The Boy From Hell (Jason McCann)

Brooklin was looked at as the sweet innocent town girl. Nobody really knew about her heartbreaking past. She became the strong women she destined to be when she got her heart crushed years ago. She became a college student and did amazing ballet classes with her best friends Hazel, Daisy and also had a amazing gay friend Blake. Brook never knew one night she would be crushed again and disappear for her life to be way different than ever before.

When she met him it was like she already met him, or did she already meet him? Did she already meet this Boy From Hell?

**This book is dedicated to Justin Bieber, Thanks for being the best idol ever**



14. Chapter 12


Brook P.O.V

"So tell me what do you do for living? Where do you live now?"Mom asked Justin.

I felt bad for him because of the awkward questions. I felt bad for him so much already, and this just made me feel worst.

"I still live in toronto, just farther away than I usually lived. I work at uh-"He looked at me worriedly.

"He works for a music store."I blurted out. My mom smiled brightly and nodded.

"You were always good in music Justin."She commented.

"Yeah mean I haven't played in awhie...."He trailed off. "You work at a music store and you haven't played in awhile.. that seems pretty odd."She laughed. "Mom."I sighed. "You know never get time cause i'm so busy."Justin commented grabbing my hand. I smiled down and blushed lightly.

"Never even thought of that. I'm getting to old to think properly."She joked. I saw her look over at our piano and smile.

"Do you remember our song?"I asked out of nowhere. He probably has no idea what i'm talking about because its been ages.

Instead of answering he stood up and pulled his pants up as he made his way to the piano. He pulled the top up so the white keys were displaced.

He skimmed his hands along the keys and smiled softly as he sat down.

January 13th, 2011

"I need to show you something! You'll love it dude."Justin laughed.

"Excuse me."I crossed my arms.

"What?"He laughed.

"I'm not a dude!"I puffed.

He rolled his eyes and picked me up and I squealed.

He carried me down stairs to the piano. Justin set me down gently on the bench so I was infront of the piano.

"What?"I giggled.

"I need to show you something."He said.

"And exactly what does my piano have to do with this?"I asked.

"Well for school had to write a song for a class, and decide to write a song for you, but I have no lyrics yet."He said smiling at me.

"You didn't...."I said amazed.

"I did Brook."He laughed cutely.

"What you kids doing?"My parents walked in smiling at us.

"I'm about to play the song I wrote for Brook."He said laying his hands on the piano keys and started to play a soft melody. After a minute I felt myself crying happy tears.

He stopped playing and looked at me worried. "You didn't like it."He frowned and sounded disappointed.

"No Justin its so beautful."I said pulling him into a hug. He giggled and pulled me even closer and he kissed my head.

"I love you."I whispered in his chest.

"Whatcha say?"He asked.

I looked up at him "I said i love it"I wiped my tears.

He smirked and my parents gawked at us as they left the room.

"I need a tissue."I laughed getting up.

As I walked away I felt Justin grab my arm gently and twist me around to face him.He kissed me tinderly and with so much passion I melted instantly. We pulled away and my face heated up.

"Oh and Brook, I love you too."He smiled kissing my nose.

"You heard me."I covered my face.

"Of course I did."He giggled.

He started to play the melody I knew too well, the melody he would play when I was upset, or mad, or just for the heck of it. That day was the day Justin told me he loved me for the first time, and of course that was a major thing for me. I didn't know about him, or if even remembered that day. As he finished playing our songI smiled.He hopped up and looked at me with so much love. "Brook your crying..."He said worried. Gosh I'm always crying. "What's wrong babe?"He said pulling me in a hug. "You, your just too cute its overwhelming."I giggled in his chest. I hated lying but I didn't really want to confess things right now. "So your crying."He asked confused. I laughed snuggling closer to him. "I'm crying happy tears."I said. He humed and kissed my head. I could hear my mom awhing us from the living room.

"Well Brook."He pulled me away from his chest and held me infront of him.

He kissed me gently and he held the side of my face softy. His lips were so sweet and soft, never wanted to stop kissing him. He pulled away and I groaned cause missed the feeling. He giggled and looked in my eyes. I melted under his hold of me.

"Oh and Brook, I love you too."He whispered as his thumb skimmed my bottom lip.

I blushed so hard I felt like I was gonna start sweating in any second.To think he wouldn't remember....


"Stop seriousy."I giggled pushing him away as he tried to lick the tomato sause off my face.

"Can I made this spaghetti you goof!"I said pushing his face away.

"You did not just do that."Justin tested.

I crossed my arms and smirked at him. "I think I did bieber, what you gonna do about it honey."I smirked.

He gripped my hips quickly and growled once my body was pushed against his. His eyes fulled with lust and desire.

"I can fuck you in this kitchen now."He smirked as he gripped my ass.

I bit my lip so no sound would escape out my mouth.

"Don't bite your lip."He said in a whisper as he moaned and I felt his crotch get harder.

"I'm sorry Jason Mccann but I kinda want my sweet Justin back."I frowned giggling pushing his face again.

"Stopp."He groaned.

"Now help me finish this food for my friends, so we can go over there."I giggled.

"I can't with this problem."He pointed down.I rolled my eyes playfully.

"Fix it please."He cried playfully.

I pecked his lips and smiled sweetly at him.

"You go fix it."I huffed.

"Okay then, let me just get a picture of you and i'll go up stairs."He said.

I smacked his arm. "I was kidding, gosh your so dirty.

"You like it."He kissed my neck from behindI smiled and finshed stirring the sause.

"Lets just get this packed up and we can leave!"I said excitedly.

Justin packed up the food , as I cleaned the kitchen.

