Half a Heart (One Direction)

She's long dead. It's been four years and I thought I had moved on until I met.....another her.


1. Announcements

September 3, 2012


Let me give you some piece of advice. That is to never, ever let your best friends get wasted on a night party. Like seriously, I have to half drag them just so I can get them back to our flat. Good thing Charlie wasn't too drunk so he was able to help me get those three in bed. 

It was Jenna's birthday and I didn't want to be rude not to accept her invitation although I didn't really want to go, so we've agreed that we would only play her a song, eat some food and be on our way. No one said they were to get themselves drunk. 

If you haven't already noticed, I'm not really a fan of parties. I'd rather stay at home pigging out than staying on a loud place and watch how disgusting people can be when alcohol takes over them. But being the good friend that I am, I have to look out to those four and trust me, it gets tiring sometimes. 

I was half awake when I decided to get my butt of the bed and start getting ready for work. My friends and I got accelerated because, well, I guess you can say we're hardworking and we do have some smartness left in our heads even after getting hit multiple times (long story, don't ask). Not to boast or anything. You may not believe it but yes, my friends do have some brains in their thick heads. Anyway, that's sort of the reason why we were able to finish college three months ago at the age of 18. Well actually I'm 17 but that's just besides the point.

I quickly woke each one of them before taking a quick shower. I stripped my clothes off and let the warm water trickle down my bare skin. 
'Hope this day gets interesting. Like, gravity suddenly disappears and we'll all go floating around' I thought. You see, when people take baths, they don't literally spend their time scrubbing off their body. They spend most of their time reflecting and thinking deep thoughts then spend the last minute of actually taking a bath.

After doing my business in the bathroom which I do not want to elaborate because it's highly inappropriate and it doesn't really matter, I got dressed which consisted of some casual white jumper, black skinny jeans and a pair of black vans. When I went downstairs, I saw them all prepared to leave. 

"You guys don't have like, a hangover or something?" I asked totally amused how they managed to look like they haven't been partying all night.

"Of course not. It's called talent my dear. We are perfectly immune to getting hang overs." Zack said. We all laughed at his remark. I met Zack when we were in eleventh grade. To be honest, we never really got along back then. He was the bad jackass type and I was the goody two shoes one. Whenever he does something wrong, it wouldn't take a minute for our teachers to find out. How we ended up being best friends, I honestly don't know.

I quickly went to get my bag before we decided to leave. The ride was about fifteen minutes long. I stepped outside and was greeted with the cold autumn air of early dawn. I specially like this season since it isn't too cold nor is it too hot. 

"Just call me when you need me, I best be on my way" Steve, our driver said. We gave him a quick nod before entering the enormous building.

"False Alarm. It's good to see you guys. How's the weekend?" We were greeted by Simon himself which was kind of unusual since he's not always around or even if he is, he's always inside his office due to his tight busy schedule. 

"All good. The guys are such a pain in the ass but it's nothing the almighty Mackenzie can't handle" I gave him a toothy grin. The guys huffed obnoxiously and I had the urged to smack them in the face.

He smiled back before saying "Well I have a few words to tell you guys about your group so let's get inside my office" 

"Hoooray! We're going to have a meeting! That's very professional I might add" Peyton exclaimed like a five year old girl. "This is the third time I'm going inside his office in three months!" We all laughed. Frankly speaking, it really is only our third time to visit his office. 

Simon led the way to his humungous office which we barely got to see. The walls were white, so were the ceilings. The linings were black that made the room look luxurious. There was a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, a cream colored sofa at the left side of the room with a large samsung TV. On the middle, there was his desk with his iMac and a lot of papers, in front it was another couch the spread on the sides and on our right was a mini kitchen. Only a bed is missing and this could be a real house. Simon sat on his desk chair and we made ourselves comfortable on the couch in front of him. 

"So boys and girls, I've been thinking about your group and I think that in a few months time, you guys were able to gather a lot of fans here in England. But I don't think you're ready enough to go on by yourselves" he started. We looked at each other and frowned. Surely he's not going to fire us right? After all, we still have two years in contract with him.

"And by go on, I meant go on tour. Sure your first single made it to UK's top 1 but only, in UK. Your albums sold millions but only a few people from other countries know you. We need to spread your names through out the world." He stated again which made us a tad bit confused.

We sat there in silence not knowing where this is going when Peyton decided to speak
"So how exactly are we going to do that?"

Simon flashed a knowing smile before replying "That made me decide to let you guys tour with my other band" 

"Okay...... Now I'm confused" I stated. We're going on tour with another group? Is that a joint tour or what?

"What I mean is you guys are going to be their opening act on their concerts. Aside from that, you'll also promote your album while you're at it. It's going to be a busy year for you guys" Simon smiled while he started typing on his iMac. 

