One Dream, One Story, One Obsession, One Direction

Mia, Lizzy, Alie, and Elena. The four best friends whose life change when they meet the one and only One Direction. Some say when you found love, your life would be perfect but would it be for them? The question is who will fall in love with who? And with presence of some psycho girls who would do anything even if it kills to have the boys, will they survive the battle of love? Or will it ends with someone dead?


9. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire



Today was the day. If the interview went exactly like how it ought to be, our bakery would be bigger, better and even more famous. Oh I could see it already! The excitement was tingling in my nerve and dancing in my blood stream. When the interview was about to start, our de-trop customers came through the door. If you were wondering who, it’s the pathetic so-called diva girls. They started talking to us sanctimoniously like they hadn’t done anything wrong. Oh puh-lease! Like we hadn’t known already. I felt like punching them right in the eye.

“Well, if it isn’t the not-so-famous Mizzy Aliena. Good luck with the interview today,” said Victoria with a smirk.

“I hope you’re ready for a surprise,” Serena uttered with her deep, wicked, creepy voice.

“Well, we’re as ready as ever, you little witch,” answered Lizzy moving closer to Victoria. They were eye to eye now and if looks could kill, Victoria would have died.

“I think your surprise isn’t as big as ours,” said Elena through gritted teeth as she squinted her eyes at Serena. “Please, make yourself comfortable.”

A few minutes later, the interviewers came and we were seated at a table. And guess what? The interview went like a dream and from the girls’ faces we could see they were shocked to their nerves like blue blazes because their plan hadn’t worked out as expected. Hah! In your face!

“Thank you for having us,” said one of the interviewers as we all shook hands.

“Oh it’s no big deal,” Alie waved. “Please, do come again next time.” They all nodded with a smile and left the bakery. The four of us waved them goodbye sophisticatedly.

“What the heck! The interviewers were supposed to hate the ice-cream not love it!” Jessica freaked out.

“It’s impossible for them to redo the whole ice-cream in just one night, could they?!” Amanda wondered out loud before she scooped a spoonful of ice-cream and put it in her mouth. All of a sudden, her expression changed like she had just saw a ghost probably because she couldn’t believe what she just tasted. The ice-cream was full of nuts which they’re allergic to.

When all of the girls had tasted the ice-cream, as I’d come to expect, their faces started to turn all red and puffy and full of small red itchy spots. Their noses were swelling and so were their eyes. It was so hilarious to watch them fanning themselves and squealing over each other as they had become aware of what was really happening.

As they stomped like an angry mob towards where we were seated, I nudged the other girls. “Guys, look. The so-called diva is now ugly witches.” I said and snickered along with the others.

“What have you done!” Jessica squealed as she scratched her skin maniacally until it seemed like her skin would peeled off anytime soon. Now all the customers’ were looking at us but we wouldn’t mind that since we weren’t the one looking like old witches whom beauty spells had just worn off.

“Uh, we didn’t do anything. Right, girls?” And they all nodded in agreement.

“But ew. What happen to your face and skin! You look hi-de-ous!” said Lizzy, making a zig-zag shape with her finger.  

“Oh don’t act all innocent!” said Amanda, furiously.

We could’ve laugh fit to burst if we want to. But there were lots of people in the bakery and we’re trying to stay as sophisticated as possible.

“We’re so sorry for you,” said Alie, sarcastically.

“Don’t pretend to be sorry. We know you did this to us!” shouted Victoria. She looked even more ridiculous and that’s when we couldn’t hold it back anymore. We burst out laughing and when we looked around, everyone was laughing too. C’mon, just imagine an alien with a swelling face shouting angrily in front of you. Who could resist not to laugh at that?

“But how did you guys know we’re allergic to nuts?” asked Lusiana as she was scratching her itchy face.

“Don’t you guys remember the freakin’ alien type of food that you guys ordered? ‘no nuts please’” reminded Lizzy, imitating their high-pitched voice.

“And you want to know why we did this to you?” Elena slowly rose to her feet. “Because we knew what you, little witches, did to our ice-cream last night!” She jerked forward at Serena and she backed off wide-eyed. No one messes with Elena or you’ll pay the price.

“So you guys knew everything?” asked Serena, cowardly cringed away.

“We knew every single thing that you psychos did!” Elena moved her face closer to Serena and stared right into her wicked eyes.

“And how did you guys manage to redo everything in just one night?” asked Lusiana, curiously.

“Actually thanks to you guys, we had a wonderful and the most romantic night of our life. We had a blast!” I said, standing next to Elena as I grinned, bragging about it.

“What are you guys yapping about?” asked Amanda frowning. She was scratching everywhere like a monkey.

“We manage to do it with the help of the boys! Duhh!” said Alie, falling in beside me as she snapped her fingers in front of them.

“Did you guys remember how cute they looked when they were sleeping?” asked Lizzy towards us, who suddenly appeared beside me. She said that on purpose just to make the psycho girls even more jealous and just to raise their dander.

“What??!!” Jessica freaked out. “You had a night with the boys??!!” She looked like her head was about to explode into pieces and if only that could really happen, we would love to see that.

“That’s right,” said Elena smiling from ears to ears. Oh how she loved the taste of revenge. Sweet sweet revenge.

As we were busy trying to kill each other, the boys appeared out of the blue from behind us and gave us a bear hug and also a peck on the cheek. Suddenly, one of the psycho girls cried.

“Thank goodness you came. Look what happen to us! These girls have no mercy!” Victoria cried dramatically.

“Woah!” Louis was shocked to see a hideous creature in front of him. “First, what happen to your face? And second, what are you talking about?”

“They pulled a prank on us!” said Amanda. “But this is just too much!”

“Yup and they deserved it,” I said, slapping Lizzy a high-five.

“They did this only because we’re directioners! We just came by to get an autograph from you but they’re just too jealous!” Amanda lied and that really took us by surprise. We never see that coming. Like what the @#$%^&!! We couldn’t believe they lied about this. Well, should’ve seen that coming since we’re dealing with psychos here!

“What? No you must be joking,” said Niall as he shook his head.

“Do you really think we would do this to ourselves on purpose?” asked Jessica with a face so naïve as if she couldn’t even hurt a fly.

There were a brief silence and the smiles faded away from the boys’ faces. “Is that true you did this to them?” Harry looked me in the eye, searching for answers.

“Yes but for a completely different reason! Baby they were lying!” I held his hands in mine but he just kept quiet. He didn’t even say a word. Not even the lads.

“We couldn’t believe you did this,” Zayn finally spoke. I turned and saw that he was cringing away from Elena. “They are our fans, El. Why can’t you be a bit mature!”

“But Zayn love, they were lying trust me!” Elena plead. “We…”

“No! That’s enough El.” Zayn’s hands slipped away from Elena’s.

“Prank on our fans? Really girls? So unbelievable. We never thought you would do this,” said Liam, shaking his head.

“No you don’t understand…” said Lizzy as she was about to take Louis’ hands in hers but he jerked them away.

“I think we understand clearly. You guys are just jealous,” said Louis.

“But I’m your girlfriend, you’re supposed to trust me!” Lizzy replied.

“Maybe you’re not anymore.”


They all turned away and left us speechless. We were numb, rooted to the ground. We couldn’t believe it was happening. Our hearts were going to explode like dynamite! They walked away from us! Harry. My Hazza! Every step he took, it was like he stepped onto my broken heart. Shattering them even more.  I could see the satisfaction carved on the psychos’ faces. We were defeated and the psychos won. The boys were now gone with the girls.

Maybe even forever.



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