Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


14. Chapter-14

There is still shouting.

Heavy footsteps are heard going in every direction.

And that is when I hear a gun-shot. 

It was silent.

Dead silent.

After that shot-gun shot

Shouting ceased.

Footsteps faltered.

I was breathing, barely. I was- am fucking terrified. 

It's dark around me and I realize my eyes are screwed tightly.

I could feel heavy weight in my eyes and I knew I am crying. 

I am rational enough to know that I'm not the one shot but fear and paranoia are words weighing on me right now. My whole body is frozen and so paralyzed I feel in the moment that I can't even gather up the courage to open my eyes.

"Stop.Crying." Jason says menacingly, his voice sounds close and it's almost a whisper. 

Instantly, a loud sob escapes my lips without my permission and that is when I start shaking and freaking out of my mind. If you see the sight, you will probably take me as a spasmodic patient. 

"Don't you understand! Stop crying, dammit!" He is making me sit up by grabbing my shoulders and pulling me up. I still don't open my eyes and keep crying.

"Answer me! What's wrong!" He is shouting and shaking me senseless and like a rag-doll, I let it happen without any objection. 

The situation has quickly taken a turnover, from being terrified of that gun-shot, and I speak for both me and Jason, we are now terrified for me- of me.

"I...I..." I can't say any word out loud instead in their place, sobs are coming out of my mouth. 

"What is it?" Jason seems to be in panic state over me, which does nothing but add to my situation, making it even more worse. 

I am not able to say anything , anything at all as I sit on the sofa all huddled up and shaking like crazy with my eyes flowing a river. I can feel that Jason is getting desperate for any kind of response from me but I can't respond. It is irking him, I can tell, which is making me cry even more harder, he takes rough decisions when he is agitated -that mostly consists of punishing me.

There is a sudden thud from somewhere and sound of glass breaking. 

I feel both the sounds consequently echo around the house.

There is silence again...even my sobbing had decreased into silent crying, although a whimper does leave my mouth occasionally.

"Shut.Up. Just shut up!" Jason hisses but as I make no effort to do what he told me to. I am not sure how he decided it or why, but out of nowhere, he just pushes his hand against my mouth, effectively stopping any upcoming sobs. I am reminded of that horrific day when I first saw him, not literally, but figuratively, how he had taken out that cloth with God knows what chemicals but I blacked out before he could have used it on me. I cry harder, my shaking increases and I start fighting him wildly when he tries to hold me in attempt to calm me down.

Shouting starts. 

Footsteps thunder away the house. 

My sobs return full force now, I am thrashing in Jason's arm, who, as muscled up as he is, still can't stop my trashing.

Wild thoughts are running through my mind again-

He is going to drug me...

He is going to murder me...

e is going to kill my family...

More nightmarish and sickening thoughts run through my mind, involving stuff like torturing me before killing me...among others. 

They are coming...

Oh God...

What a pitiful girl you are...really

I would call you sensitive, but it was expected from you to become tough after this long obviously

Never rising up to expectations, do you

Honestly, I sometimes feel that you're not even worth this whole insult thing

You just need to be eradicated, that is only option I feel there is for you 

You don't have family, or friends

No education, so no career

And I believe nobody would want to spend their time with you

Why would they, you don't even have a personality

We are your personality 

I mean, just look at you

Shaking like a bloody leaf in just itsy-bitsy breeze

Crying like a baby over a mere gunshot

I remember when you were a kid and you heard that gunshot at night, oh how you reacted

'NO! DON'T REMIND ME!' I scream back to them but it's too late...

