Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


13. Chapter-13

He didn't get to finish the sentence but my mind had already started racing.






"Wake up" I could hear someone saying this.

"God! You're even worse than him" The person continued and I just groaned in response, can't this person just go away, pretty please.

The person started shaking my shoulders but I just rolled over to other side.

"If you don't wake up, Ella, I will...I will..." I was a little more awake than before and could identify that the person trying to wake me was Nate.

"I will throw water on you!" The excitement could be easily heard in Nate's words and I didn't have any doubt that he would probably do it, without any hesitation, if given a chance, great friend he is!

Since I knew that he was not just saying those words and I really didn't want to get wet, I rolled over to him and opened my eyes, blinking rapidly after to see clearly.

"But I don't want to" Even though I tried, my voice still came out kind of whiny.

"Because you want food in your system and you need it" His voice turned a little off reaching end but he played as if it never happened at all.

"And why would I want it" I couldn't finish the sentence because I got confused.

What time is it?

"Nearly Ten in the morning" He offered with a sheepish look on his face.

"What?! Really!" I asked as I kind of jolted in a sitting position.

Don't take me wrong, it's just that I have troubles getting deep sleep, you know... because of the issues I have.

"Yeah, really..." He replied in a bored tone.

"So go get your morning game on"

"Huh?" I dumbly said.

What is my morning game?

What is a morning game, even?

"Get fresh. God...these old people know nothing" Nate said in a oh-God-whyyy kind of tone.

I scowled at him but moved to the bathroom nonetheless.


"So let's go" I said getting out of the bathroom and closing the door behind me.

"Yope, let's go" Nate replied from where he is was laying on the bed.

I suspect he was on the edge of sleep due to the way his voice sounded. Bitch!

The bathroom was just as it was yesterday but there were supplies present which were not there last day, like toothbrush, toothpaste, etc., you get the idea. I just brushed my teeth and got a little fresh, that's all.

It was very...normal, compared to other things that is and it felt nice for change, however I know that nothing is normal anymore.


"Who is he?" I pointed towards the boy in the picture.

"He is well..." Nate started saying but I cut him off.

"Wait, he is my kidnapper?" Even though I had asked the question, there was still a level of certainty in it. When did I start observing my kidnapper, God?

In the moment, Nate and I were in one of the hallways of this place and it had one wall covered in pictures. The picture I was questioning about, was a picture of two boys, dressed in football uniforms and sitting on a field. Both the boys had blonde hair, some difference in shade but still blondes, focus seemed to be on the kid with lighter hair, who was staring in the distance while the other kid was smiling to the camera. The picture was obviously old but somehow I recognized my kidnapper between the two kids.

"Yes, he is" Nate replied.

Even if I was the one to recognize my kidnapper, it still baffled me to notice the difference in past and present.

"What happened?" I whispered to myself but seeing that it was eerily silent, I guess Nate heard.

"People change" Was Nate's simple answer.

In the picture in front of me, my kidnapper looked so different. He looked like a kid with big aspirations for the future, a bright and nice normal but reality is harsh and now, I know him as a criminal.


"Is anybody here?" I ask Nate as soon as I enter the kitchen of this place.

"Well, I did tell you that we could be late for breakfast" He shrugs and sits on one of the kitchens' islands chair. Following his lead, I sit on a chair beside him.

A couple of minutes, filled with silence, passes between us.

"So?" I ask.

"So what?"

"Is the food gonna appear magically for us?" I ask -sarcastically.

"Oh" He realizes something is missing, finally that is.

"Wait here" He says after thinking for some seconds.

Seconds turn into minutes and I keep waiting for him like a idiot, sitting idly, doing nothing, just something, a wall may be.

It has been good seven minutes since he is gone, now, I normally I would have waited, but today I was feeling extra hungry, I often do after their visit. I decide to get something for myself since there is no sign of Nate returning soon. So, following the thought, I move towards the refrigerator, which looked huge, to be honest.

Their fridge was loaded, seriously. Lot of stuff was in there, but nothing that I was really fond of, I chose a cranberry juice and placed it on the island. Next I searched for a glass -not that it was easy. There were lots of cabinets of wood, a lot.

I finally located the cabinets filled with glasses, but just my luck, it was higher than my reach. Opening the cabinet was not that hard, no, but the fun part started when I had to grab the glass. I started jumping like a kid on sugar, yope that's how I roll.

