My name is Lucy I'm lost and hurt but still live




 'I see him move as i follow into the distance the wings appear'

"Lucy get up" yelled my mother. 'Arghh' I thought just as I was about to see his face. Oh SHIT I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lucy Marshall I am in grade 11 my second last year at this shit hole. I have blonde hair and blue eyes oh and I have this reoccurring nightmare/dream. It starts with me receiving a text saying 'look out your window I'm back'. I end up falling out the window but an angel catches me, I am placed on the ground as I open my eyes the shadow drifts away. That's usually when I wake up. Wake up right I have to go to school, YAY oh how I loathe that place. "Lucy get your ass out of bed" I hear again from my bedroom door. "I'm up mum" i groggily answer back. As  she walks away I climb out of bed and prepare the daily routine. I pull my laptop off of the floor and blast some music while I dance around looking for my clothes, that's when I heard it  'UGLY HEART' OMG I fucking love this song. "with an ugly heart, maybe you will get married and she will kiss your feet" I sing/ scream. Mum has left for work so its just me and my two sisters now but they are eating the breakfast mum cooked them. Now I'm dressed and hair is curled neatly, flower crown and light natural make-up and some vans. I think I'm gonna check facebook. Wow has Harry got some friends hahaha. Just then the message thingo pops up and its from Louis 

LOUIS: Hey sweet-cheeks ;) 

OMG he messaged me ok what do i say he is so hot but is a  bit of a dick. Oh well here goes nothing 

ME: Hey Louis :) whats up?

no reply that's OK. OH FUCK I'm late for the bus. "Ella, Tayrissa and Mehghan time to leave"

Each of my little sisters run down the stairs smiling as we walk out the door my phone beeps its Louis again. 

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