The extraordinary life of Anne

A young youtuber gets notice by a famous band member, they than meet up and start a relationship.


3. The Day I meet him

The next morning, when I woke up I felt a bit sick, but still determined to meet that mysterious person who’s been mailing me for a month, I jumped out of bed, took a shower and had breakfast. I was about 11am, and I had to start filming my weekly video. “Hello Babes, how are you guys doing? As you all can see, I am a bit sick, but it’s not that big of a deal. Today’s video is going to be my 2500 subscriber milestone… […]Okay guys and girls, that’s all for today xoxo, I adore each and everyone of you and remember stay strong and keep your head up no matter what!”

I then grabbed my bag and my keys, and walked to Jay’s place, on the way I was starting to feel progressively sicker.

Once I arrived we both waited for Lucy.


Lucy finally came at 3pm, after apologizing for being late, we took a taxi for the Roseloop Hotel, when we arrived I looked pretty impressed:

-That’s such an expensive hotel, said Lucy.

-Well, it does look like the type of hotel celebrities would check into, but “that person” said they lived in London, maybe it’s just a bad joke.. I announce, when suddenly Jay said:

-This I not a joke, there is a restaurant right behind you and you’ve just received a mail saying “I am in the restaurant behind you at the table 6, just tell the host that you had a reservation at Roger’s name”

-Oh My Gosh! Jay what if it’s some old creep? Because Roger really does sound like some name my grandpa could have.

-We are with you any ways. Lets Go!


When we walked into the restaurant I followed the mails instruction, and the host man asked me to close my eyes and that he’d guide me to my table, he also said I had to go alone, so I left Jay and Lucy behind, not feeling so confident anymore, and was starting to feel a bit sicker. We walked into a room that seemed pretty dark to me, considering I had my eyes closed, the host than said I could open my eye I walked out of the room. The moment I opened my eyes I barely fainted, the person I was facing was no one else then the 5SOS Luke Hemmings.

-Hello Anne, I am so happy to finally meet you, I very sorry about the creepy mails, but I didn’t want you to think it was a bad joke if I had told you my name in the first place.

-Thi-this is probably a mistake! It probably must be another Anne, you m-…

Before I could get another word out my head started hurting a whole lot, and I fainted, not because of Luke, but because I was sick, well at least that’s what I was sure of.


When I finally came back to my senses I was in a big room, and for some reason Luke was there.

-Where are we?

-I the hospital yesterday you fainted, the doctors said it was because of lack of vitamin and sleep. Anyways are you feeling any better?

-My head still hurts a little, and to be fairly honest, I am still wondering, if you are not just some illusion.

-I promise I am not, I can prove it to you


Luke walked slowly towards me and kissed my on the cheek, and gently pinched it.

-Do you still think I am an Illusion?

-No, more like a dream come true.

He smiled at me and sat on a chair next to the bed, I was really confused and lost about everything that was happening to me, the person who had been message me for was Luke Hemmings? No it could not be.. Maybe it was really him, what if it was? Does it mean Luke Hemmings likes me?

-Hey, what are you daydreaming about?

-N-no-nothing at all

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