Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


12. Chapter-12

"Stay better" I knew what he meant by this.

He did a wave-to which I replied with a wave of my own, he could tell it was sarcastic, and proceeded to leave the room while closing the door behind him, he switched the light off in the process and plunged me into the awaiting depths of dark unknown.






I lay on the bed for a while- oh who am I kidding, I was there for hours. The miserable me couldn't find an ounce of sleep, my mind was too into overdrive for that, so what I did was- pathetically watch the ceiling. Okay, I need to confess one thing, I cried, a lot, mind you, there is a difference between sobbing and crying. Tears, they just wouldn't stop, it was like a river was stored in me. Every time my eye would dry a little, I would remember those horrid movements and my eyes again would fill up those hot liquid, that would then glide down my cheeks onto the pillow. It was very disgusting in a way, tears would run into my nose and into my mouth.

I am pathetic.

Yes, you are without a doubt.

There was only darkness in the room, except for the moonlight coming through the window and since the windows were open, the curtains were flying every once in a while, giving it a haunting kind of feel.

The whole scene was eerie- 

Windows open

Forest in the far background

Moonlight shining in from the opened window

Curtains flying

Entire room drowned in darkness

A girl laying lifeless in the middle of bed

It didn't help that I am a kidnapped captive.

It was like a scene from one of  those utterly horrendous horror movies, only two things were missing from it- a white dress on me and a ghost or a evil spirit of some kind. Actually no, the sheets of bed I was laying in and covering myself with, were white, well that takes care of one thing.

 And about that evil spirit... 

Woohoo, I am here.

Speak of the devil - the irony is not lost on me here.

Why Ella, you think I am evil, a devil, Satan's incarnation...

I blocked the voice, which was a shock to my system, a first for me, and tried concentrating on something else.

I remember how after my hysterical fit, someone was hugging, who I later realized was my kidnapper.

Why was he there ?

Why the hell was he hugging me ?! 

That too with such...such wildness, so desperately...I was mentally absent at that time and didn't really pay attention to it.

 It was just so...intense. I can't understand it, it was just so...sudden and...unforeseen.

Why was he, of all people- he reacting in such a way ?

He was so livid, it was not real at all, to me at least.

I kid you not, he is always scowling or frowning or with a blank expression on his face -

except today when he was tickling you 

- but I have never seen him worrying over something.He is always so cool and calm and collected, and now that I think deliberately about it, his worry was over exaggerated, nobody in-fact, other than him had such disoriented expressions on their face, yeah, Nate looked worried but not to the extent of that of my kidnapper. The very thought was so unsettling. 

What is he playing at this time ?

And Nate, oh dear Nate, he was worked up. He probably thought I was some kind of mental patient, who had run form a asylum- a insane person.

He wouldn't be wrong to think that, would he now ?

All the other people just looked anxious, fearful may be, not to the limit that they would run screaming if they ever see me again but in the kind of...Yeah-I-Know-you-but-imma-pretend-I-don't-cuz-I-know-you-are-a-gonner kind of way anxious.

Thank God, that they all didn't try and pretend they were worrying a lot for me, that would just have proved that they are phony people. Yes, they were a little upset over the incident for me, but in a way a human being should be for another human on a moral level, not over the top for it.

It was a little cold for a summer-tonight.

May be it was the season changing.


May be it's just you ...





I had fallen asleep when some kind of loud noise-sound woke me up. I was groggy as I sat up on my, no no, not my bed, the bed and heard the sound again, weirdly, it sounded like people shouting or yelling.




Yes, I am right, there indeed were people yelling and shouting at each other, seens like there is a argument going on. I was not really awake up until but my mind and ears perked up as soon as I heard my name.


"... Ella is mad-MAD!...HA HA..." The person-whoever was speaking started laughing, the bitter kind of laugh. He- the person being a male- was calling me mad but after his laugh one would think otherwise, I thought and scoffed.


"...He didn't tell us.. WHY? why didn't he tell us? ..."


"...I don't even know what to say..."


"...He couldn't have told us, okay...." It was the kind lady speaking this time.


"...GOD! Nobody could've known..."


"...Can't we do this another time..."


"...She's a mad girl, who knows what she might do with us-to us!..."


"...Man, this is soo..."


Oh really...


I thought dryly to myself. I was a captive here- kidnapped by them and they were worrying over the thought that can harm them in some way, talk about stupidity.


