Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


5. Chapter -5

 My kidnapper was stood before me, admiring his 'piece of art ' with an devious smirk. He chuckled darkly before moving out of the room and leaving me alone in the heart-wrenching darkness.
 I have been sitting here , from what my calculations tell , would be hours . It is my punishment . In a moment of foolishness I had believed that my kidnapper will forgive me for my action of escaping or what he believes , an attempt to escape . I believe this place , where I'm in right now , is their basement . He had me tied here as a sort of punishment for my actions . My kidnapper , he vanished rather quickly after finishing up the task of tying me to this chair . My brain was just getting over all that had happened or was happening at the moment , so I , at the point he was hitching me up with ropes on chair , didn't do anything and sat stunned , trying to keep pace with all the activity . One minute he was looking through his work and next minute he is out of there ... that is the stage where my brain starts working from its frozen state and I start screaming for him to come back and untie me , of course he did not come back . In the process of protesting , my arms , my legs , in fact my whole body was heavy in action , my wrists and ankles grated against the rope in the procedure , leaving them bloody red and bruised and of course I was just pushed from a flight of stairs . My body was throbbing with pain but I could not do anything about it .

I always misjudged the power of darkness , since I never have felt it so deeply before . Darkness ... it lures you in and then it overpowers all your hopes , crushes all your dreams and leaves you in despair state . Darkness in this basement or the darkness of the situation in my life , I don't know which one of them was working on me or if they were both working together in opposition to my hopeful demeanor  but I knew they were succeeding , with help of mind or not , that I'm not sure of . I had sat there , losing all hope with all the worst scenarios on reply in my mind . I am going to die , I don't have any doubt about it , they are surely going to kill me now . Alas , ones' life has to come to a end , through which manner , that is the question always lingering . We always take our possessions , our dear ones for granted , until they are taken away from us , ripped away from our grasp , never to return . I dearly miss my family , I miss how my dad took us out unannounced  , how my mum knew which drink I preferred over the other and most of all , I miss my brother . I miss how he always asked me for advice on girls or how he is over protective over me even though he is younger than me , there are just too many memories imprinted on my mind and engraved on my heart for forever . I always felt very responsible for my brother but now I feel like that I have failed him , that I have let him down and that I have not fulfilled my responsibility . 
Of course I know it is not true but that is what darkness does to you , it makes you believe things which are not real , like how children believe there are monsters in their room but they are just clothes and things that seem weirdly shaped in the night time . Children have their parents , their loved ones to flip on the light switch but me , I had no one to switch on the light , no one to comfort and tell me that there are no monsters . May be that is the reason why I felt so defeated and lost .

In real world , there are many monsters , some within us and some in the society that deeply affect us  . In our childhood , we believe everything is fairy tale-like good in world but as we are growing up , we realize the harsh reality that not everything is sugar sweets and rainbows . Even as young adults or teenagers , we are not much involved in the bad stuff , not everyone anyway . We are aware of all things happening around us , kidnappings , murders , shootings but we move on with our daily lives , not giving these things much thought , yes .. there are people who are noble enough to show sympathy to victims but they are limited to a certain number in our society .

As I was saying before , darkness was doing its work on me , it was making me feel hopeless and desperate . It was making me think worst of worst or may be it was my own minds' doing . Darkness also does this to you , it confuses you and makes you delusional . My thoughts were getting darker as the clock ticked , At one point , I even believed that all of this is my mothers' fault  ' if only I had not come back ' , can you believe it, but then I reminded myself of all the things , all the sacrifices she had done for me . It turned out that the darkness did not like good thoughts  , it feared them .
So the more good thoughts I had , the more did darkness left my mind and soul .These good thoughts provided me relief , temporary may be , 
but relief none-the-less . It also gave me hope , which I had so deliberately lost .

