The Boy From Hell (Jason McCann)

Brooklin was looked at as the sweet innocent town girl. Nobody really knew about her heartbreaking past. She became the strong women she destined to be when she got her heart crushed years ago. She became a college student and did amazing ballet classes with her best friends Hazel, Daisy and also had a amazing gay friend Blake. Brook never knew one night she would be crushed again and disappear for her life to be way different than ever before.

When she met him it was like she already met him, or did she already meet him? Did she already meet this Boy From Hell?

**This book is dedicated to Justin Bieber, Thanks for being the best idol ever**



8. Chapter 7

Jason's P.O.V

"Hey mate are you ok?" Harry asked.

I switched my gaze off of brook to him.

"Yeah yeah , let's just get these motherfuckers before it's to late" I stood up grabbing my gun.

I looked back at brook talking to Nicole and Sophie.

"Sophie, Nicole " I growled.

There heads snapped in my direction.

They broke apart getting there stuff for the crime.

Brook looked at me, and I saw her lip go up into a little grin.

I walk up to her, and grin back.

"We are uh all leaving right now, but you are staying-"

"Ah no I'm not"She said.

"I'm am not staying here alone, I wanna go with you guys. I mean you do keep me here, at least let me go somewhere." she spoke.

Don't fall into her tricks Jason.

Don't be a douchebag Justin.

"Fine."I sighed deeply.

"You stay next to me the whole time." I saw a big smile come upon her face.

She got her shoes on and got everything, as I checked that everyone had there guns on them.

I didn't want anyone of these fellas not having something for protection.

I didn't really care if Nicole or Sophia had shit on them but Harry cared for Nicole.

Well Sophia, she had to care for herself.

"Ok Leggo " I said pulling brook to my side, and walking to the door.

Everyone walked out and jumped into her own vehicles.

"You guys have the directions?" I asked standing next to my car.

"Yeah I gave them all out" Louis said poking his head out of the car.

I got inside if my white fisker karma,as Brooklin was seated in the passenger.

Admiring the car.

I backed out of the lot and drove where the gps was taking me.

"I remember when this was your dream car"She whispered.

"Yeah" I chuckled.

"Good times right?" I asked.

"Yeah to good that I wish I could go back to those times" She frowned bowing her head down.

I pulled out a cig with one of my hands and put it between my lips as I lit it up.

"What are you doing Justin ?" she asked.

"Smoking."" I blew out a ring of smoke.

"It calms my nerves babe."I spoke.

I saw her blush and smile.

I smirk and keep my eyes on the road.

"Ah I still love that" I spoke to myself.

"Love what?" She asked curiously.

"Oh nothing" I smirked.

Brooklin's P.O.V

I watched as the cars drove past us,and I saw the bright lights off the buildings.

We have been in this car for a while now, and I was just wondering where are we going?

"So what is this drive for anyway?" I asked.

"A mission" He spoke.

"I know but what kind of mission?" I asked.

He cleared his throat.

"We are gonna go kill this gang that stole from us a while back." He said.

"What did they steal?" I asked.

"Some drugs,and money."He said.

"What's there gang name?"I asked.

"How the fuck would I know? Probably something stupid as fuck."He spat.

"Justin don't cuss please,and why are you spatting at me?" I spat.

"Well first, don't fucking call me Justin. Secondly, I can cuss when ever the fuck I want to.Lastly, maybe if you would stop talking and asking stupid ass questions this wouldn't be a problem"He yelled.

I closed my mouth.

Why is he so bipolar?

I let my head lay on the window, and I felt myself get upset even more.

I heard him sigh deeply.

His fingers brushed against my leg making me jump suddenly.

He drew patterns on my pants,and it tickled my thighs.

"Hey"He whispered lowly.

I turned my head,and gave him a dirty look.

I pushed his fingers off of me.

'I'm sorry"He whispered.

"No your not"I grunted looking out the window.

"You know what, i thought you would be more happy to see me.I thought you have been waiting forever to kiss me,and hug me."He said chuckling.