I have a feeling that it was Jack who spoke this incredulous thing about me.


"..Hey! She isn't mad okay..." It was Nate, surely Nate to say this thing in my defence.


"...Yes, I second t..." It was hard to hear this voice among all the yelling, but somehow it found my ears although I couldn't hear the full sentence.


"...I think we all..."


"...mentally upset, retarded, psycho...however may you name's the same thing dude...she needs to go to asylum...."


"..Jack, shut-up, like for..."


"ENOUGH! She isn't any of these things okay...''


I was not merely shocked after this certain outburst of kidnapper has spoken those kidnapper!!


I can identify this deep voice anywhere, there's a certain smooth and velvety glide to it...okay, definitely not the point to state at the moment.


I couldn't believe that my kidnapper just defended me...wait- he did defend me right?


Maybe he said something even more horrible about me after Jack's suggestions for my...state?


Well to say I was surprised...


This group of people haven't seized to amaze me yet...


''You know what, let's have this discussion later, yeah, we all are tired and I, for one, am voting that we go to sleep now and have this talk tomorrow, who's with me?" It was that teenager girl's voice, strange... I haven't seen her around last days, oh wait, she maybe was there when I had that... incident or maybe not, I don't really remember any one being there other than my kidnapper, Nate and that kind lady, yeah, I do remember that other people were there, I am not that unobservant-




-but I don't know who they really were.


Oh God, just exactly how many people witnessed my weak state, they surely are going to use it against  me sometime.


''...Yeah, I'm in...''


''...only good thing you've ever suggested...''


'' too...''




''Yes, I think we can do this some other time, everyone's tired and I'm sure, honey, that you also need to rest...'' I heard kind lady say as many other noises were heard in the background, those sounded like noises of agreement? or approval? ...or something.


''Fine" It was my kidnapper who said this while ending it with a groan.


''THANK THE LORD!!! He AGREED, FINALLY!! Bless the thou human... I said BLESS THE THOU HUMAN!!!"


I don't know who said this but he was the person who should be blessed, because I immediately started cracking up at this, c'mon man, it's not my fault what he said was actually funny.


''...Oh shut-up for once...''


''... Grow up...''


''... What she said...''


''Hey, guys... Hey! Did you hear that?" A male voice, who had me laughing, said.


''What are you on about, now?" My kidnapper's voice drawled out lethargically.




"Don't tell me that y'll didn't hear it...Guys!"


"Hmm, I heard that too" The kind lady spoke up amongst the voices of others.


"What did you guys even hear?''


"That sound, of course" It was followed by scoffing.


"I think I heard something too"


"It can't be..." The person didn't finish the sentence and left me hanging and wondering what he was meaning to say.


"Shouldn't take any chances"


A collective sound of shoes were heard as people ran? to? some place or other.


Then the sound was not so collective anymore, it was like they were getting distant, as if they are going separate ways.


 I realized I was still laughing.


May be, I really am mad and Jack is right.




I heard someone near my room, almost as if they were going to enter.


"Everyone! Come here!" Someone shouted from outside my room and different sounds of many footsteps nearing was heard.


"What is it?" Someone asked, they sounded a little out of breath, like they might have run to here, which probably they all did, except the person outside the door.


"The sound is coming from Ella's bedroom" He, the person who called everyone said, may be a little in fear?


I immediately stopped laughing.


They were talking about me laughing?




They heard me?


How is it even possible? 


I was on second floor, second floor! And even if it was a possibility that the difference between the floor was not really a big number for sound to travel, I object that it can pass through all their decor and hall to, wherever they were.


"Yeah, you are right" My kidnapper spoke up.


" stopped" The teenage girl was the one to speak this time.


"Do you think someone broke in?" 


What! They can't even judge the laughing to be mine, Ella's laugh!


What is wrong with them all!


"May be we should check the room"


"But what if someone's not there and it's empty"


"Yeah, Ella will be startled and...given her...state, it wouldn't be wise" It was Nates' voice this time.


"I agree, she might have only fallen asleep and she's in a very fragile place right now" The kind lady commented.


"Well...I am not willing to take risk and who knows with this girl" Jack has a big mouth.


"But what if, someone's actually there and he might harm her"


"I don't think so, I believe that she is just having one of her freak moments" It was again Jack with his ridiculous words.