A sound broke my train of thoughts and I really hoped that it was not my kidnapper  if any body is in-case coming down . My whole body was sore from before when he had pushed me down the stairs and I was in no mood to see him this fast . I desperately hoped it would be the kind women or nice teenage girl who will come to get me , if they send someone to get me . My luck seems to be on all-time low because someone was actually coming to get me and that person turned out to be my kidnapper . He wasn't looking guilty or ashamed of his actions from earlier , to me at least , but what can I say , I could not know any better, he had the poker face on , thus I did not know what he was thinking or feeling . He first untied my ankles and then my wrists , all in silence and I didn't try to break it . I mean , I wanted to say so many things to him .. I actually wanted to scream at him for his actions , granted , but I just felt like if I did as I wished , it can end more badly for me . While he had pushed me down , the injury on my head also got affected and I was having a headache ever since , my whole body was aching from the fall and exhausted from my little run earlier today , my wrists and ankles were swelled up a little from my tries to get out of the ropes , all in all , my whole body was experiencing excruciating pain . So , I literally did not have any energy to fight with him at the moment . He pulled me up from the chair and I , like a doll with strings , was pulled . He started walking away towards the stairs but stopped and turned once he registered that I wasn't following him , I in fact was bracing my self on the arm rests of the chair. He groaned and snapped ,

" Can't you walk a little faster " 

In reply , I turned my head sideways as a 'no' , because first , I did not want to speak with him and second , I was just too exhausted to speak . He caught my left wrist and continued his walk , as for me , I staggered behind him . It didn't take too much time to reach the stairs and my kidnapper glanced back at me . I had just enough time to stable my staggering body before he pulled me up in bridal-style . I was shocked but too exhausted to protest . Seeing the sweet gesture I thought that may be this guy isn't all that bad and him pushing me down the stairs was actually just a action taken in heat of the moment . I think I spoke too soon because as soon as we reached the door upstairs , he put me on my feet with such force that I almost lost my footing but thankfully there was wall beside me which helped me to steady myself . He again took hold of my wrist and continued to wherever destination he planned . It was actually quite agonizing for my body to just walk , let alone keeping up with his pace , I'm sure he would be flying if he tried walking a bit more faster . We has soon , I realized , reached the living room . I don't know what is going to happen now but what I hope for , is that they'll kill me the easy way and will not make my death very painful .

The living room was empty and I felt as if the whole house was deserted too . I do not like where my thoughts are going at the moment . Why is nobody in the house ? Why are we alone here ? Did he plan this whole thing up ? Or was it unintentional ? Too many questions and not one single answer . I decided that it will be better if I let out these question in air rather than keeping them locked in my head .

" Uh .. where is everybody ? " I spoke up  but my voice came out throaty and my throat felt scratchy whilst I spoke , I almost felt like I was choking and the tears in my eyes did not tell anything otherwise . He chose to ignore my question and disappeared somewhere . I felt worn out as I mentioned earlier so I just chose to sit down on sofa and not to follow him , I was in no hurry to be in his presence anyway . He returned soon afterwards , much to my dismay . He held an glass of water in his hand but his expressions were still neutral . I took the glass from his hand , gave him an appreciative nod and drank the water . The liquid soothed my burning throat and I soon felt a lot better . He sat on sofa beside me as I felt the sofa dip a little . Although I was grateful that he brought me water , I still didn't like him and bringing a glass of water would not compensate for his actions of pushing me down . 

We sat in silence , it did not in anyway bothered me , yes I wanted to ask him questions but I also knew that my mouth would not allow that after just a glass of water . I could have asked for more but then again , I did not wish to speak to him either . He on the other hand wanted a conversation , why you ask , I do not have answer to that .

" Do you need anything else " , he asked me . I took a moment to contemplate my reply , this dude has gave me bruised and torn up body but all he cared to ask is do you need anything , like really dude . I wanted to ask , " Are you sure that is question you should be asking . " because that is what my sarcastic self wanted at that point instead I decided to ask him the question for which I had let go of my freedom , the question that brought me back to this dreadful place . I started nicely ,

" Can I ask you something ? " , I asked with a soft voice , I needed to get the answers you see . He looked at me skeptically but said ,

" Go ahead " , after a moment in thought with hint of wariness in his voice . 

" Do you happen to ..uh .. also kidnap my mother ? " , this time my voice was stronger , yes , I stuttered but the tone of my voice was very strong.
His expressions were , what could be best described as utterly lost  .

" What ? " , he questioned with a tone that led me to believe that he actually was baffled by my question .

" Did you kidnap my mother too " , I did not stutter and my voice was even more stronger than before . He took some time before answering , he looked deep in thought when I glanced up at him , scrutinizing if I was worthy of receiving an answer from him . Worthy or not , it was in my mothers' concern , so I was going to get answer from him , from one way or another , whether he wanted it give them or not .

" No " , he replied in a stern voice .

" No ? " , I questioned , somewhat in doubt with his vague answer .

" No , I did not kidnap your mother " , he replied , again with a stern voice .

