting?" Ryan asks Nathan, who actually is slightly panting, it is almost unnoticeable.

"Just came from Ella's room" He says and makes himself at home in my chair.

I don't try to hide my irritation from him.

"Why are you on my chair?" I demand from him.

"Don't be a big baby" He huffs but moves away from my chair nonetheless. 

"That doesn't explain it" Drake says to Nathan.

"It actually complicates it, bro" Ryan says with a sheepish look on his face.

Nathan actually turns red on hearing Ryan.

", Ella and I, we...we...were not doing anything of that type" He clarifies.

Oh, I forgot...Ella and his friendship. Weird people both of them are- Ella doesn't talk with anyone here other than Nathan, much less form a friendship and Nathan pointedly ignores most of the people but is always with Ella.

They look more than friends. 

"You better not" I say to him.

"Why not?" He challengingly asks.

Oh no, he didn't. Nobody questions me here.

"Because I said so" 

"It will do you good to remember, Jason, that I don't work here" 

"And it will do you good to remember who you are talking to" I grit my teeth at his answer, no one had ever disrespected me like that.

"Guys, guys, you need to calm down" Drake says as Drake, Ryan, and Jack stand up from their seats. 

"Do not tell me what to do!" I turn my harsh glare to Drake for a second, which seems to shut him up, and then turn back to look at Nathan. 

Nathan doesn't look frightened or scared as I expected but has more of a confused expression on his face. 

He looks at everyone, one-by-one, and then, with a frown on his face, leaves the room.

I am itching to ask him 'where he is going' and 'to come back and fight', but I know it's not right, so I just slump back in the chair. 

"Get me a coffee" I mumble while rubbing my forehead. 

I feel stressed these days. 



"Dead-end, again!" I shout, though I don't feel necessarily angry with anyone, just the situation.

"I feel like giving up" Drake mumbled but I heard him anyway.

"Shut the fuck up" I say through clenched teeth.

He just raised both of his hands in 'Okay, chill, dude' manner.

"Guys, I think I might have found a lead" Before I can get into a full blown argument with Drake, Ryan catches everyone's attention. 

"What is it?" Jack asks. 

We all have gathered around Ryan.

"Look at this" Ryan motions towards the computer screen.



"For real! Oh my God, I can't even" Nate is the only one who manages to stand out whilst everyone is surprised. 

"Yeah, what the fuck is this" Jack says.

"A selfie? My"Drake drawls out from beside me. 

On the screen, the guy who broke in has posted a selfie captioned with ''Can't believe I actually managed to break into McCain house #hadfun''.

"He posted it on Facebook?" 

"Stupid ass shit"


" we know that we're dealing with people who've less than 90 I.Q." Nate shrugs.

"Can you find anything else?" I ask Ryan over the stupid commentary of everyone who is debating how stupid this idiot really is.  


"No..." I instantly get ready to shout at him.

"...but Drake could, it's not my forte" He shrugs and I realize he's right.


"On it" He answers before I can even complete my sentence.


"It's the correct address?" I ask.

"It's the correct address" Drake nods.

Looking at the deserted street and deserted houses, it looks befitting for a new gang or its members to live here.

"Let's go" I said and moved towards the apartment building, Drake, Ryan, Nathan and Jack following me.

Five might seem like a lot of guys against one person, but who knows if that fucker might have people over.

In case there are more people than we can handle, we have back-up on call.

The iron gate, though without a security is a little hard to open, guess it is jammed. 

It opens after my kicking but Nathan quickly cautions me, we need to remain inconspicuous. 

Moving stealthily along the wall, I quickly duck a little, being covered by it.

The building was a little run down, obviously explaining the stuck Iron gate and almost falling- off the hinges front door.

Quickly taking a look around inside and finding no one in sight, I motion everyone to follow me and still ducking, we move around the room.

We find no one in the shabby place.

"Divide" I say and everyone disperses in pairs but I move alone, without a partner. I don't need one.

From the outside it looks like a small place, but once you come inside, you realize that this place is huge, comparatively. 

Moving along the hallway, I see that there are two doors on my left and one on my right. There might be more rooms, but it is hard to tell because this place had practically no light and was covered in dust and spider webs everywhere your eyes could see. Stupid idiots, ruining Underworlds name with their way of living. It makes sense though, new gang is equal to almost no money, unless...unless...

"I mean, nobody was even there, it was really easy to get in" 

"BABE!" I had to put hands over my ears, the shriek was really, well...loud and annoying, really annoying. 

As you could have guessed, the man in the question has just been found or rather...heard. 

Along with a stupid female voice, don't get me wrong, females are cool, but what's with the whining all the time, I would never be with a loud girl...

If I am correct, these are possibly the only people in this house right now, so this should go smooth. But you can't ever be too sure...

Looking around, I shrugged to myself, I have two options here, either I wait for all the others to come find me or I could just go ahead alone, since no one was in sight yet. I guess they are still searching.

