The Boy From Hell (Jason McCann)

Brooklin was looked at as the sweet innocent town girl. Nobody really knew about her heartbreaking past. She became the strong women she destined to be when she got her heart crushed years ago. She became a college student and did amazing ballet classes with her best friends Hazel, Daisy and also had a amazing gay friend Blake. Brook never knew one night she would be crushed again and disappear for her life to be way different than ever before.

When she met him it was like she already met him, or did she already meet him? Did she already meet this Boy From Hell?

**This book is dedicated to Justin Bieber, Thanks for being the best idol ever**



11. Chapter 9 (part 2)

Brooklin's P.O.V

As I felt the warm air blast my face I suddenly loved the feeling but remembered how I hated this weather.

It was too warm,but I was use to it here.

I looked at this backyard and looked at it in fascination.

I sat straight on the chair watching the pool glisten in the sunlight.

The back door opened and I instantly jumped out of my trance and look at the door.

I saw Nicole standing there.

"Hey girl." I smiled.

She smiled.

"Can we talk?"She asked.

I nodded.

She pulled a chair over and sat next to me.

"Jason said something interesting this morning."I raised my eyebrows and gave her my full attention.

"He was actually being...... nice,and he was giving me advice." My eyes went big.

"Really!"I playfully laughed.

"But what did he say?"I asked.

"He said he has mad mistakes with other girls but you guys weren't a mistake. He also said it was personal so he wouldn't tell me about you guys." She explained.

I bit my lip and looked down.

"What is between you guys because me and the others have never seen Jason like this.

I hesitantly opened my mouth and closed it.

"I don't know..." I whispered.

"Please."She said.

I sighed.

"I have known him longer than all of you. It was 2009 when I met him, at school and he was asking me to show him around. He was the new kid and he had brown eyes like right now and his hair was swooped to the side. He was cute. Everyone already loved him because he was so hot." I laughed at myself and I heard Nicole chuckle too.

"He one my heart that day by showing me he just wanted to be my friend. I grew feelings for him and he grew feeling for me. We went on some dates and once he accidentally spilt his drink all over me because he was so nervous, but I just laughed it off. I didn't care because I was to distracted by him. Then we finally started telling each other things and we because a pair. We were unbreakable. Until one day... His parents."I said.

"I'm sorry I can't tell you that." I said with cracking in my voice.

"He left me on that day and he told me he loved me, and I told Justin I loved him too." I said feeling tears come down my red cheeks.

Nicole frowned. 
"Justin?" She asked.

I looked at her and nodded.

"His real name is Justin Bieber." I said.

"Oh that makes since, I thought when you would call him Justin you were just crazy."She giggled.

"No but he changed it and he changed everything about him, and now he is Jason McCann."I said.

She nodded.

"This is so interesting,that's why he is so damn complicated." She sighed.

"He isn't a open book." She added.

"He is too me."I said.

"You must be a god then." She puffed.

"Just please don't talk about this ever again. Since your my friend I can trust you to keep this a secret." I spoke sternly.

She nodded and agreed.

"Good."I sighed.

"WHERE IS SHE!?"I heard a frantic yell from Justin.

I looked at Nicole wide eyed.

"I'll go get him."She said speeding back in the house.

I waited a couple seconds before the door was opened again.

His head popped out and he sighed deeply.

"Thank Jesus." He whispered.

He walked over and grabbed me and pulled me into a soft gently hug.

"I thought you left me."He said nuzzling his nose in my neck.

"Justin I would never." I said
pulling him closer.

I looked over at the door and saw Nicole giving me a look of adoration.

"I have a surprise , one for you tonight and one for right now." He giggled.

"Jay you didn't have too."I crossed
my arms.

"I wanted to."He smirked as I rolled my eyes.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house.

"Your presents upstairs on the bed, the guys and I are gonna put these groceries up." He smiled a toothless smile.

Even though I was mad at him for buying me things, I still want to see what it is.

I ran up the stairs and made my way to our room and I saw a red pencil dress laying on the bed and matching heels.

