Going to bank with your mother can't cause any harm , right.... wrong.
Never in a million years could she have thought that only a bank visit can turn her life upside down.
Ella Victoria Carter is your average teenage girl but only thing that separate her or will separate her from others is that she had been kidnapped by none other than Jason McCann. The ruthless killer, leader of the most notorious gang in the country , the cold hearted murderer . His looks are of gods but his heart.. his heart is of devil. He won't have an second thought before slitting your throat . Ella is complete opposite, warm and caring to all others. They don't know what fate they fall for when Jason kidnaps Ella. Destiny brings them together in a messed up way. Ella wants to get free, at any cost but Jason can't let her go for obvious reasons. Will Ella be able to get free or will she end up in a more precarious situation.(Mature Content) [Unedited]


1. Chapter -1

Sitting patiently in the lounge area of bank , Ella had no idea what's coming for her.  What she redeemed as an normal day is the day her life would turn upside down , she could have never guessed. 

'' Mom , why am I here again ?  '',  Ella questioned her mother impatiently even though she already knew the reason , she is just 6 months away from her eighteenth birthday , she will have to deal with all this business then that's why she have to learn how to do all these things ...but the thing is , she doesn't want it , she wants nothing , nothing at all .  

'' Because Eli,  you have to learn it sooner or later,  so....... the sooner, the better. ''

'' Mom ... '' , Ella groaned ,  she already knew it , she had been hearing and getting the same response for past two hours .

'' Chill Ella,  OK , I'm going to see manager,  it's taking really long ''

'' thank God ma,  yeah you should go and check to see what's taking it so long and... stuff ''

''you're going to be OK on your own,  right ? ''

'' yes mom I'm 17 , remember ? ''

'' yes,  yes,  I know '' , Ella's mother said before giving her kiss on both her forehead and her cheeks and with that she left the room , who knew it was actually going to be a good bye for both of them .

After about five minutes later of Ella's mother leaving  , some commotion started. Shrieks and screams of many people can be heard from distance.  Ella looked around the VIP lounge area only to find herself completely alone . So Ella being the courageous girl... or stupid ,  took it upon herself to find what's the matter about. Sitting up from her seat she checked throughout the lounge area to see if anyone is around. By the time she finished checking out that area,  it was completely silent , not a single sound was there to be heard.  It was as if earth opened and swallowed all the shrieking peoples , one minute it was only chaos  that could be heard and second minute it was as silent as if there was no chaos in first place to start with. Ella for a moment thought if she have imagined all of it but she knew she didn't . Shaking her head to get rid of creepy thoughts,  she moved forward. 
Once she found that this area was completely abandoned,  she started to move out of the room.  Just as she poked her head out of the door to check just in case, many running figures came into her view. Many of them were hooded and she,  only at first glance knew who they were...  robbers.  She started panicking,  not knowing what to do was making her anxiety grow,  can't blame her though,  she had never been in this type of situation before.  'What to do ' was the only thought in her mind.  
Keep calm
Think properly and thoroughly 
Search for help 
Deep breathing.. Deep breathing , she took in a long drag of air and then she exhaled it properly.  At first it was hard and her breath came out ragged  but then she started relaxing after some times repeating it . 
Once her breathing returned to normal then only did she realize that she was hyperventilating. Ridding herself of her previous state, she started thinking of what to do next . 
Police... I can call police,  she thought. Checking herself for her cell phone she realized that her phone is left with her other belongings on the table that was in front of  the sofa where she was sat beforehand . 
She can go in and retrieve it.  There was risk of course but one advantage that she had was that to get to this VIP area,  you have to go into a different corridor from the main hallway.  The corridor,  let just say can easily be missed if a person does not pay enough attention.  She was pondering over this thought when she caught an glimpse of an running figure or more specifically an female robber.  Mum,  that's what came into
Ella's mind right after she saw that robber , tears immediately filled her eyes , thinking in what condition her mom might be . She started moving towards the lounge  before she can get more into thoughts  about her mother.  What she didn't realize was the fact that the rushing female robber she saw just moments ago had ...also seen her when she was thinking about her mother and had immediately reported that to her leader. 