"Jason"I said sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes.

"I'm excited to see Justin, and by the looks of it"I looked around frustraited.

"I cant find him"I chuckled bitterly, turning my body back to the window.

"I'm right here duh"He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes.

"Then i have no intrests"I scoffed.

He growled.

He pulled over to the curve, and i felt myself grow nervous.

"Get out"He said casually.

"W-What"I studdered looking at him shocked.

"Get out of the car"He said.

I got out of the car,and shut the door.

I saw him get out to.

He walked over to myside,and he looking pissed now.

"You make me so angry"He grunted walking towards me.

I walked backwards bumping into the car.

He grabbed my arm that was gonna push him away,and he grabbed my neck pulling me closer to his face.

His lips were suddenly mended together in a kiss.

It was rough kiss,he had pinned against the car with his body pressed against mine.

His tonuge kept getting tangled with mine.

I heard him grunt inside of my mouth serval times,which me i tried so hard not to.

I felt myself loving the feeling of his lips on mine.

He grabbed on of my legs and lifted it up to his waist and started to kiss down my neck.

As he sucked and bit my neck,he pulled me up, and i wrapped my legs around his waist.

He kissed up my neck back to the corner of my mouth.

Then he just ... stopped.

He stood there looking at me,with me around his waist.

He licked his plump lips.

He leaned in closer,and kissed me gentley.

He put me on the ground and just kissed me passionitly rather than forcfully.

We both pulled away.

"Get in the car" He said walking away from me and getting in the car.

I opened the car door shaking,and sat in my seat.

As we traveled on the road , it was silent for about hour.

"Justin" I blurted out.

He looked at me, and then back at the road.

"Look-"He started but I cut him off.

"No stop" I said.

"I know what your gonna say, It was a mistake , It was in the heat of the moment, I like to do -"

"No I wasn't gonna say that at all" He ripped me off this time.

"I was gonna say look I know you might hate me, but obviously I don't hate you if I took you."He laughed.

I furrowed my eyebrows.

"I don't hate you.." I said.

"You sure act like it " He sped off faster to another lane because a guy was being slow.

"Stupid people" he chuckled.

"Justin I'm just mad that you have changed, that everything has changed"He said.

"Ballerina" He giggled.

I furrowed my eyebrows.

"I haven't changed"he smiled at me.

The smile sure hasn't changed.

"Yeah maybe I switched up my looks because I got older,but babe I'm still that Justin you know " He explained.

"It just hurts that you don't love me anymore" his smile slowly faded as he frowned at the road.

I wanted to say something, but I couldn't.

"U wish I could of told you , it just hurt ballerina ok."He said seriously.

"I know it hurt, but it hurt me too Justin"I said sadly.

The rest of the time we just sat there in the awkward silence.

He suddenly stopped by these woods,and I narrowed my eyes.

He got out and walked over to my side and opened my door.

I got out and avoided contact with Justin and saw all the other people next to there cars.

"Bro why did you stop like a hour or two ago?"za asked.

"I had something important to do"he grunted.

Important huh.


When they called him jason it made me kinda even more mad.

"That's not his name" I spat at her.

Everyone looked at me.

Justin turned around giving me a glare.

"Shut up " he said threw gritted teeth.

I clenched my jaw.

"Sophie don't yell at me, like I said I'll kill you here and now."He spoke.

Sophie looked at me , and her face was confused.

"Jason" I spat.

He turned around surprised.

"How about you guys do whatever you gotta do."I said.

"I can agree" Liam said.

They all started walking, so Jason grabbed my arm lightly pulling me over to his side.

"Stay by me"He said.

I followed them threw the creepy woods as I heard of the crunch of leaves beneath are feet, and the cry I of the wind blowing in every direction.

I felt something warm cover my shoulders.

I look to see Justin's leather jacket on me.

"I saw you were cold"He said simply.

"Yeah." was all I said before the sounds came back to action to creep me out.