  A 6-year old little girl is sleeping in her favorite pajamas but as she cuddles up, she realizes that the place next to her is empty.
"Mommy" She whispers in her soft voice but whimpers when there is no reply in the dark.
She is absolutely terrified right now. She doesn't like the dark. 
Where is Mommy? Why is it so dark? Even the lamp with cute pink ruffles was unlit.
She gets up, snatching her favorite teddy in her arms. There was no light in the room, other than the moonlight, which was not that much actually but she easily moves towards the door, knowing the layout of the room like the back of her hand. 
In the hallway, only one light was lit, it looked like a scene from one of those movies which Mommy objects her from seeing, now she knows why, it's scary.
There are loud noises coming from Daddy's office, the little girl thinks to herself 'they better not be doing yucky again.'
She knows where that room is, so following the trail of noises, she reaches that particular room. 
A lady is blocking her view. 
As soon as she opens her mouth to ask the lady if she has seen her mother, a sound shuts her system altogether. 
Her vision becomes extra sensitive at this point, everything is fast but still extremely slow, she is experiencing paradox a human body creates in life threatening situations. 
The lady slowly falls down to the floor.
Blood spatters out from her left side of chest.
It is at this point that the little girls' brain starts shifting its gears. 
Her eyes go animatedly wide, eyebrows shooting towards the sky.
There is a ringing sound in her ears.
The lady is hurt.
Where is Mommy? Where is Daddy? 
She can't see inside the room, it is too dark with no lights on.
Where is Mommy? 
"MOOooomEEE!!" She uses all her capacity to shout.
No reply comes from anywhere, anyone.
Where is Daddy?
"DAAaadEEE!!"  She tries again.
Still no reply.
Not a single sound.
Her house seems empty to her.
Where are Mommy Daddy?
The lady has got a boo-boo.
She's hurt.
Why are they not speaking to me?
I have been a good girl.

No, you haven't been a good girl.
That is why they are not replying to you.
Mommy and Daddy don't like bad girls, now do they?
Sorry honey, but they won't talk to you, you understand?

What is that voice?
Why is the person calling me a bad-girl, I am not a bad girl.
I am a good girl.

No, honey, you are not, or else your parents would have replied by now.

NO! You are lying! Liar! 
Mommy says I am a good girl...

Really! Where is your Mommy now?
She knows you are a bad- girl, that is why she not talking to you...
Why do you have behave badly, sweetheart?
You are a bad-girl...
You are a bad-girl...

"No!" The little girl screams and runs away from that office to her own room.
She buries herself under her blankets and curls up in a fetal position.

Covering her ears with her hands, she starts chanting 'I am a good girl', while tears stream down her face.
I am a good girl.
Mommy says I am a good-girl.
Daddy says I am good-girl.
Even Lady Rezina says I am a good girl...