" Are you telling the truth ?" , I asked , suspicious if he was lying or simply telling the truth .

" What makes you think I'm not ? " , he replied to my question with one of his own .

" What makes me think that you are ? " , I answered him with another question , I felt like we were playing a game , he was not giving me any information but I dearly wanted answers , hence we were going in circles .

" Well , sorry but that is all you are going to get " , he replied with a taunting smirk , oh how would I love to wipe that off his face . I gave him a dirty look to which he replied with a glare of his own . I turned my head away from him with a scoff and he copied my actions , irritating me further . I sat Indian-style on the sofa and he again copied . I turned my head to glare at him and he did the same .

" Would you just stop it " , I hissed at him , finally having enough of his actions .

" Stop what " , he asked innocently but his smirk gave him away , I already knew the truth but his smirk only proved it further ,I felt childish .
I decided it was best to just ignore him and so, I kept quiet to myself .We sat in silence , neither he nor I , tried to break it but it was broken by door bell ringing . I was really shocked , like why would you even want to come here then again , the person ringing the bell might also belong to this ' business ' . My kidnapper pursed his lips and glanced at me upon hearing the sound of door bell ringing . He stood up , again glanced at me and then left me alone in the living room . It was then that my curious self awakened , may be this person will not be a criminal and might help me if I ask them ? I followed my kidnappers footsteps , remembering the direction in which he had gone . The trail led me on and the destination was their foyer. I his behind door , not wanting to be soon by my kidnapper or his guest but the guest and my kidnapper were very attentive and heard my rustling behind the door , their conversation faded instantly .

" Well , what do we have here ? " , the guest of my kidnapper said moving towards me , pushing my kidnapper to the side on his way as he had started to protest his guests' advancement towards me .

" A pretty girl like you , what are you doing here ? " , he asked while giving me a dazzling smile . He is handsome , I give him point for that but that doesn't give him the power to be a creep . I took slow steps backwards , trying to maintain the distance between us as it seemed to be ceasing with every second , but he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards himself . My body jolted at his sudden action and I ended up crashing to his chest . I glanced at my kidnapper , pleading with my eyes for him to help me . Let me be very clear here , I do not trust my kidnapper and in no way respect him or whatever but he is my only hope here and he also ,  has not tired anything like this , not yet at least .

" Enough man , leave her out of this o.k. " , my kidnapper said once he noticed my discomfort .

" Nah, let us have some fun first " , replied my kidnappers' guest , pulling me flush to his chest .

Seeing that his guest was not going to leave me anytime soon and me struggling to get free , my kidnapper stalked towards him and ripped him off me . I stumbled backwards and embraced myself on the wall , enjoying the much needed distance from his guest .

" Aw , we were just getting started " , he complained to my kidnapper , his host . It was obvious to me now that he was doing this just to get on my kidnappers'  nerves and he , no doubt , was succeeding .

" Just shut up " , my kidnapper snapped at his guest .

I won't lie , it was quite amusing for me to see my kidnapper getting irritated . The guest noticed my expression and his eyes , which were already shining with mischief , twinkled even more , he was enjoying this and so was I . I also realized that this guy did not meant any harm in his earlier actions , it was his way to get my kidnapper worked up but I , at that moment , was too frantic to notice . Before I knew it , my kidnapper was pulling me back into the living room but for the first time , his grip was not very rough , he was not holding it very softly either but at least with not enough force to leave it bruised . Also his guest was following us into the living room , I noticed it when I glanced back . He gave me a dazzling smile , showing off his perfect white teeth and I returned a small smile back . This guy , my kidnappers' guest seemed like a nice guy but I can't help but ask myself that why would he even want to be here , this is not just a nice , jolly , normal house , it is house of a criminal for Gods' sake !

My kidnapper threw me on sofa as soon as we reached it and I just wanted to slap him so bad at the moment . 

"Hey man , what is wrong with you " , my kidnappers' guest snapped at my kidnapper and came to sit beside me .

" You alright ? " , he asked me and I merely nodded my head in response .

" Doesn't look like it "  , he said looking at me with wary .

" Cm-on , you wanted to talk , lets go talk " , my kidnapper said to his guest but before his guest can mutter a single word of protest , they were out of the room and out of my sight . I closed my eyes and sunk into blackness that had been calling out to me for a long time . 
 So this chapter takes you more into depth of Ellas' thinking . Hope you like it ! Ciao bitches .


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