The Boy From Hell (Jason McCann)

Brooklin was looked at as the sweet innocent town girl. Nobody really knew about her heartbreaking past. She became the strong women she destined to be when she got her heart crushed years ago. She became a college student and did amazing ballet classes with her best friends Hazel, Daisy and also had a amazing gay friend Blake. Brook never knew one night she would be crushed again and disappear for her life to be way different than ever before.

When she met him it was like she already met him, or did she already meet him? Did she already meet this Boy From Hell?

**This book is dedicated to Justin Bieber, Thanks for being the best idol ever**



9. Chapter 8

Brooklin's P.O.V 
As we made our way back in the house I was dragged away from everyone else and pulled into Justin's room. 
I like look at the angry Justin as he locked the door. 
"Your gonna learn rules."He spat.
"I'm not some kid!"I spat. 
"I thought you were a good girl."He scoffed. 
"Not when I'm with you Jason."I said emphasizing his name. 
He scoffed. 
"Obviously."He yanked his shirt off going to his dresser. 
"I hate you." I whispered rubbing my hands on my face. 
"No you don't."He said.
"How in heck do you know that ? You don't read my mind Jay!" I spat.
He turned around with his pants unbuckled and hanging on his butt sagging. He didn't even care to finish dressing before giving me a stare , and a comment back.
He stared at me with no expression.
"Ballerina, don't call me that." He said sternly.
I growled. 
"Why because it reminds you back when you actually cared about me and loved me, and I loved you!" I screamed frantically.
He stared at me with no emotion just turned to me with his brown orbs staring at me.
"I'm leaving you like you left me." I said walking to the door.
I opened the door, and walked out the room.
I stopped in my track feeling the pain in my heart because Justin didn't stop me or grab me.
I turned around and saw him in the doorway.
I turned back around and I walked down the hallways back to the stairway until a big hand grabbed me and pressed me against the wall next to the stairs.
I looked at Justin face to face , and saw his anger shown within his face.
"You are not leaving me."he tried to speak strongly but it failed.
"You left me so why not Justin." I spoke angrily.
"Just come back in the room with me." he sighed.
I shook my head "no" and crossed my arms.
"Please..." He tilted his head looking down at me with his orbs that made me melt.
"Stop." I hissed.
"Jason!" We heard from down stairs.
I raised my eyebrows at him as he rolled his eyes.
"What!" he barked loudly making me jump slightly.
"It's the 5sos gang, we have a problem." we heard again.
Justin looked at me.
"Go to my room. Stay in there until I get back and we will talk ok?" He asked.
I comprehended on what I should do and I nodded and saw him walk down the stairs.
I smirked and followed him.
I'm not some slave, I don't take orders from him.
I followed him slowly and saw him go into the basement. 
I remember when I was in there.
He walked down the stairs and i followed him slowly. 
I saw the whole gang surrounded the other gang that was tied to chairs.
"Justin they won't talk."Harry said with his thick accent echoing in the room.
Nicole cuddled next to his side looking tired. 
"Yeah we have tried talking to them for ten minutes and they just stared."Zayn said.
"We just thought you could get them to talk."Christian said.
Justin scoffed, and grabbed his gun in his back pocket.
"Talk."he put it up to Ashton's head.
I gasp quietly to myself,as I hid behind the stairs.
"Okay okay" Ashton blurted out.
"Well actually we don't really need you to talk, we just need you to say your last words before I shoot all of you in the damn face." Justin snickered.
"No!" I spat jumping from behind the stairs and everyone turns to look at me.
I ran over and pushed Justin forcefully.
"Don't hurt them!"I spat.
"Hey it's the hot chick." Luke said.
"You shut the fuck up!" Justin yelled.
I put my hands on Justin's chest.
I looked around the room.
"Jason please don't do it, killing these people won't help anything." I explained.
"If they somehow got in this locked house with guards , fences, and security that the military would use then they must be pretty good."I spoke chuckling like a crazy person.
I looked around the room catching everyone's attention.
"Jason just think about it.... You could use these guys." I looked at them and they were practically thanking me with the faces there were making.
"Jason, Brook has a point." Louis said.
"You know what." Justin spat.
"All in favor of keeping these shit bags for our keeping raise your hand." I shot my hand up and so did everyone else in the room. I smirked and smiled at Justin. 
He snickered bitterly.
"Fine, untie the dumb asses and give them rooms, we have plenty." He spat.
"And you come with me." He grabbed me and took me upstairs again.
As we entered the room.
I sat on the bed, and saw him take off his pants finally.
I looked down at my lap.
"You know killing isn't always the answer Justin." I spat.
"In my book it is babe." He sighed.
I look up to see him in his boxers, I look down again.
"I told you to stay in the room, but you didn't obey. Again."He said.
He opened his drawer.
"I'm not your slave Justin, you need to understand that. " I hissed. 
"Well you need to understand this is my house...." he turned around with ropes in his hand. 
My eyes get larger in size as I look at him walking closer to me. 
"Justin what are you-"