"Wow, I thought we were finally gonna have a big break after graduating but heck was I wrong" Charlie chuckled. "And by break, I mean rest"

"I know right. I can still feel the ghost of finals week haunting me" It was true. I remember I didn't even have time to sleep. I spent all my weekends and free time reviewing and when hell week came I barely even passed. It was a horrifying experience. 

"So, who is this band we are going on tour with?" The voice was croaky and gruff which I recognized to be Nick's. He hadn't said a thing up until now and I couldn't blame him, he's suffering from a cold mainly because Zack decided to play tricks on him.

I remember Zack snickering one night and just by looking at his green orbs, I knew he was up to no good. I was going to tell him to stop whatever he's planning but I was interrupted by Peyton who suddenly pulled me out the house. I later found out that Zack had dragged Nick into the bathtub when he was sleeping and filled it up with ice. 

Simon fell silent and looked as if he was having a mental debate to tell us or not. 


Thirty minutes later, we found ourselves driving to Mcdonalds to have some breakfast. I sat between Peyton and Zach while Nick and Charlie sat at the back. Zach insisted to sit beside Nick but I shut him off. He seriously need to give that poor guy a break and I for one, kind of like they're in a fight. At least we'll be prank-free for a little while. 

Besides, it's not like Nick is going to be mad at Zack for a lot of time. After all, both of them are the kings of all pranksters. Usually they fight for a few minutes because one of them will prank the other, "We're supposed to be partners, you have betrayed me" they would always say. But then the next thing we know, they're heading to KFC like they never even fought at all.

"You'll find out later. It'll be more interesting right?" Peyton cooed trying to copy Simon's voice. "Yeah right, I hate Simon and his mysteriously evil ways" she huffed resting her head on the window beside her. 

We still didn't know who the hell we're going on tour with. Simon had told us he had rented a whole amusement park for us to 'enjoy' with the other band, later this afternoon. We're supposed to meet at Nandos during lunch before heading our way to the amusement park.

"Now enjoy your day.....while you still can" Simon had said smilling evilly which I find to be very odd yet really funny for him to say something like that mainly because I didn't know he had the same sense of humor. 

We entered Mcdonalds and thanked the Gods that only a few people were inside. Some fans noticed us and asked for some autographs and pictures. After that they continued eating giving us some space. That's what I like about our fans, they seem to understand we need privacy and they respected that. Not that we have a lot anyways.

After ordering a large amount of fries, burgers and some floats, we ate in silence, stuffing our mouths full. A few minutes later we stared at the empty containers of food we had just devoured. We sat there for a few more minutes because we were so full we could barely stand up. Most people would be surprised how we maintain being fit after eating lots of food and I got to say, I'll have to thank fast metabolism for that.

It was fifteen minutes past ten when we got back to our flat and played some Xbox to pass time. 

"I, Mackenzie Ward, challenge you, Peyton Ward in a Dance Central Competition!" I declared facing my supposedly opponent. "The winner gets to dare the loser three times!" I laughed like a maniac.

"Oh it is on my dear sister slash best friend!" she replied with equal enthusiasm. We changed the game and picked the song 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars. 

We were only half way the song yet we're both scoring millions already. I was a few thousand higher than Peyton when my phone decided it was the best time to ring. I got shocked by the sudden vibration in my hand that I accidentally threw my phone upward towards the left side of the room. With one swift move I quickly run towards it completely forgetting about the game and saving my precious phone. 

It's funny since the game would pause when the other player suddenly leaves but unfortunately for me, it was just in time for the game to end causing me to lose points because of my shock and ACTUALLY LOSE THE GAME. I cursed under my breath. I couldn't believe it, I have never, ever been beaten in this game to this very day. I looked at the caller ID and mentally noted to kill that person once I see him. 

"Uhhm, I was just going to tell you I'm already outside to give you guys a ride to Nandos" he stated sounding confused at my sudden outburst.

"Couldn't you have, called at a more appropriate time?! And besides, why call me?" I rolled my eyes still feeling the pain of being a loser. 

"Well, I tried calling Nick a while ago but he texted me I should call you instead." I looked at the suspect and sure enough, he was snickering with Zack and Charlie. Great, they're back together. 
"We'll be right up" I told him and apologized before ending the call.

"You guys are dead meat" I flashed them an evil burning glare.


I decided to spare them a little bit and give them just some aching red cheeks and aching arms. Steve asked what happened and they all replied "You happened" and got inside the car. I just smiled at him innocently. He flashed a confused look before deciding it wasn't worth the ask.

We reached Nandos at twelve ten and got ourselves seated at a reserved table sequestered from the others. I saw Peyton thinking very deeply that made me asked her what's up.

She grinned "I'm just thinking what I'll make you do mwahahaha" she laughed like a maniac and I rolled my eyes. Truth was, I am quite scared because if anyone in this world had the craziest ideas, it would be her. 

I heard feet shuffling and some mans' voice that made me turn around. There I saw five familiar good-looking guys. "Hi!" they said in unison. "You guys must be False Alarm, we're One Direction."

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