At last...I gave up when I could not grab it even after trying for, like, hundredth time. I just grabbed the pack and started pouring, yes, not even drinking, I started pouring the juice in my mouth. Of course, I had to do it carefully.

"Wow, never really thought that someone like you could drink from the packet"

I spit out whatever juice I had in mouth and kind of start choking. Not because the thing he said was funny or something, I was startled, I admit it, but the real reason I did what I did is because he was the one who said it. I could just picture his stupid smirk right now.

Also, I was reminded of the last night and an inhibited shudder passed through my body and also of the things that followed.

I could have said something to him, but after those events' reminder, I felt unable to do so. It felt like my throat was constricted because of something, fear or paranoia or anything. I kind of stood there like a moron, switching between looking at my kidnapper and around the kitchen, this just screamed AWKWARD! to me.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" He smirked and started moving into the kitchen. I scowled at him but decided not to reply.

"You gonna tell me why were you drinking from the pack or what?" He said as opened and closed different cabinets surrounding us.

"I couldn't get the glass" I replied uneasily.

"Of course" He scoffed but continued his work.

"What are you doing?" I ask him, standing in the corner, once he starts preparing some kind of batter.

"Making breakfast for you and that ass-hat" He replies while concentrating on whipping the batter right, you could easily tell it from the way his eyebrow drew together.

"You kidding me?" I asked him after thinking his words over in my brain, he seriously could not be serious.

"I know right, why would I prepare food for him, him...but I guess had to" He shrugs like it is not a big deal.

"" I say.

First, he could make food, that is a shock to me, like, I'm not even joking. I couldn't comprehend it, I mean, he runs this gang, how would he know about making food and why?

Secondly, he is making food, right now, for me and Nate, obviously he doesn't like any us.

And third, he himself is making food for us, why not some other guy from his gang?

He is making breakfast for me and Nate.

I think he is in trauma after yesterday, yup

...well it's a possibility at least.

"You seem a little surprised from this information" He has a small smile on his face while saying this when he glances at me for a second.

"Yeah, a little" I scoff and settle down on a chair again.

"Here you go" He says while placing a plate of pancakes in front of me. I start eating pancakes at once. He goes towards the fridge and takes out a packet of Orange juice but he looks at me once, and then places it back inside. I observe him curiously at he takes the Cranberry juice and pours it into a glass.

He places it beside the plate and pushes it towards my left hand. I can't believe he really just did that, I mean that is so thoughtful and sweet of him.

"Thanks" I say to him and concentrate on finishing my breakfast.


"So, how was it?" My kidnapper asks after I'm done with the food. The whole time I was eating, he didn't say anything, he was just sitting there.

I hate to admit it, but...but the food was really good, it would fall in the category of delicious even and I would never tell him that till the day I die.

"It was okay, nothing special" I shrug.

"Nothing special, huh" He teases me and again I'm shocked.

What is going on here... seriously?

"Clearly" I scoff.

"C'mon, how hard could it be to admit it was super awesome?" He smirks mischievously at me and I know I'm caught.

That bastard! He knows he is a good cook, he just wanted tease me?


Now that I notice, he had been behaving with me like that since he came into the kitchen this morning.

Am I missing something?

"And here I thought you decided to leave me!" Came Nate's teasing voice from the entrance of the kitchen. He was using this really weird voice for a girls' tone. I couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Well, what can I say, I found someone better" Replied my kidnapper to him, surprising me once again.

This morning was full of surprises! How wonderful!...not.

I didn't miss the glance he gave me while saying that to Nate.

"Oh really!" Said Nate, again in that voice.

"Tell me, does she have bigger boobs than me, huh, does she" Nate started pushing his chest together, making it look like cleavage or trying at least.

"If you put it that way..." My kidnapper made a sad face towards Nate, who has his nose-up-in-air pose.

"Fine, fine..." Nate said .

"Only if...only if, you stop wearing my bras, I will forgive you" He continued making me burst in laughs. Oh God!

"But honey, you know I love them" My kidnapper replied in a whiny voice.

"They make my boobs look much bigger than yours, and I love having big boobs"

Oh My God! What The FUCK is wrong with them!

"Okay" Nate sighed.

"Damn side hoes these days" He mumbled later.

"So, you made me some breakfast?" Nate asked my kidnapper, finally in his own voice.

"Yeah, pancakes are in he case" He replied.

"Wow Jason, you're such a basic bitch, should have expected that from you"

Wait, wait, my kidnapper's name- Jason?