  As Jason returns with Nate to the 'Play Room', Ella is not where he had left her.
"Where is Ella?" Nate as much as shouts at Jason when Ella is nowhere in sight.
"Fuck...She was here when I left her" Jason replies.
It have been barely over five minutes since he had left to check about that gun-shot, Ella couldn't have gone anywhere in that time.
Jason doubts she was even capable of walking, leave alone running away, in the state she was in, so distressed.
"Lets just check the room" Jason says again after thinking a bit.
They both move towards the 'Couch' area but stall abruptly.
Ella is here, she didn't run away...or may be she couldn't.
 Ella is on floor and she is...twitching. Her limbs are twisted at painful angles and it looks like she is having some kind of attack. "Oh fuck, oh fuck...oh FUCK!" Jason says, horrified at the sight in front of him. 
"Nate, go and get everyone else, oh fuck" 
Jason is panicking and so is Nate, as he runs around the house shouting to go the 'Play Room'.
Nate had thought that Ella's last night attack was some shit but now, major shit has happened, which already has hit the fan.
Ella was okay, at least till now, since the morning and all.
Jason and Nate had both seen a whole new side of Ella today, the carefree, the competitive...the normal side.
As Nate was running amok the house, Jason in the room was in no different mode.
"Ella, Ella! Wake up you silly bitch!" He suddenly shouts at her, what if she is dying or something, he wouldn't be able to help her unless she opens her mouth magically right now and says something.
He starts shaking her out of fear. She has to move...she has to, other than her twitching. 
Ella's eyes fly open instantly and unexpectedly, Jason leaves her as soon as it happens.
Her eyes are unfocused and are moving in a frenzy all over the place. She starts gasping for air out of blue and Jason keeps observing her with wide but calculative eyes, all the while keeping his distant from her. Now she is alive and breathing...somewhat, so he doesn't feel it was necessary to be there right in front of her and he was sure that she would freak out even more, if he was touching her or close to her for that matter. She gets some of her focus back and stares intently at Jason.
Jason is more than little uncomfortable here, Ella's expression matches that of a psychopath and he doesn't want to take a chance.
She has the whole blank look down to the point, her eyes wide, but once frantic were now dull, still there was something...something Jason couldn't quite understand.
Ella gets her breathing in control just as Nate rushes into the room. He is out of breath after all that running.
"Phew...thank God!" He pants and then turns around,
"Get back, she's okay now" and says this to horde that was just going to come towards the room. Everyone goes away while shrugging, they guess it will be the usual routine now. Nathan himself goes away after waving good-bye to Jason and Ella. 
Jason puts out his hand for Ella to take, who does nothing but look at it suspiciously for a second but then after some seconds, hesitantly takes his hand. Jason helps Ella onto the leather couch and disappears within a second.
Ella, too preoccupied with her thoughts, does not notice it until he comes back with a glass of water.
She almost snatches the glass out Jason's hand and it amazes Jason to another level.
'Guess she got thirsty', he thinks to himself.
They sit in silence after that. Jason was unsure of what was to say, he still was in shock and Ella, herself rather shocked, was analyzing the incident very earnestly to start any conversation what so ever.
"Are you okay?" 'Of course I had to ask the most stupid question right now', he chastises himself but waits for any answer nonetheless.
There is no reaction from Ella at first, nothing at all.
She slowly turns her head towards her left where Jason is sitting and blinks quite a few times. Jason is quite nervous right now, he did not knew what to expect. All of a sudden, Ella is tightly hugging Jason and crying her heart out. Jason was taken aback by the unanticipated move and the force with which the move was applied. He also felt uneasy with Ella's swift move, first, of course he wasn't expecting this and second, with only Ella and him in the room, it took the whole aspect to another level.
She practically threw herself on him, much like Jason had done sometime earlier.
"There, there" He unsuccessfully tried to comfort her, right there you can see how on edge was he.
In reply, Ella only cried more and hugged him even more tighter. Being a muscled person, it didn't affect him on physical level at all, he wouldn't get crushed by just a hug by a lightweight, of course.
"Thank you, thank you so very much" Ella sobbed in Jason's neck and he could feel the warm tears there.
'Oh God' He thought to himself, 'this girl is leaking her tears on me.'
He didn't knew what she was thanking him about, why she was crying in the first place, but having enough common sense, it was obvious that it was somehow connected to the...attack she just was experiencing. Jason was horrified being reminded of that scene.
The way she was just having those spasms can make any grown person cry...Jason couldn't even think up words to describe. It was horrifying, terrifying and...what not.
She is still crying and Jason, being as uneasy as he is, was almost awkwardly patting her back.
"It's okay now" He says to Ella, but that just makes her cry harder.
Her sobs were wrecking through her body and also through the house, quite literally.
Her crying was so loud that Nate came rushing back to the room, in fear if Jason had done something to her.
He was relieved to see that his thoughts were not actuality but he still frowned at the scene before him.
Jason was holding Ella, whose body was shaking, while Jason pats her back. 
'Are they okay?' He thought to himself, because them being this close seemed next to impossible to him.
Then he remembered that the same thing has also happened when Ella saw news about her family.
Now the scene didn't look that ridiculous, but it was still weird to watch it.
'I guess they're looking past their differences' was what he thought while shrugging to himself.
Of course he did not knew what really was happening. Due to the whole lightening in the room, he couldn't see Jason's face and therefore, he couldn't see what Jason's expression was, otherwise he wouldn't be proposing such thoughts in his head. Jason was all frowning and scowling, like his usual self, but he still felt sympathy to the girl clinging to him. He has seen people with problems, with issues...but never this big. The girl was just lying there and twitching...if that's not sad, then he didn't knew what else was.
Ella was relieved that someone had broken her out of that trance of reliving those horrible memories, she never wants to remember them.
Even if the 'someone' we are talking about here was Jason, her 'not so kind but sometimes genuine' kidnapper.
Take for instance the morning today, when he made breakfast for her and Nate, that was sweet. 
Even in the moment right now, where he is holding her and comforting her, least he is trying. 
So she was thankful, bloody grateful actually. And that was the reason behind her eyes flowing a river on Jason's shoulder. 
'He obviously is going to be pretty pissed afterwards for his shirt or something, really', she thought to herself.
Jason heard Nate coming in and looked towards him. He had an expression of utter sorrowfulness on his face when Nate looked at him. 
'Oh, he is feeling sad for Ella', Nathan thought, he couldn't have been more wrong.
Jason's expression were not sorrowful as far as he himself was concerned, but of utter helplessness. He had hoped that Nathan would help him in this situation with Ella, but Nathan was doing nothing as he stood like a moron on the doorway with a very sad expression on his face.
Jason knew that Nathan and Ella were somewhat of what could be called friends, so he guessed that Nathan must be feeling sad for his friend, who literally looked on the verge of  convulsing to exhaustion and collapsing with all her shaking and crying. 
Jason really didn't like that.
He again threw Nate a look of helplessness, but just like earlier, he didn't receive any response. 
But to his humble prayers to God, Nathan himself started coming towards them. 