"There it is." Chaz screamed.

"Shh." I heard from about 5 people.

We made it up to the big house in the middle of this Forrest.

"Everyone stand in a line, so we don't get caught, and walk slowly" Justin said lowly.

Everyone got in line and I was last.

I saw a flashing light over at the other side of the house, so I left the line and went over to check what it was.

I bent over to see it was a flashlight.

It was flickering until I turned it off.

Suddenly something grabbed my from the back and put something on my mouth.

I started to scream but all it was muffles.

I was taken into a room, and I was placed on the floor, I looked around and saw some guys circled around me looking at me.

"Dude who is that" A brown haired boy with blond strikes in his hair say.

"You got a hot chick, in the woods, no fucking way" The blonde one spoke.

"Luke don't fucking cuss" A brown haired boy said.

I looked at them scared.

"Shut up ladies your scaring the girl" one guy with bright purple hair said.

"What your name?"The brown haired boy asked me.

"Take me back to Justin" I spat.

"Justin?" The boy with brown hair and blonde highlights said.

"Why were you on are property" The blonde one spat.

I glared at him.

"Luke stop " The brown haired said.

"Sorry he is a asshole, that's why he just grabbed you like that."The brown haired said smiling at me.

"Oh my god I'm sorry I'm Ashton , that's Calum , thats Luke, and Michael over there." He said pointing to each guy.

"We are the 5sos gang" Michael said.

This is the gang that Justin was after.

They didn't look that bad as Justin and his gang.

"Now what's your name" he put his hand out and grabbed me and helped me off the floor.


"Hands up bitches!"I heard a growl.

The guys around me lifted there hands up , and I stood there.

Justin and his gang were all gathered around with there guns.

The girls and some of the guys went further in the house.

I stood there dumbfounded.

Justin walked in the room , and he say me and he was suddenly relieved.

"Thank you fucking God , Brooklin come over here." he spat.

"What are you gonna do to them." I said.

He ignored me eyeing all the guys.

"Over here now! Brooklin." He spat.

"Justin stop." I spat.

Za,Khalil,And Justin looked at me shocked.

"Brooklin if you don't get over her I swear I will-"

"You will what." I spat.

He raised his gun and aimed at me.

My spit got caught in my throat. I cleared it.

How dare him.

"Do it I dare you Justin." I spat.

He tightened his grip , and he groaned lowly.

"Jason bro it the fuck down." Khalil yelled.

Justin still didn't put it down.

"Get over here brook" He spat.

"No" I growled.

"Don't hurt them Justin." I spat.

"Look Brooklin get your ass out of our way , and his name isn't Justin its Jason." Za said.

"Then obviously Justin doesn't tell you things that you should know."I spat.

A gun shot was heard and it was from Jason's gun.

I saw it shit right threw the ceiling.

"Your coming with us." Justin ignored me and told the guys behind me.

"Tie them up Khalil, Za go get the others to help, and search for all weapons. We are blowing this place up." he said .

Justin grabbed me by my arm ,and dragged me out of the house.

He pushed me into the outside of the house.

"What the fuck is wrong with you."He spat.

"NOTHING!" I spat back.

"God damnit" He punched the wall of the house.

"You make me so mad." he grunted.

He put his head against mine and pushed my body with his body against the wall.

I squirmed but he held me in place.

"Let me go." I spat.

"Don't hurt them." I spat pushing them.

"You don't kill people for the fun of it." I spat.

"Why! Why do you do this Jason?"He smirked at me,ran his fingers threw my hair, and I jerked back in fear.

"Ah you scared ballerina"He growled in my ear.

I gulped , and stood my ground.

"Answer my question"I spat.

He raised his eyebrows.

"I do it, because I'm going to hell anyway"He said.

I scoffed.

"Thanks for calling me Jason finally too."he smirked.

I growled.


I hope you enjoy my long chapter, I feel like shit so gonna eat food now! so thanks for votes and all that good stuff! Please share😘

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