I prance over to it and grabbed it and squealed.

I put it down and I ran back down the stairs and saw everyone put food away.

"Wha-"He said holding the milk in his hand and me rubbing on him making him drop it.

Khalil swooped in and grabbed it before it hit the tile ground.

"I love it! I love it!" I squealed.

"You didn't have to buy it for me though." I groaned.

He pulled my legs around his waist and smirked at me.

Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy except for Nicole she was giving us the heart eyes. The Sophie didn't look to pleased either.

That Sophie girl did not give me the right vibe.

"How about you stop complaining and help us put away this food." He laughed.

I groaned. "yeah." Louis groaned causing everyone to laugh.

"Okay. okay." I giggled and grabbed some chips and snacks , stuffing them in the big pantry.

This pantry could literally solve the world hunger problem because it was so big.

After we put all the food up I went upstairs with Nicole to get ready for tonight.

She brought me in her room so I couldn't see Justin until we leave.

I was sitting in the chair in front of her huge glass mirror.

She was doing my hair in a half way up and half way down style.

She was curling each strand of my hair as she was sing along with her music,vthat was playing on the radio.

I would sing along occasionally.

"You are a really go singer Brook." She said.

"Really I thought singing wasn't really my talent."I spoke.

"I'm more into ballet." I said.

"You can have more than one talent." She said putting the curling iron down and putting hairspray in my hair.

"I know but I never thought about that."

"Well you should start, cause girl you are so good." She giggled.

I rolled my eyes as she put the finishing touches on my hair.

I did my makeup and when I was done with my face I moved over to the bed and grabbed the dress.

I looked at with pure love.

"Your gonna look bomb in that." Nicole giggled.

I smiled back at her.

"Hey Brook?"She asked.

"Do you still want me to help you out of here and back home?"She asked.

My eyes widen at what she asked. I haven't thought of going home in awhile , I haven't tried to escape or planned anything.

Just Justin and I have become like we have before and it's making me forget what I used to be back home.

To even think about it, did I even want to go home and face Alex.

I haven't thought about him in forever.

"I don't know." I said looking down at my outfit biting my lip.

"I finally found Justin or he found me whatever..... I just don't know. I have wanted to see him and be with him but I don't know. After seeing him the way he is right now, I just don't know if he is the same guy I feel in love back then." I spoke.

"Tonight maybe things will change."I smiled.

She smiled and exited the room closing it behind her.

I took off my clothes and slid the right red dress on. I put one heel on my small foot and then the other.

I walked over to the mirror and I looked at myself.

This dress showed all of my curves and edges and I smiled to myself.

He did this on purpose, that little butt.

I grab my little clutch that came with it and I walked out of the room making the clicking sound with my heels loud and noticeable. I made my way into our room and I looked around for Justin.

"Jay?" I called out.

There was a silence. I puffed and looked at the door that lead to the little balcony.

I walked over and opened it, making the night breeze hit my face.

I stepped out and looked out and saw all the trees and buildings very far into the distance.

I sighed looking down and saw I was really high off the ground.

This house was huge. I felt arms wrap around me and I jumped.

I turn to look and I saw someone I wouldn't expect. Ashton.

I pushed him off lightly.

"Um excuse you." I said.

"I'm sorry darling, I just thought I could say hello."He smirked at me.

I couldn't lie he was cute but not Justin.

"Well hello." I said a little creeped out.

"I'm sorry I'm a hugger."He laughed.

"Oh god I'm creeping you out aren't I ?"He said smacking his forehead.

I giggled.

"You did at first but I think your cool." I laughed.

"How did you get out here anyway?" I asked.

"I walked by the room and saw you out here so I thought I could talk to you." He said.

"I also wanted to say thank you for saving me and my mates life's, we owe you big time. You got us in the biggest gang in Toronto to , which is pretty cool."He said.

I waved my hands and shook my head "Psh it was nothing." I giggled.

"So why do you look so beautiful on this fine evening?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

I laughed.

"I'm going out tonight." I stated.

"With me."I heard a dark growl one from the balcony doors.