Jason? That is weird.

I don't know what I expected his name to be, but Jason was not in the list. It sounds too normal.

"Is there some strawberry jam too?" Nate asked innocently.

"Yeah..." My kidnapper, no wait, Jason replied suspiciously.He obviously was aware that something awful and weird would be coming from Nate.

"OMG, I have never seen such basicness before, God protect me from such evil" Nate said, I don't know what was up with him, not that I did not like what he was doing, it was funny, the way he was acting so silly, but now he was just stretching the whole thing.

"Whatever boy, grow up" Jason sighed.

It still felt weird to call him Jason. I had gotten so used to referring to him as my kidnapper that knowing his name felt something out of ordinary, it just felt unnatural really. It was like I had named him as my kidnapper.

"Yo, Ella, Mars called, they asking you back" I snapped out of my thoughts and stared at the moving hand in front of me.


"I was just getting your attention back to earth, I know I woke you up pretty early, princess, but honestly, you gotta stop with the 'tude" Nate replied sassily.

"What the hell is 'tude now?" I was agitated now, he was just being so annoying.

Why can't he just stop with his... I don't know, language?

"Ugh, just ignore him, he is just being his prick self" I actually forgot that Jason was sitting right beside me.

"He really is being a prick today" I said nonchalantly, as if we were talking about weather.

"Agreed" Said Jason.

It was uncanny that he was agreeing with me, he never agreed with me. We never had any kind of discussion though, so...

"Oh God...I can't even...can you please take your mucky love to another room please"

"Really Nate, really" Jason said while giving Nate a look which was so full of disgust I felt for him at the moment, why would he even make such a comment? Just because we agreed on one point?

"Anyways, Ella, have these pancakes, since Jason here, so graciously made breakfast only for one person, I'll make something for myself" Nate sighed towards the end.

"Actually, I already had breakfast" I say to him, carefully omitting that Jason served me food.

"Ooo? You tell no lie, do you?" He asks in suspicion.

I nod in answer.

"Cross your heart?" He again asks.

"And hope to die, dude, she already said yes" I was looking at Nate as if he was stupid when Jason made this comment.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever" Nate was moody today, which made me curious of what was up with him, may be he was just acting in this way.

I kept staring at one thing or another in kitchen, Jason doing the same as Nate ate-chomped down the food. We didn't have to wait long though, Nate was finished in minutes.


I was with Nate and Jason in the living room, no it was another one. Apparently, this house or whatever, had two living rooms. Actually this room was more like a entertainment room than a living room. They even had a minibar in the corner and whole ambiance of this room was shady, you know, like those ombre red light throughout the room, like in movies etc, except there were no mafia bosses here with cigarettes in their hands, if you don't think deliberately...

I guess I should not be too happy being in this shady room, but it was such a different place than any I had ever been to or seen , I couldn't contain myself. They had such cool things down here, oh yeah, it's in a basement. I don't know how the house is arranged or it's proper layout, but I do know that we took stairs to get down here, so that's my guess.

They had this pool table, and to be honest, I have never played pool, but the table still looked cool. Also a big flat-screen, one might even call it a home-theater-maybe it was, surrounded by leather couches.

Whole place was really cool and it looked edgy basically, there were gaming consoles and a rack filled with, what looked like gaming cd's, was placed in one corner.

It surely was, what do they call it...oh yeah, condo of these people.

Jason was searching for something on desk which I did not notice before, the place was really dark, so you could not easily see in the shadows. Nate, on the other hand was starting one of the games on the t.v. And as for me, I was standing some distance from the doorway in a tense manner.

Yeah, I said that the room was cool but the way both of them were behaving, it was only wise to be on guard. They were behaving really, nonchalantly, like I wasn't one kidnapped captive, like I didn't need to be in ropes to make sure I wouldn't escape. Frankly, I've grown used to their hostile behavior, except Nate of course, and this sudden change was messing with my brain.

"Seriously, Ella,you need to stop with this hella rude 'tude, kay? Gah!''

I blink as Nate's aggregated voice breaks me out of my self-generated trance and I roll his words in my brain.

''What's wrong with you, bro?" Jason gives Nate a boring look as he pauses his task to say the words in my defense, which... messes up my head even more.

"Whatever!" No offense to anyone...but he was behaving like a really annoying and whiny bitch right now.

"Okay..." I say, this was a major change from whatever was before, it was throwing me off.