"Okay, I vote that just one of us goes inside to check on her. She sure would freak out seeing all of crowding her room, if not right now"


"A good suggestion"


"I agree"


"Wow, two good suggestions in a day...must be a record for you" 


"Who wants to go, then?"


"Not me" Jack said.


"I say, I go"


"Guys, I think I should go, seeing she trusts me more that anyone in here"


"will go to check on her" My kidnapper's voice boomed over every other sound.


As soon as I heard it, I got inside the cover with a incredible speed and tried to calm down my beating heart and slow down my ragged breaths.


The door cracked as he entered.


I somehow was able to hear it over my beating heart.


From my position, I discreetly watched as he moved around the room stealthily with his arms in front of him, which I realized were holding a hand-gun.


A hand-gun...


He was holding a hand-gun.




Is he going to kill me?


But...but he can't, he can't


I'm so young, I have barely did anything in life...


Travel the world- blank


Complete your High-School with dope-ass friends- blank


Get trashed out of my mind in a college party- blank


Get my graduation degree- blank


I have done nothing, NOTHING!


But wait...


If he is here to kill me, then why is he moving around the room- I am right here on the bed.


Idiot! he's not here to kill you, Ella, he is probably looking for something, or someone.


Oh yes, I am such a stupid person. 


Of-course, he already would have shot me if that was his intention. But who the hell is he looking for?  Shit, I remember...


"Do you think someone broke in?" 


They think someone broke in, and here I was calling myself an idiot. 


I was still observing my kidnapper moving around the room, even between my internal struggling. As he moved towards the window, I saw something silver flashing near my kidnapper's foot. What is it, what is it? 


Oh my...


He has a knife, a knife, in his shoes. What is wrong with him! Even if someone broke in, just in-case, how is he going to fight them with a knife, I don't even want to think about it. Plus, I am sure he has a back-up of arms in this house, a chamber filled with every type of weapon available on earth, hidden behind a bookshelf...that would be so cool actually...


"Phew, thank God" I was bought out of my day-dreaming- would it be called day dreaming even if it's night time because I'm not really sleeping but still dreaming, so...


Anyway, I was thrown out of my train of thought as soon as my kidnapper sighed. 


I closed my eyes in a instant as I realized that my kidnapper was standing at the end of the bed, directly able to see me. I hope he didn't notice me awake.


"Thank God, Ella..." 


Oh Shit! 


He knew I was awake. I am dead, I am so dead. Even is he brought the gun for offence towards a imaginary  robbers, I am sure that now he's going to kill me with it, that too without any reason whatsoever.


"Thank God, no one's here..."


"Hey, is everything okay?" A voice called from outside the room, which I recognized as the Kind Lady's voice.


"Yeah, everything's is okay here, no intruders" My kidnapper answered in a leveled tone.


"Okay then, we all are going, come along now" Again the Kind Lady said.


" guys go ahead, I'm just gonna...I'm just gonna close the windows"




Then there was a sound of many footsteps going in different places, they were getting fainter by second until they stopped, I think they all are far away from this room.


"That was close" I heard my kidnapper mutter.


I wonder why he decided to stay back, he is not going to torture me now, is he? 


"Damn, I was scared, Ella, for you..." I thought he was talking to me but I still decided to pretend as if I was asleep.


"You're such a soft, such a delicate person, you wouldn't have been able to fight any goon" 


"...and I wouldn't have been able to save you from them, all because, all because we were having an yelling match downstairs" He laughed bitterly at his owns words and I came to understand that he was not talking to me, no, but to himself.


"I don't know why he chose you, I mean..."


"Honey, come now, I'm waiting outside the door" Kind Lady's voice rang through the door.


He didn't get to finish the sentence but my mind had already started racing.





Hey y'all, whassup? This update was supposed to be posted 20 days earlier but life happens, get over it *shrugs innocently*

I had my semester exams, God...fuck my life -_-

But now they are over, YEAH! HALLELUJAH

I will be updating more now, more regularly and I wish to finish this book in January, just telling you.

Also, do want a chapter in our kidnapper's P.O.V. ? 'Cuz I had been thinking a great deal about it.

Now, on a serious note, I believe you all must have heard about the Peshawar Attack. I am so saddened about this all, I mean, they were kids :'(  

I hope all their souls find solace, little angels they were, and as a tribute, I will be adding this real-life massacre in the fictional world of this book 

Pray for them.


                                                                     "Smallest coffins are the heaviest" 

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