We both snapped our heads in that direction.

He came up to Ashton and grabbed his shirt and Ashton smirked.

"What are doing out here reject." Justin spit.

"Jay we were just talking."I but in.

Justin looked like he was about to pound the crap out of this innocent guy.

"Justin." I spit pulling him away from Ashton.

Justin was about pounce back but I put my hand on his chest.

"Don't ruin this night."I sternly said.

He looked at me and his eyes weren't black like they were a second ago, they changed back into a hazel brown again.

"Look I didn't do anything we were just getting to know each other." He said brushing himself off.

"No don't care if you weren't doing anything, you were flirting with my girl."My stomach twisted and I kept myself from smiling.

"I can only flirt with her."He growled.

"Now get the fuck out."He spat.

Ashton walked out giving me a frown before leaving.

I gave Justin a annoyed look.

"What?"He groaned.

"I can be friends with guys."I sighed.

"I agree, just not him. I know he wants to be more than a friend."He sighed.

"Just lets go, you look so hot and I want to take you out."He intertwined our fingers.

I smiled and looked him up and down.

He was wearing a nice black tux that was folded at the sleeves.

"Let's go then."I blushed walking back into the room with our hands connected.


"Bonjour Mr.McCann and Mrs.McCann, right this way." A old man greeted talking us to the table.

Justin pulled the chair out and I sat down and smiled up at him as he made his way to his seat across from me.

"que voulez-vous de boire ce soir?"The man spoke to Justin.

"Brook et je aurais vin rouge."He spoke fluently back.

"Que faire si je ne veux pas de vin?" I giggled.

"You don't want wine?" He asked.

"No I was just kidding." I smiled at him and he smiled back at me.

"Okay that will be right up." The man smiled walking away.

"I like it when you speak french." He put his elbows on the table and put his hands together. He smirked at me as I blushed.

"I can say the same for you Jay." I said trying to flirt back.

"Cute."He chuckled.

"So what was that whole Mrs.McCann crap."I giggled.

He blushed for the first time in a long time and I smiled big.

"Oh nothing I just told them I was bringing someone special.... they totally did that themselves."He smiled down at his lap.

"Oh shut up Justin." I giggled.

The man brought the wine and poured it in our glasses and took are orders. He left the bottle at our table before leaving again.

"So why did you want to take me out?"I smiled.

"I wanted to treat you to fancy stuff and talk."He smirked.

"About what?"I said nervously biting my lip.

"I wanted to tell you your last surprise and you won't get all whiny about this one." He laughed.

I giggled. "okay fine."

"Wait give me a second." He said getting up from his chair.

He stood on his chair and climes on the table.

I gasped.

"Justin what are you doing!"I squealed.

"Attention!!"He screamed.

Everyone instantly looked over at Justin.

"I have a announcement." He spoke.

Everyone started whispering and staring.

"I would like say that there is this beautiful girl, her name is Brooklin Ann. In 2009 we meet in sophomore year and I was the new kid in school. She was the only girl I wanted to talk to that day when I first saw her at her locker."People started to awh and look at Justin in adoration.

"She taught me how to love." He looked down at me.

I was on the verge of tears smiling like a idiot.

"One day things turned into hell and I left her alone and I left and changed everything between me and her an between me and myself." He sighed.

"I became a different person and then when I came back I found her again. I found her again." He pointed at me and everyone looked at me.

I was crying right now and my stomach was exploding with butterflies.

"Even though she hates me for leaving her I want to say that I'm really sorry for that day. I should of stayed."He sadly said staring at me.

He got off the table and went on one knee and grabbed my my small hands in his.

"Brook I'm truly ,madly, and deeply in love with you. I can't hide it, I know you can't either."He spoke.

"So I ask you, will you be my girlfriend?"He puffed.

Everyone stared at me and I was mentally dying right now.


Cliff hanger! Sorry guys I hope you like this long ass chapter you welcome!I will edit this shit later. haha love uuuu Thanks Readers :)Love You XoXo. ~Jerry_Twerking_

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