Daddy's Little Girl


2. Welcome, Abby!

My mother was smiling so much and I had no idea why..

"Mum, why are you smiling like a douche?" I tried to say this the nicest way I could but I unfortunately failed.

"Because you're going to school again!"

Wait.. Did my mother just ignore the fact that I called her a douche?

"Mum.. I just called you a douche and you completely ignored it."


"You what?" My mother said, with her eyes widened.

"Nothing, mother." 

We didn't talk for the rest of the ride.


We pulled up into the school.. And let me be the first to say, this school was fucking huge! This school was so amazing and magnificent, I don't know much about those fancy words people use when they describe a building or a great piece of art, but this place was almost perfect. It seemed like heaven, except for the fact that it was SCHOOL. I snapped back into reality and realised this place will probably give me hell, but I guess the appearance of it made things better.

We walked to the front reception and were welcomed to the school by a few students. I was given a timetable and my school books and my mother left to talk to my new teachers. I was then introduced to a few other students. The girls were so pretty, but the one standing to the right seemed a bit creepy. 

"Hi! I'm Darcy, and this is Charlotte. We'll be showing you around, Charlotte doesn't talk much so I guess I'll talk for her."

I nodded and smiled. Darcy had long, wavy blonde hair. She seemed like a perfectionist, her winged eyeliner was perfect, her hair was perfect, her uniform looked perfect and she even had a headband with a bow on top to compliment the whole "perfect" look, or so I assume.

As for Charlotte, she had black, shoulder-length hair. Her hair was greasy too. She had gorgeous blue eyes though, I really wanted them.

"I love your eyes."

She didn't accept my compliment, but Darcy did for her.

"She loves when people say that!"

Darcy didn't ask for my name, I assume she already knew it though, my mum did yell "LOVE YOU ABBY" as loud as she could when she was leaving. We walked around for what seemed like an hour but really only 15 minutes had passed and all Darcy and Charlotte showed me were the girls toilets and the school lunch area, that's how big this school is..

"I hope you're enjoying the tour!" Darcy said, you could tell she didn't want to do this.

"Yep, couldn't be doing anything better than this.. Haha." I said this with such clear sarcasm I could feel Darcy rolling her eyes.

Darcy was starting to annoy me which made this 'tour' not so fun. She continuously talked about some guy named Jake, she called him Jakey. The more I heard of him the more it made me want to leave this school, he sounded like a total jerk. Apparently he's dated atleast 6 girls this MONTH and have dumped all 6 of them after several days.

"He hasn't dated me though."

"Oh.. what a shame." This amused me.

"Not for long, I know he's crazily obsessed with me, he just doesn't want anyone to know so he simply doesn't show it."

Even Charlotte laughed at this and she hadn't said a thing the whole entire time, a few times I even questioned myself if she was breathing.

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