"Sir , an civilian has been spotted in the VIP area "

"Who reported the matter ? " , her leader demanded sternly .

"Me , O28  sir " , the member replied confidently remembering her training.
The Leader nodded in acknowledgment,  before stalking off in opposite direction that off the member to gave this matter his thoughts. Her leader was skeptical about this at first seeing some of his gang members had already passed that particular site and had reported that they saw nothing,  i.e. , no one was there . He decided against his initial judgment and thought it's better safe than sorry , although he was still a little reluctant . Deciding to head to the particular area mentioned by his gang member , he thought it was better to go by himself  because people might try to do something if  they are left alone with only a handful of the gang members .

On the other hand ,heading back to the lounge room,  Ella was unaware of the fact that the leader of the robbers was coming towards her.  
Searching for her cellular device,  Ella was so focused that she didn't see the stranger approaching her  , so when she turned still in search of her phone , she was startled seeing an stranger who was looking around the room with narrowed eyes. Judging from his attire,  Ella immediately knew who he was...  robber .Once she realized who he was she couldn't stop an gasp coming out of her mouth,  an outcome of sheer shock which in turn caused stranger to look at her.  Robber who hadn't spotted Ella up until now and was looking around the room but he turned when he heard an sound,  he was surprised of course,  just a little before his instincts kicked in and he started running towards her. Ella saw the stranger's eyes widen,  just an fraction , before he started running towards her. Too caught up in her initial reaction of shock , she was glued to the floor and hence she didn't move a muscle which gave an head start to the stranger whilst stranger taking this as the right opportunity took out an cloth from his back pocket filled with chloroform .
Realizing what was happening,  Ella immediately started backing up while frantically sensing for her cell phone with her hands while her eyes still stayed glued to the stranger and his every movement .  Robber was quick to react and started running even faster so that he reached her more quickly than she or even he himself could fathom . 
Just as Ella sensed her cellular device and was going to get hold of it,  she fell on the ground due to the impact of an body colliding with her,  she hit her head on something and blacked out.  Robber who had been running towards Ella with full force previously only after colliding with her realized how fast he was running.  Laying on top of girl,  the leader of the robbers realized that the girl has already passed out and he did not need the chloroform'd cloth anymore. Shrugging,  he put that cloth back in his back pocket,  in its original place. 
Standing up and pulling the girl with him,  he quickly tensed,  alarms in his head started going off as he became conscious of the reason why the girl fainted. Earlier he took it that the girl had panicked and had fallen unconscious but now seeing the blood on the floor and her clothes,  it dawned on him that the girl had been wounded in the process of falling down. 

This headache was killing me , I decided after opening only to close them shortly afterwards . Groaning I called for mother but no reply came .
I tried again and again but still the same answer ..silence , goddammit , where are you women when I need you most .  It's unlike her , to not answer I mean , may be she is just out or something . I kept laying wherever I was ..most probably my bedroom for half an hour at least before their was a knock on the door .

"Come in " , I said in strained voice , struggling due to headache . I thought laying down might help with it but it keeps getting worse and worse .

"How are you doing ? " , an un-familiar voice asked . I was startled and my body immediately went into alert mode .I sat up at once and my eyes flew open .

"What .. how .. uh .. " , my mind couldn't comprehend what was happening hence I wasn't able to form an coherent sentence . The girl , no older than 20 , was instantly by my side panicking .

"You shouldn't react this way , acting up fast " , she snapped at me . In amazement I watched as she got me in an comfortable almost laying position with pillow on my back . 

"Oh sorry , I was just worried " , she apologized quickly after getting me in the mentioned position .I shrugged in response and started looking around the room I was in .. sure enough , it wasn't mine ..while that girl sat on bed looking at me , I could  feel her eyes on me , watching my every move in concentration , not judging  just watching . The room was spacious with not many things in it but it kind of looks like one of those personal hospital rooms , you know , with all the hospital stuff but them being in your bedroom kinda , it's a little hard to explain .  