  "Hey..." I hear Nate's voice and I open my eyes and move my head up to see him in front of me. I blink a few times to see through the tears which were formerly flowing out of my eyes. 

I keep staring at him for a few seconds, for those seconds, my mind was nothing but a blank sheet, that too without being of any particular colour. 

I hear a distinctive clearing of throat and I'm thrown out of my mind and into reality.

I realize I'm still holding onto Jason very tightly and I immediately loose my hold. 

"" I say to him in-between the hiccups, seems like a side effect of crying so much.

"It's okay" He says in manner of somewhat awkwardness and distaste, I already am regretting thanking him for calling me out of that bad-dream. 

"So..." I forgot Nate was with us. I am grateful that he decided to intervene or else I would have cried on for hours, keeping a hold on Jason through most of it. 

"I am going" Jason informs us and is out of the room at once.

Talk about weird.

"Yeah, I know" Nathan says.

"What?" I ask him, confused at what he just said.

"You" He replies.

"Huh? What about me?" I ask again.

"You called Jason weird" He snickers.

"I did? Oops! " 

"But did I really said that out loud?" I question just to be sure.

"Yeah, you did...and I agree" He again snickers and I can't help but join him.

"Well... what can I say- Truth is truth after all" I boast while shrugging.

"It sure is..."

"...So, how are you feeling now?" Nate asks on more serious note as he gets himself comfortable on the sofa beside me. 

"Much better" I give him meek smile but I also know that I am not fooling anyone.

"Okay" He meekly smiles back at me as he doesn't try to corner me or something. 

"Just so you know, you can tell me everything" He tells me sincerely.

"I know" I smile brightly at him, I know I can fully trust him.

"Are you gonna tell me what was happening to you...when you were on the floor?" He asks in a cautious tone. 

I am instantly reminded of that sub-space , which I have just returned from.

"No..." I whisper and I guess Nate gets the hint because does not press for the details any further.


"Let's just get over with it already" Nate sighs loudly as everyone just sits around, brooding with over-heavy silence.

Currently, we all are in the  original living room and by 'we', I mean me, Nate, Jason, Jack and two other guys I know nothing about.

Basically, I am the only girl sitting in a room filled with five males, without any females in sight. 

Also, the mentioned males are all criminals.

I am not at all feeling threatened or scared, or anything along these lines.



I wonder where everyone else is? 

I mean the Kind lady, and that teenage girl and those two teenage . I haven't encountered even one of them since this morning and it's now almost late afternoon.

I must ask Nate about it but then again, I don't have any business regarding it.

"Guys, stop glaring at Ella" Jason's voice brings me out of my reverie. I almost jumped because of it, why you must ask? The tone he used was so bleak, no, not bleak, it was blank, it was dull and monotonous, it almost sounded unreal to me, like one of those static kind of sounds.

I look around myself and I, even at this point, am astounded to learn that other than Nate and Jason, all the three guys were glaring at me.

What is their problem!

What have I even done to them?!

I somehow stop myself from making a rude comment towards all of them, knowing it will only give way to something bad...something bad happening to me.

"Okay" Jason sighs as if what he is going to be boring or is already boring to him.

"We all know why we are here..." Jason continues. 

I can't help it, it's automatic, like I don't have any power over it.

As soon as he says 'why we are here', my hand rises up as if we are in a class, as I said earlier I can't help it, my hand pretty much has a mind of its own. My hand sticks out like a sore thumb in the environment and everyone is looking at me as if I'm gone nuts.

"What is it?" Jason asks, barely hiding his irritation.

"Why are we here?" I ask in soft voice. I have got a pretty good idea what this is all about, but I had to make sure, in case he decided that we are discussing what happened with me last night and today. 

"Wow, you can't really be  that dumb!" Of course Jack has butt in.

The other two guys snicker at Jack's comment but Jason and Nate throw looks which could easily concluded as 'are you freakin kiddin me, bro' look.

I prefer Nate and Jason over the other three guys any day, if I ever needed to choose between.

Then Jason again looks at me and I know he understands my reason for asking such a stupid question. Thank God for that! 

I mean, what happened has already happened, but I don't want anyone else to know about my situation, other than people who have already witnessed it. 

"It's about the gunshot" He makes it as if he's mocking me but I know it was just a false pretense so those two guys won't suspect anything.

"So, what do we know about it"  He says in all serious tone, which makes it clear that it is no time for joking anymore.

It's about time the ball gets rolling.
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