One Dream, One Story, One Obsession, One Direction

Mia, Lizzy, Alie, and Elena. The four best friends whose life change when they meet the one and only One Direction. Some say when you found love, your life would be perfect but would it be for them? The question is who will fall in love with who? And with presence of some psycho girls who would do anything even if it kills to have the boys, will they survive the battle of love? Or will it ends with someone dead?


10. Secrets



Days passed by slower than a walking sloth. The girls and I were at our apartment, slouching on a pink leather couch in front of a television just staring at the blank screen, sighing every fifteen minutes. It felt like living in an empty world. Days without the boys by our side just weren’t the same since the day they broke up with us. They broke up with us!

“I can’t believe it happened just in a twinkling of an eye,” Mia murmured, resting her head on Alie’s shoulder.

“I hate those stupid psycho girls! Aren’t there any other things they could do other than ruining our perfect lovely relationships with them? Ugh!!” I yelled as I kept hitting the edge of the couch with my small fist in frustration. I was pretty sure we were all seriously in deep deep depression.

“We need and we must get them back. I’ve longed for Zayn’s gentle touch and his soft kiss on my lips,” Elena sighed, reminiscing the memories she had with him as she looked up at the white ceiling. Then she buried her face in her hands. “I miss Zayn already.”

Alie pulled her in for a hug as she stroked her hair, soothing her. “I know. But we can’t do anything. We don’t have anything to proof them wrong, that we were telling the truth. And besides, they’re still with the psychos.”

“How come they could easily fell into their trap without even thinking? Are they blind or something?” said Mia.

“But the real problem is, how could they didn’t believe their own girlfriends?!! I asked which no one had the answer to.

“Oh, mommy!!” Mia cried and slammed her head on my shoulder, making me scoff.

I looked down at her. “Awww, sweetie don’t cry. I’m sure we would all get over this thing before we even know it okay?” I rested my head on hers as she nodded, wiping her nose with her blue sleeve t-shirt.

“Lizzy’s right,” Elena chimed in, getting up to his feet and started pacing the room. “I mean they don’t care about us now so why should we care about them? Let them be with those psychos. For now, let’s just focus on our café business.” We nodded, slowly.

Although, we were having a hard time trying to take this all in we still had to move on with our life. But truth was we couldn’t forget them. It wasn’t easy when you used to spend all the time together with someone you love. Louis was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I missed the way our skin touched and everytime it gave me a chill through my body, the way our eyes danced on each other, the way his lips tasted on mine. I missed everything about him and it’s barely two days we’d been apart. Every moment we spent, every word he said just kept running through my mind, repeating itself like a broken tape. As I looked at the others, I saw the sadness in their eyes too even though they tried to hide it. I knew that they felt the same way that I did. The boys were just too special to us.

~Moments in time, I’ll find the words to say, before you leave me today~

As we spent each day of our sad pathetic days in our café, the psycho girls were enjoying themselves celebrating their victory just like how they wanted it to be with One Direction.


“Honey, should we go watch movie after we finished lunch? You look sad and I want to cheer you up. I know it takes time to mend a broken heart but c’mon, it’s been days now,” said Serena flirtatiously flipping her hair trying to get Zayn’s attention but Zayn was too agitated to be attracted to her. All ten of them were having lunch in a café in town. Sure, some of the customers there were taking pictures of the boys from afar, probably wondering why were the boys hanging out with some other random girls instead of their girlfriends.  

He didn’t even look up at her as he said, “I’m sorry but I just can’t forget her. I know she had done something bad to you guys but I just miss her lips, her face, her…”

“Ugh! Come on guys cheer up!” Victoria cut him off.  “They’re just rubbish that isn’t worth crying for. Let’s go somewhere else, just us. Clear your mind up a bit.” She was playing with Louis’ fingers and trying to seduce him at the same time.

“Yeah, Tori’s right. Let’s just bygone be bygone,” said Jessica, putting her head on Niall’s shoulder but instantly he pushed her away. Suddenly, the thought of Alie came flooding back in his mind and the feeling of guilt obscured him. He felt like it was so wrong to leave her like that and breaking up with her all of a sudden yet he felt so mad at her for treating his fans like that. But deep in his heart he knew he couldn’t be mad at her for long. He was already missing her.

“How about we eat carrots?” Louis suggested, dragging Niall back to reality from falling deeper into his thoughts.

“What?” Victoria freaked out, wide-eyed. “Eeeww!! I hate carrots! That’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted.” She made a poky face. After being persuaded a few times, the boys gave in eventually. Then, the psycho girls grabbed their partners, walked out of the café before walking down the streets, arm in arm in the summer breeze, pretending that they were now their girlfriends.

As they were walking around town, Liam couldn’t take his eyes off Lusiana since the first time they met as if he was under her spell. But when she looked at him, Liam quickly tore his eyes away and pretended that he hadn’t been staring at her.

As for Lusiana, she was acting all weird. She didn’t talk much since the allergies incident and she didn’t seem to be comfortable around the boys as if there’s a squirrel in her pants. It was like someone just flipped a switch in her that made her became so introverted all of a sudden. She was like living in her own world but none of the girls seemed to notice since every single one of them were busy seducing the One Direction boys.