"So! Are you just gonna stand there?" Nate says again, in a tone as if asking me this was costing him his life.

"Uh... I don't really know, given my eh...position" I say somewhat awkwardly.

Way to go, Ella, way to go!
Finally they are behaving in civil manner with you and you just had to go and make it awkward.

'That's my talent, bitch', I think to myself, well actually, I reply to... to someone you don't  need to know about.

"You play any game?" Jason asks nodding his head in the general direction of the t.v. and cd shelf.



"Take that bitch, take that!..."

"'s what you get for messing with me!! Ha ha! you wanna try that beam again! " I shout at the television screen just as I kill the last Medusa on the scene.

" are really really violent, Ella" Nate says to me while putting some distance between us.

"Thanks" I just grin at him.

When Jason asked me about playing any game, I was shy at answering first, but after some questioning from Nate and Jason, they finally got me to admit that yes, I indeed play games.

I asked them if they owned 'God of War' and they did, so here I was slaying them bitches.

They probably were not expecting me to be such a good player and it probably is the reason behind their shocked expressions. 

"Okay, man...damn! Even Nate couldn't get to here this fast and! he is playing it all day!" Jason voiced from my right side.

"Liar!" Nate shouted at Jason and the intensity of his voice shook us both.

"Chill dude..." Jason replied in bored tone.

I was grinning because first, I was, don't want to brag, slaying this game, literally.

And second, it was fun to watch them have a argument over something this stupid.


"See, what I did there, you can't argue now that I'm good, whatever you say Nate, you can't deny...." I turn my head left, where Nate is supposed to be, but to my instant surprise, there is no Nate, only Jason, who is looking at me very peculiarly.

normal homo-sapien  would do in this situation is, you know, turn away, but Jason is no normal human, as we all know, so that statement does not apply to him.

It means he does not turn away, just continues to stare at me.

"What...what is it?" I ask in a uncertain tone.

Are you sure you should've asked that question?

'No, I'm not, but I have to know' I say to my head.

They way he is looking at me right now is so, so different.

One glance and you would be deceived...deceived that it's normal, it's nothing new.

His face is as blank as a white canvas. The way that one might find pictures in the dots of stretched material, I was able to make some creation of emotions on his face, which I mind you, were actually my own reflection in a way, seeing what I wanted to see or I was imagining., nothing, it still was a white canvas and his face was still blank, expressions I was visualizing were not his but mine.

He looked deep in thought-

Ding! ding! ding! You have won the contest for being the most painfully obvious person on earth and your prize is...nothing, duh! You idiot...

- but his gaze was still burning onto my face.

As emotionless as his face was, his eyes were an entirely different story. There were thousands, literally thousands, emotions swirling in them. One second they are burning with an intensity of a fierce soldier and other, they are as soft as feather if touched. He seems bi-polar, may be he is, may be not. 

Those golden eyes were liquid fire, like molten lava, rising and crashing, spiraling as the autumn air. I was shook from core seeing this expression, any expression I have seen on his face is always related to anger or annoyance, nothing else. So, it was normal that I was dumbfounded to see so many emotions on him, that too in such a mix. It was breathtaking.

Out of blue, there's a sudden movement and I am broken out of my thoughts, realizing that something heavy is on me. I am pinned down by Jason and he is frantically looking around above me. He literally pounced on me and I didn't even notice it. 

"What's wrong?" I ask him, breathlessly.

He sharply turns his head towards me, his eyes dark and pupils dilated. I am suddenly uncomfortable, fearful and I am reminded that he is dangerous.

"Shut up" He seethes through clenched teeth and fear grips my veins. My heart starts thudding loudly and it is all I can hear.  

There's a loud crashing sound from somewhere. 

People are shouting words that are rubbish to me, things I can't understand.

Jason is still pinning me down and I see his left hand moving towards his waistline. He is taking something out. 

A gun is in his hands in seconds.

Oh no...

To my surprise and relief, he doesn't aim the gun at me, but is precisely looking around the room with gun up in air as defense. His body is impossibly tense and he looks ready to kill someone, he probably is. 

"CLOSE THAT FUCKING DOOR!!" A man's voice booms loudly and instantly the relief I felt seconds ago vanishes, replaced by limitless terror.

Breathing is getting difficult.

Tears are pooling in my eyes.

I feel like I'm going to explode any second, because it's too much.

There is still shouting.

Heavy footsteps are heard going in every direction.

And that is when I hear a gun-shot. 
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