"And when you are in my house ballerina, you play by my rules."He stood in front of me. 
I backed away in the bed away from him as I hit the headboard. 
He crawled on the bed and had me pinned against the headboard.
"You are not going anywhere." he snickered.
"Justin stop what are you doing?" I spat frantically.
He smirked.
"Your getting your punishment baby." He grabbed my arm and I squirmed but he was stronger. He tied my wrist up to the headboard with the rope.
He grabbed my other wrist and he tied that one with another rope.
I felt warm salty tears stream down my face and it started to make my vision blurry.
"Baby."he whispered.
He caresses my cheek and wiped away my tears and I just stared at him frightened.
"Shh it's ok, it won't hurt, but it will teach you a lesson." he winked and smirked.
His big hands roamed down my thighs and I gasped and his hands gripped my jeans and yanked at them down.
He took them off so I was left in my underwear and I looked at him as he smirked at my lace panties.
His hand rubbed my thigh and I fidgeted. 
"Calm baby it won't hurt" he giggled.
My breathing was uncontrollable and I stared at him with my eyes the size of golf balls.
This made me feel like such a bad person, and so dirty.
"Justin please stop." I spoke finally.
"Why stop when we just got started." he spoke kissing my inner thighs as he opened them.
I felt his fingers on my throbbing core.
I gasp.
"Oh baby you are wet, I wonder who did that?" Justin snickered.
I gasped closing my eyes.
He slid my panties off and I felt his soft plump lips on my core and I gasped making my whole body go in to shock.
His tongue started plunging in and out of me and my eyes rolled in the back of my head trying to contain the feeling I had right now.
"Justin." I tried to speak normally but it came out as a moan.
His lips left my core and his fingers took place rubbing my clit fast.
I bit my lip from making any noise but in this situation I found it almost impossible .
I pulled at the ropes and my whole body was fidgeting because of the pleasure running threw me.
"Calm baby." Justin chuckled.
"J-Justin ah."I couldn't finish before he jammed 2 fingers inside of me and I let out a scream.
It hurt for a second before it felt more pleasureful. 
It wasn't me, this wasn't me.
This was someone taken over me. 
Or maybe it was me, the bad dirty me. 
"Faster." I whimpered.
"I thought you would never ask ballerina." His finger went faster in me and I felt him put another finger inside of me making me moan loudly.
"Who's your daddy?" He asked.
I gasped as he went faster.
"I asked who's your daddy!" he screamed.
"You Justin your my daddy." I moaned out.
I pulled out the ropes feeling like I'm gonna cum in any second.
"Yeah that's right..." He snickered.
"Again who is your daddy ballerina ?"He chuckled.
"You ,Justin your my daddy." I screamed.
I cummed all over his fingers and I stared at him as he licked me up and I was breathing so hard that's all I could hear.
"You better do what daddy ask then." He growled in my ear. He kissed it gently after nibbling.
His big hands gripped onto the ropes and untied them.
He picked me up while I was still in utter shock still trying to figure out what happened.
"Go take a shower baby, you are so dirty." He chuckled loudly.
His hand slapped my ass as I jumped, and walked to the bathroom and closing the door and locking it behind me.
I put my back to the door and I touched myself gasping.
"He just.." I whispered.
"Oh my gosh" I whispered again before closing my eyes.
Jason's P.O.V
I smirked to myself walking down stairs with just my boxers on.
I saw the whole gang with the new jack offs at the table.
I whistled dancing playfully to the fridge grabbing a beer from inside.
"Someone got to high."Khalil laughed.
"Actually nope." I opened my beer looking at everyone.
I licked my fingers.
"Mhm tastes so good." I said smirking before walking out of the room.
"I heard all of the guys screaming and cheering me on." I chuckled loudly taking a big gulp of my beer walking up the stairs.
I walk back up to my room and shut the door. 
I set my beer on the dresser and look at myself in the mirror.
I see Brooklin come into my view threw the mirror. 
I turn around and smile at her .
She was in her towel and her long hair was dripping wet. 
"Needed some clothes?" I asked.
"I just Uh needed a shirt."she asked.
"I got ya." I said.
I grabbed one of my t-shirt and I walked over to her.
"Turn around and drop the towel." she dropped her towel and I saw her bare back with her cute little pink lace panties. 
I smirk and raise the shirt above her.
"Arms up princess." I said.
She raised her arms and I put the shirt over her and it bagged over her little body.
"Cute." I said spinning her around.
She barley smiled an looked down.
I lifted her chin.
"What's wrong ballerina?" I smiled.
"Nothing just.... I feel bad.I should be mad at you too."she sighed.
"Are you mad at me?" I asked rubbing my thumb against her cheek.
"No." she whispered.
I smiled.
"You aren't bad either babe, you are just doing a normal human thing babe."I said grabbing her little hands and I smiled down at them.
"Let's sleep."avoiding any other conversation.
I picked her up and surprised her and she squealed.
I threw her on the bed playfully. 
"Lemme get mbeer real quick."I muttered and was about to get up but she grabbed my torso and pulled me back down to her side.
"Noooo."She laughed.
I smirked down at her. 
"What?"I giggled.
"Stay with me. I'm tired."She laughed.
"Ok ok."I said grabbing the sheets and pulling over both of our bodies.
