My Neighbors in New York

This is just what we needed. A fresh start, no one knew our names. Our only traces were those YouTube videos from when we were thirteen. We were 21 now. It was our first day in New York when we met them. Who are we... and more importantly, who are they? Find out in thornsonroses’s new Movellas story, My Neighbors In New York.

I somehow messed up the chapters 14 and 15 I'll try to fix them tho


1. The Back-Story

The Back-Story

Alice and Carter became friends in Minnesota when their grade took a field trip to a play. They sat by each other on the way back to Wisconsin. The girls were seventh graders. They had never talked before then. An alarm went off on Carter’s IPod. “They're gonna clean up your looks, with all the lies in the books, to make a citizen out of you. Because they sleep with a gun and keep an eye on you, son. So they can watch all the things you do.” Alice started to quietly sing, “Because the drugs never work. They're gonna give you a smirk, 'cause they got methods of keeping you clean. They're gonna rip up your heads, your aspirations to shreds. Another cog in the murder machine.” They both started into a crescendo, “They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me! They could care less as long as someone'll bleed! So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose, maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me!” The annoying girl a few seats up told the teacher they were swearing. {“Carter! DO NOT continue this story! They don’t need to know about Rebecca yet!”}  [“Fine.”] Turns out, they both hated their families and life in general. They were instant best friends.

A few years later, prom rolled along. Neither of them had dates.


List of Carter’s requirements for a Prom date.


Flippy Hair.

Likes ETF, TDG, ISS, or MCR.


List of Alice’s requirements for a Prom date.

Is a BVB member.


I think you figured out why.  Instead of prom, the watched anime in Carter’s basement, had a mini MCR dance party, and made cookie dough.


Collage was boring. They both got degrees in graphic design at a local collage. After they graduated, Alice and Carter packed their bags and went off to New York.


["We might write more later."] {"If we feel nice..."} ["Alice, we're never nice."] {"We were nice that one time!"} ["What one time?"] {"I was hoping you had one..."}



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