"So... " , I started , not knowing what to say , the silence is bound to get awkward at some point.

"Are you okay ? " , she asked from where she sat . 

"Yeah , it's just ... " , I begin to tell her when we were suddenly interrupted by someone rushing through the door to the room I was in . In came an lady older than the girl who came in earlier , this lady looked like she was in her late thirties or early forties . I watch in astonishment as she came sprinting towards me completely ignoring the other girl that sat on the end of bed also looking at lady in amazement .

"Are you okay ? ...... " , she asked , concern etched on her facial features , genuine one at that .

I nodded in response , talking appeared to be too much of a task due to this migraine for a headache but she didn't notice it as she was too busy with her rambling .

"How are you feeling ... ? "

"Do you need anything ..... ? " 

At this point I tried to get some words out of my mouth , I didn't wanted to came on as ungrateful and arrogant brat but headache was going stronger with every minute and  I just had to ask if they have some kind of medication for it . But before I can utter an single word out of my mouth another person came flying through the door and into this room. Both the ladies and me myself turned our heads to see who has entered the room . In came an teenage boy , who seeing our eyes trained on him said " Sorry "  with an sheepish grin  . He got settled on the sofa against the wall and just like that all the focus was back on me again . They started saying something but .. all at the same time , so I didn't understand any of it . The lady glared at both the teenagers which immediately shut them up and then turned to me with an kind smile on her face .

"So , honey , as I was asking before , how are you feeling now  ? " , she asked smiling a 'its ok ' smile with worry clear on her tone though her smile did a little to come off as everything was fine .

"I'm fine but I have a bit off ... " , I started replying to her only to be interrupted again . This time again an teenage boy rushed in and just like moments before , he replied 'sorry' with sheepish grin , just the same reaction as the other boy had given . All the people in the room except this boy and me turned to glare at him but he just innocently shrugged and took an seat beside the other boy . I was waiting for all of them to look towards and start bombarding me with their questions but instead they started fighting among them selves , well not fighting but arguing .  I was not really expected them to start whatever they were doing instead he was expecting them to turn to me and gaze at me with their eyes peering in my soul like earlier but I wasn't complaining .  As much as I would like some medication for my headache , I'm not very much fond of attention that I was seeming to receive before the entrance of second teenage boy .. so for that I was extremely glad . 

I should have looked away from them when they started talking because the matter they were talking about seemed personal .. family matter . I'm a very curious being and had fallen in serious situations many times before because of this trait of mine but it was in my nature , so I simply listened into their conversation .. or argument , whichever you prefer . I couldn't help but observe that they didn't give the impression of what a regular family would be like  ... their features , facial features didn't match at all , their bone structure , shape of their noses or eyes .. they all were absolutely different . May be this lady had adopted them all or something but neither of them lots has addressed her as their mother in any of their sentences .I can't help but wonder how they all ended up together .It's not everyday that you see people of different origins so comfortable , so close to each other , living together as a family under one roof . 

Suddenly an sound made my head snap towards the doorway where another teenage guy stood , around the same age as all the teenagers in this room at the moment . He was hooded due to shadows but as soon as he entered the room and light gazed upon him , I right away recognized him as the guy from bank .. robber . I hadn't noticed that I was backing away from him unconsciously up until I banged my head on the headboard of the bed . I can feel an liquid trickling from head down towards my neck , my back then ultimately on the bed sheet due to gravitational force . Reaching towards the backside of my head with my right hand , I realized my head was bandaged , also my hand caught some of the liquid flowing out . Pulling my hand in front of me , I saw it covered in red thick liquid , immediately recognizing it as blood , shocked  I looked up to see everyone's face paling  , I glanced around the room seeing concern on each and everyone's faces of the kind strangers ... even the robber teenage guy and that's the last thing I remember before losing hold of my consciousness .

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