 “Um Liam,” Lusiana finally spoke tentatively. “I had something to tell you. It’s seriously important and private. Can we talk now?” She played with the hem of her pink girly shirt as she fixed her eyes on the other girls as if she was scared of them.

Liam frowned but he agreed anyway. “Sure, love.”

There was a brief silence between them. Lusiana was debating with herself about if she should tell Liam the big secret or just let him find out the truth by himself. She opened her mouth but then she closed it again.

“So? What’s the big secret? Are you going to tell me?” asked Liam as Lusiana looked up at his face. Her eyes darted from the girls, who were already a few meters ahead of them, to Liam and back to the girls.

“Um, actually what I’m about to tell you had something to do with Mizzy Aliena and the incident that happened a few days ago that cause this huge break up issue. First off, the swelling faces, it wasn’t their fault. Well, yes maybe they did put some nuts, which we’re allergic to, in our ice-creams but they did that to get even.” Liam brows furrowed together but he was all ears and listening to every single thing she was about to say. “The night before the interview, we sneaked into their café and ruined their ice-cream because we wanted their business to crash down. So, we’re the one who made the ice-cream tasted like crap. I told them not to but they just couldn’t bear to look at anyone who is close to you guys. They’ll do whatever it takes even if they have to put their heads in the lion’s mouth to get to you. I have to let the cat out of the bag. I’m so sorry I didn’t explain this earlier. It’s all my fault. If only I did, all of this would’ve never happened.” Lusiana explained, looking down to her feet as the feeling of guilt surrounded her.

“Hey, it’s ok.” Liam pulled her face up. “Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault. You’re doing the right thing by telling me this. Don’t worry I’ll tell them as soon as we got home. And you, just act normal as if you hadn’t tell me all this. I don’t want you to get into trouble.” He pulled her face up by her chin and she managed a small smile, feeling herself blush when she caught Liam was staring far into her big emerald eyes. “Well, I have a secret too and I can’t keep it to myself either.”

She looked confused. “Really? What is it?”

Liam held her hands in his and moved closer, pushing some of her hair off her eyes. They were so close, Liam could feel her chest moving up and down against his. She looked confused but awed at the same time. When she looked straight into his eyes, she was stunned to see such beautiful brown eyes. Her hands started to shiver in his as her stomach made a triple back flipped. She had no idea why she was feeling all these.

“That little secret is…I like you,” revealed Liam. He then knelt down to one knee and started singing, “From the moment I met you, everything changed. I knew I had to get you whatever the pain. I had to take you and make you mine.” Passersby started to turn their heads in their direction and some even stopped to see the romantic drama scene. This thing doesn’t usually happen on the streets you know.

“Liam, stop it. Everyone is looking at us,” said Lusiana as her chubby cheek was starting to color. She hid her face in her hands.

“Let them be. I want everyone to know that from this moment after, you’re mine.” Then there was a round of applause and cheering from the people around. Everyone seemed to be enjoying it.


After the boring movies they had with the girls, they went home. To be honest they weren’t really into the movies since their minds were somewhere else. The moment they were safely inside, Liam explained everything to the other lads what Lusiana had told him earlier, in detail. They couldn’t believe it at first and they were taken aback but when they took a moment to think about it, they realized they had made the biggest mistake of their life.

“We should’ve listen to them in the first place not just simply speculate and accused them without any prove,” said Niall, regretting what he had done to Alie and thinking that he had probably hurt her fragile heart.

“Yeah, you’re right. How could we be so stupid to be tricked by those girls and make ourselves believe what they told us?!” Harry snapped at himself as he ran his fingers through his curly hair, pulling them a bit.

“I felt so terrible for doing this to our girlfriends, or should I say ex-girlfriends,” Louis scoffed, suddenly feeling down again. He was scared that Lizzy would never take him back.

“They’re innocent. Oh, god! What have we done?” said Zayn, eyes wide and panicking, grabbing Niall’s shoulder and shaking it vigorously. “What if she won’t forgive me? What if she already has another boyfriend? What if…”

A slap flew across his face. Zayn stopped rambling on and just stood there in shock.

“Are you okay now?”

Zayn blinked a few times before saying, “Yes. Thank you.”

“I think you guys should go and apologize to them before it’s too late.” Liam suggested. “You know how a girl’s heart is. If you left a wounded heart unmended for long, it would be broken forever.”

Louis narrowed his eyes at him. “How do you know stuff about girls?”

“I’m the ‘daddy’ here remember?”

Louis nodded, knowingly.

“Will they forgive us after what we’ve done?” asked Niall, his Irish voice sounded like he was about to cry.

“Well, at least try. You would never know if you don’t try,” responded Liam.

Louis snapped his fingers and smiled his idea smile. “I think I have an idea!”

“So? What’s the big idea?” asked Zayn. He beckoned all of them closer and gathered up in a small circle and Louis started explaining everything.

After hearing all the detail, Niall shouted, “You’re a genius!”

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