"Goodnight ballerina." I whispered in her ear as I pulled her waist closer to me.
"Goodnight jay."she whispered back.
After a few minutes we both feel asleep in each other's arms.
"Jason!"I heard a pound on the door.
I jumped slightly and groaned.
I looked at the peaceful brook in my arms and I Just got out from under her.
There were more pounds at the door, and I hissed in anger.
"Jay?" I heard Brooklin's angel voice. 
"Go back to sleep I'll get it babe."I said. 
I opened the door. 
"What!"I growled under my breath. 
Chaz's eyes went big as he looked at me and saw Brooklin behind me. 
"It's 3 am , it better important bro."I hissed.
"It's Harry and the new guy Luke."Chaz said frantically. 
I followed Chaz down stairs and I heard screaming and banging from the living room. 
I walked faster and saw everyone gathered ,and by the looks of it everyone else was just woken up from what was happening.
"What the hell is going on In here?"I spat pushing everyone out of my way so I could see.
I saw Harry sitting on Luke with a gun under his chin.
I looked over to see Nicole shaking and crying in the corner getting held by Liam.
"Harry get off of him."I said.
Harry looked up at me and back at him with tears filled in his eyelids. 
I grabbed Harry and he jerked off and Harry stood up and pointed his gun at me. I didn't flinch I just stood there looking at him angrily. 
I saw Luke trying to catch his breath on the floor and he was groaning at the pain Harry left for him.
"Harry, put the goddamn gun down before I fucking kick all of you out to be by yourself." I said angrily.
He didn't put his gun down and he started crying looking at everyone.
"Don't hurt him."Brooklin said coming next to my side and grabbing my arm.
I saw Brooklin had my gun in her hand and she brought it to protect herself.
Harry looked down at Luke and pointed his gun at him and Luke eyes enlarged. 
"Harry if you kill him I'll fucking kill you."I spat grabbing the gun from Brook and pointed at him.
"Harry I'm so sorry."Nicole screamed and sobbed.
Harry looked at her in disgust.
"Shut up."He barked.
"I don't have time for this."I whispered so Brook could only hear.
I walked over and forcefully grabbed Harry's arm and twisted it grabbing the gun , and I threw Harry in the ground next to Luke. I gave the gun to Za and I hovered over Harry , and Luke.
"If you wake up me or ballerina up again with your fucking high school shit, I will rip off each and ever limb off of your goddamn body and feed it to my dogs. Do you fucking understand that!"I screamed.
They both nodded terrified and I looked around to see everyone else nod.
I look over to see Brook wasn't there, so I looked at everyone one last time before speaking again.
"Everyone go to your rooms until morning, don't wake me up unless it's fucking important!"I screamed.
I sped off back into the room and saw Brook talking to Nicole on the bed.
Nicole cries silently and Brook was holding her petting her back soothingly. 
"It's ok."She said.
Nicole raised her head and looked at me frowning.
"Sorry, I'll just see you in the morning brook."she got up and left our room.
I shut the door and I looked at brooklin.
"What happened?"I questioned.
"Nicole had sex with Luke...."she trailed off.
I went over and sat next to her.
"She loves Harry so why in the hell would she do that?"I asked.
"She told me her and Harry got in a very bad fight,and she started bonding with Luke and things, you know."She explained.
"She shouldn't have done that to Harry."I said.
She nodded.
"Like if we were a couple, and we got in a bad fight , I wouldn't go fuck with some other guy."She said.
I smirked at her.
"If we were a couple I could do so many things."I smiled and sighed to myself.
"Like what?"she teased brushing her arm against mine.
"I could kiss you, and tell you so many things that I haven't told anyone else, you could be mine and only mine. I could touch you without you getting mad. I could talk to you like I use to back then...." He said trailing off looking down into his lap.
"Remember I asked you the same question ... A long time ago."She said.
January 24th 2010 
I looked at her as she laughed at me making weird faces. 
"Stop Jay stop!"she laughed.
"Ok I'm sorry my face is just too funny."I giggled.
She came closer to me and cuddled next to my side.
"Jay?"she said questionably. 
"Yes ballerina."I said.
"If we were a couple what would you do?" she asked nervously.
I smirked down at her.
"I would do many things." I said.
"Like what."she looked up at me with her sparkly eyes.
"I would kiss you and hold you close. I would protect you from the buttholes that come along. I would give you so much presents because I want you to have everything...."I trailed off. 
"I would do a lot."I spoke. 
She looked up at me "awh".
"That sounds amazing."she huffed out.
"Yeah but to bad it can't happen."she looked at her hands.
"Never say never." I said before we contained to watch the TV screen.
"yeah, I remember." I huffed.
"To bad it can't happen."she sighed laying back down.
I got up and turned off the lights and laying down next to her again.
"Never say never."I said before holding her close and going back to sleep.
Ohhhhh drama!! I hope you liked this chapter I know I have been a little away from writing and I'm sorry :( sorry for any not edit things I will later! I hope I get more likes and favs and comments!! and following me would be appreciated! 😘😘
Thanks readers :)
Love you XoXo.

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