After Tris' death Tobias is left devastated but does he know the truth?


5. alone- Tobias

After a week of sleepless nights they finally let Tris out of hospital. She may be stronger than she was when she came here but she is still weaker than ever before. I have to get her back to her normal self, she has to be able to protect herself but for now, I will protect her.

I practically have to drag Christina out the door so me and Tris can be alone.

"I didn't want to leave you but I couldn't let Caleb die like that, I just couldn't." Tris murmurs to me.

"I didn't mean to leave you, I thought...I thought you were...gone, I saw you.. You were dead Tris, you were..."

She interrupts me, "After I woke up and you had gone they Locked me up, it was horrible, only 3 meals a week, rice with red beans. That's why I emm... You know"

We stare at each other until we eventually drift off together hand in hand.

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