My Neighbors in New York

This is just what we needed. A fresh start, no one knew our names. Our only traces were those YouTube videos from when we were thirteen. We were 21 now. It was our first day in New York when we met them. Who are we... and more importantly, who are they? Find out in thornsonroses’s new Movellas story, My Neighbors In New York.

I somehow messed up the chapters 14 and 15 I'll try to fix them tho


7. The Boys-Talking-Story

The Boys-Talking-Story

(This chapter takes place in Jax and Marky's apartment.)

"I don't know why you like her so much! She's quiet and seems weird." Jax said, taking a jar of pickles out from the refrigerator. Marky sucked on a mint, "She cuts." "Ooo! Are you going to have romantic moments where you're both crying and cutting each other's thighs?" Marky was used to crap from Jax about his forms of self expression. He rolled his eyes, "Seriously Jax?" "Sorry. Just had to say it." "So how are you liking Alice?" "A whole hell of a lot! She is /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

(Inappropriate guy talk about Alice) and man is she hot!" "Didn't need a graphic description of your one night stand." "I actually like the girl." "That's what you said about every girl you never called back." "I was worried the other ones would get pregnant!" "You used protection. Right?" "Um... I don't think so." "JAX!" "Haha your face, she's on birth control."

Jax opened a beer from the freezer. "When you planning on banging her? Cuz man, that ass is fine!" "I don't know. She's amazingly beautiful and I like her a lot. I just need to know if she likes me or not." "Have you learned nothing. If you like the slut, fuck her. She don't want to, she tripped down the stairs." "Did Alice even want to have sex with you?" "Are you kidding? She practically walked in with her legs open. I was gonna fuck her anyways, but she's the one who took off her bra and put her hand down my pants." "First off, she has a thy gap, second, did you not notice the empty wine bottles on the counter. She was drunk." "That's how I like my women. Sexy, and drunk, with low self esteem." "Are you kidding?" "Nope. You should have seen her rack! Man I've got to ask her to be my bitch." "Whatever you say."

Marky was getting uncomfortable and Jax could tell. Jax's evil smile formed on his face, "Marky. I don't think you've ever fucked a girl. I bet my ass that you're gay." Marky cringed, "I'm not gay." "Then I dare you to do her tonight!" "Maybe I will!" Marky stood up. "Alright gay boy. I'll go tell Carter that you want her to come over for a drink tonight. I'm looking forward to banging Alice. So I guess you should be very exited about Carter!" What had Marky gotten himself into this time?

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