My Neighbors in New York

This is just what we needed. A fresh start, no one knew our names. Our only traces were those YouTube videos from when we were thirteen. We were 21 now. It was our first day in New York when we met them. Who are we... and more importantly, who are they? Find out in thornsonroses’s new Movellas story, My Neighbors In New York.

I somehow messed up the chapters 14 and 15 I'll try to fix them tho


10. The Secret-Story

(Three days after they watched the movie Marky brought over.)

It was just Alice and Carter, playing MW3 in Carter's room. "Alice. I know." "Know what?" "Why you flinched when I poked you." Alice paused the game. "Wait, what now?" "I know what Jax is doing. The other day, Marky just grabbed a movie from my bedroom. He heard what Jax was doing. He was suspicious earlier so he listened at the door." "Carter, Jax loves me and would never do anything like that. Sure he's a little demanding, but we love each other." Lies... "Are you sure?" "Yes. Now let's get back to playing."

"Jax. Are you and Alice having problems?" Marky asked. Jax stood up. "Marky. You know what? I do beat Alice. I do force her to have sex with me. She made the first move. She's the one that invited me to make out on her bed that first day. This is what she wants. And if you don't get that, there's something wrong with you."

Marky picked up his phone. He need a break from the drama of his best friend. "Hey Carter, want to go out tonight?" He said into the phone. "Yeah sure. What do you want to do?" "Dinner and a romantic walk through New York?" "Walking in the city full of rats and bad people, yes. I would go anywhere with you." "Dress fancy, we're going somewhere nice." "I will. I love you." "I love you, see you at six."

"I have a date!" Carter yelled to Alice. "What are you going to wear? You don't own any dresses." "Can I borrow one of yours?" "If I get to pick the one you wear." "Fine. Now hurry! I have an hour to get ready." Alice rushed to her closet, picking out a dress she hadn't worn in a while. It was a short, black, strapless number with a lace up back. Alice knew Carter wouldn't be able to wear a bra with it, but had no problem with helping Marky out.  She brought it into Carter's room, along with some fish net tights and a pair of black heels. "Alice, I can't walk in those. I'm wearing my skate shoes." "That's gonna look weird." "I don't give a fuck. I'll still look fabulous." "What ever." Carter pulled on the dress and the tights. Alice cheered, "Time for makeup!"

Marky knocked on the door. "Hey hot stuff." Carter said, opening the door. Marky was nicely dressed and holding a single, blood red, rose. He gave it to her as they stepped into the hall. "Let's not think about Alice or Jax tonight. Tonight is all us." He whispered, his breath giving Carter goosebumps. "You're the boss." Carter replied. Marky put his arm around Carter as they stepped into the elevator. "Where are we going?" Carter asked. Marky kissed the top of her head, "I know a really great Mexican restaurant if you're up for it." "Sounds good." They walked into the apartment's parking garage, stopping in front on a black motorcycle. "This is yours?" Carter asked in awe. "Hop on." Marky said, getting on the bike and patting the seat behind him. Carter sat down behind Marky, wrapping her arms around his waist.

Alice opened the door for her pizza. She had ordered it 45 minutes ago. It was about time. Instead of some zit faced high school boy with a pizza, she saw Jax at the door. "What's up?" Alice asked, leaning against the door frame. "I was just wondering if you wanted to come over for dinner." Alice had a new strategy. Do what he asks, don't get hurt. "Sure. I ordered pizza, so I'll bring it over as soon as it gets here." Alice smiled. Jax kissed her neck and said, "I'll see you then." Alice had at most, five minutes to get ready. She rushed into her room to grab a skirt and a nice shirt. Putting them on, she searched for the hair straighter. She found her old one and quickly straitened her hair with it. She put on a thick layer of eyeliner and a few coats of cherry red lipstick.

There was a knock on the door and a man yelled, "Pizza!" She quickly paid him and rushed to Jax's with the pizza. Jax had poured wine and dimmed the lights. Alice put the pizza on the counter and walked over to wear Jax sat on the couch. She curled up against him, smelling his shirt. It smelt sweet like brown sugar. Alice kissed his neck, pretending he wasn't Jax. "Do you want to?" Jax asked. "Yes." Alice said shakily. She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor. She squirmed out of her skirt and Jax wrapped his arms around her.

Her food had been delicious, but Carter felt awful. "I'll be right back."  She told Marky, brushing out her dress and standing up. She walked quickly into the bathroom, rushing into the first stall she saw. She kneeled on the cold bathroom floor, and shoved two fingers down her throat. She threw up everything she had just ate before she noticed a pair of red converse outside the stall door. "Carter, can I come in?" Marky asked with concern in his voice. Carter unlocked the stall. She looked into his eyes. "I'm so sorry Marky, I-" He wrapped her into a tight hug. "I love you." he whispered. Tears smeared her mascara and she whispered back, "I love you."

Alice sipped her wine and waited for Jax to get back. He had received a video call from his mom, and was in Marky's room talking to her. Alice was on the couch, in her underwear and bra. They had been making out in their underwear because Jax was 'tired' or something. The wine was bitter, but that's what you get when your boyfriend buys cheep wine. She shot a text to Carter, "Are you home yet?" She quickly replied, "In the elevator. Should I send Marky in?" "Sure." Alice pulled her clothes back on, noticing that some of her bruises had lightened up. That was good. Marky came in. "Hey Alice, I think Carter wants you to go back to your apartment. She said something about MW3." "Alright, thanks Marky." Alice grabbed the box of untouched pizza and headed for home.

Sticking the pizza in the refrigerator, Alice chimed, "How was your date?" "Good. We went out for Mexican and then took a walk. Did you know Marky has a motorcycle?" "Why do YOU get the cool boyfriend!?!" "Because I do." Alice took a deep breath, "Do you have plans tomorrow night?" Carter was confused, "No. Why?" "We should buy some alcohol then." "Why?" "To get drunk! What did you think?" "Oh. Alright."

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