Straining to hear, both the voices have completely stopped and between the three doors I am a little confused.

"They hadn't even locked up the back door, who does that in this business!" Male voice, followed with, presumably, his laugh, was heard.

A female groan...

"I don't give two fucks about that!"
Obviously, the company of the man did not really have any interest in his previous adventures, but, some people are just weirdly thick in the head. 

Now, after hearing their voices again, I was almost certain that they were in one of the right rooms in the hallway. 

Question is, which one is it?

What if I go into the wrong room and they hear me?

What if they are not the only people?

Should I take the chance? 

Waiting for my team, it doesn't look like they are heading this way anytime soon.

"Guys, where are you?" I speak through the mouthpiece and hearing device we all are wearing, keeping my tone low in case the couple hears me.

"Jason...Jason" There is some static sound and I know something is wrong with either his device or mine, whoever the person is.

"Hello?" I say.

"Jason, oh...there's no one in the kitchen and backyard, where are you?" It  is Nathan, there is no static now, so I can hear clearly.

"In the hallway, left from the front door" I mumble.

"Okay, be there in...whatever time" He answers back.

I wait for Nathan and his partner or for the other pair to show up as I lean on the wall. 

In about five minutes, I could hear a squeaky noise of shoes, it is not really that loud, but the house is well, completely silent, hopefully the couple would not be able to hear.

I stand up from my position and duck into an almost sitting position, so the person wouldn't be able to see, if it is someone I don't know.
"Jason" Drake whisper- yells as he, along with Nathan, enter the hallway.

"Shh" I immediately jump to my feet and 'shushed' him. 

He does so, and so does Nathan, who tries to lower down his squeaking. 

"Where are the others?" Was the first thing Nathan as he came to stood still in front of me with Drake on his side. 

"I have no idea, they didn't reply to me" I shrug, tapping my communicating device. 

"We are waiting for them I guess?" Drake asks.

" Why would we do that?" Nathan gives Drake and me a 'What the Hell' look.

"Well, they aren't here, so..." Drake started.

"So! Let's go, who knows where they are" Nathan shrugs as if it is not a big deal.

For him anyway.

"Nathan's right, we can't waste time" I nod towards the doors on the right and they look at it confusedly.

"Our target, hopefully, is in one of these rooms, along with a female companion" I added hopefully because it can be some other person too.

"Nathan, Drake, cover my back" I order and they nod as I move towards the door number 1. 

I quickly open the door and pull my gun up in an offensive stance in one swift moment. 

Narrowing my eyes, I quickly look around and drop my hands since there is nothing in the room, literally.

Only a window that just barely provides enough sunlight to see the dust and the webs. 

Since there is no other door inside the room, I quickly close the door and see Nathan and Drake in their, what I would call, 'very vigilant' stance...because they were leaning against the wall opposite to the door with a foot popped on it and were lazily spinning guns in their hands.

Did I tell you that they are very immature? No?

Or very stupid?

I would have to deal with them later.

Without uttering a word, a nod towards the door number 2, let's see what is behind this one.

Following the same manner, with Nathan and Drake guarding my back, I throw open the door and it bangs against the wall. 

A loud shrill fill the air.

"AHHH!!!!" And I look towards my right were a very scared twenty-something blonde lady sits with a purple onesie and the men we have been looking for is sitting beside her with naked chest and a cigarette in his left hand.

"Who the fuck are you?" He tries to play cocky by showing us a smirk, but I can see the fear in his eyes and how the hand holding the cigarette trembles. 

"Showing off to your girl huh?" I reply just as cockily with my eyebrow raised.

He scoffs but just as he opens his mouth to reply, Nathan and Drake burst into the room with Nathan actually spinning his gun and catching it again.

Talk about dramatic entry. 

Now that there are more opposition, his fear is more visible and the lady notices.

"What is happening? Who are they?" Her lips tremble as she catches sight of guns in our hand. 

"I don't know" He mutters as his hand 'stealthily' tries to move towards the drawer, where no doubt  a weapon is.

"Not in my watch, punk" I mutter as I shoot right beside his hand, without even flinching or caring one bit. 

He quickly backs his hand and the lady again screams.
I am seriously annoyed. 

I am tempted to just shoot her but I can't obviously.

"Oh calm down lady, nobody's can touch you" Nathan voices my thoughts to her in not a very nice manner.

But she shut up, so it works I guess.

"Okay, I will ask it only once, and you won't have another chance" They both nod slowly with uncertainty.


You never agree to your enemy in this business, no matter what. 

"Here it is: Are you guys gonna come willingly or we have to use force" 

Before they can react, and from their absolutely bewildered faces it obviously will take some time, I drop a gas bomb in the room.

I am known to play fair, not.

They immediately start coughing.

And without as much as a squeak from certain someone, we capture them.

It went breezily .
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