When we were all done, I ran upstairs and put all my stuff away that I had at Justin's house which pained me so much to do. Now that I think about it I don't want to be back home, I want to be with Justin. The time I've spent with him has really showed me something. It showed me even though we have been threw so much crap we still can have this amazing relationship and make unforgetable memories. He is the man I have wanted my whole life. Justin wasn't the one to be nice to people,I mean he is a major threat! He is Jason Mccann! I guess i'm saying is that I never imagine myself with a man like Justin, I imagined to be with a man that was sweet to everyone and was very religous, and just not dangerous or bad boy looking. Justin when we meet was all those, he was sweet to everyone, he was far from bad. Now just look at him now ever since the things that happened in his life. The Justin now doesn't bother me though, I realized I don't need a really religous husband or a husband that is nice to every soul. I needed a man that will treat me nicley, and treat me differently then everyone else, and Justin he does that. He makes me the happiest person alive, he is the only one I love. When another guy would be with me and hug me and kiss me, I just thought why can't it be Justin?I want to be with him.

"Hey you ready."Justin's voice broke my trance as I stood there starring at a picture of us from years ago.

He walked over and saw me holding the picture looking at it.

"Look at my hair!"He giggled.

"We were pretty young here, this was our second date I think."I smiled up at him and looked back down.

"Yep we went to the bowling alley and they had a photo booth, and you dragged me."He chuckled shaking his head.

I put the picture back where all of our other pictures are.

"Come on."Justin grabbed my hand as I was still lost in my thoughts.

We walked down stairs hand and hand. I let go of his hand when I saw my dad.

"Dad!"I screamed running in his arms.

"Honey where have you been!?!"He said frantically.

"With me."Justin laughed.

I looked back at him and smiled.

"And you are?"I was surprised that even dad couldnt reconize him.

"Awh c'mon pops you don't remember your own biffle?"Justin joked.

I remeber that was there thing, they would call each other biffles because they had such a good relationship.

"Justin!"My dad gave him a big man hug.

"How you been son! Where have you been!How's your parents."My dad threw questions.

Before Justin could respond I butted in. "Dad i'm sure mom could update you on that, but me and Justin need to go to blake's so i'll see you later?"I asked giving him a hug.

"Yeah better see both of you!"He gave both of us hugs.

"Will do sir."Justin said politely.

I smiled and grabbed his hand walking to the front door.

"Have fun guys!"I heard my mom yell before shutthe door.

"You good?"He asked concerned.

"Yeah i'm fine."I chuckled shaking it off.

I'm just drowning in thoughts thats all....

As we arrived to Blake's I felt that feeling of butterflies again.I was beyond scared of how my friends will take this.See because we're actually gonna tell them the truth, I can't just tell my parents that Justin kidnapped me and hurt me. I know lying is bad but if it is good for the both of us then its worth it.I have to tell my friendthough, and Justin being here with me makes it kinda harder because if they have something bad to say they will say it to Justin's face, and that is not a good idea.I feel like someone will end up dead by the end of the night.

I got out of the car and Justin instantly stopped me. "Calm down, your shaking like crazy."He rubbed my arms.

"Everything is gonna be okay."He said russuringly. I nodded and smiled softly as we made our way to the door.

Justin Knocked softly, and I heard blake's loud screaming to tell Hazel and Daisy to shut there butts up. Justin and I giggled softly.The door opened and we meet face to face with a stunned Blake. "Come in lady and gentlemen."He said jokingly and giggled. I smiled and walked in the house with Justin. Hazel and Daisy came over and tackled me in hugs. Then Blake just hugged me also. "Okay guys! Okay understand you missed me!"I giggled. They finally let go. Daisy circled Justin checking him out. "Daisy!"I snapped. She jumped "What! I was just looking."She defended. "Me too."Blake whispered.

"Can you guys stop checking out Justin?"I giggled and pulled him closer to me as Justin smirked at me.

"We all need to talk!"I said trying to change the subject. I dragged Justin to the couch and he looked amused that I was getting defensive. They all sat down.

I look at Justin and he nodded. "Brook and I are here to tell you guys the truth about why she went missing."He sighed. "I didn't tell my parents the truth because if they knew about it..... they wouldn't let me be with Justin."I said looking at Justin. "I just felt like you guys should know the truth."I said. They all nodded seriously. "Well, The night I called you did break up with Alecause he cheated on me, but that night I was kidnapped. You guys heard it happen, it scared the crap out of you guys...."I sighed.

"Well the person that kidnapped Brook, was well...."He looked down upset.

"I knocked her out, and kidnapped Brook."He spoke not daring to looking at me.

"He took me to his home and I didn't know he was for awhile, he got me to smoke weed, he made me do things I wouldn't normally do. Then figure out he was Justin by him telling me. I was frightened was upset. I was so surprised it was him because he left me back in 2011."I said looking at all of there faces as they sat there stunned.

"I left Brook because my parents they passed away in a accident. I was broken and ran away from her because didn't want to drag her in my problems. Which made things worst instead of telling her. But that night we saw each other at the dinner, that night we became couple. We love each other. I know I have done horrible things, and know i'm still doing bad things by being Jason Mccann."He sighed.

They all widen there eyes.

"Jason Mccann?"Blake spit out.

"Yes."Justin said.

"I use that name for my gang, i'm really Justin."He said finally looking at me and I smiled.

"Brook he is a criminal!He is crazy!"Hazel screamed angry.

"He was the one who killed my mom's friendson."Daisy said giving Justin a death stare. "He was my friend and you killed him."Daisy pointed at him and looked at him disgusted.

"What was his name."Justin asked to stay calm.

"His name was Mike Jackson."Hazel answered for her.

I remembered Mike, Daisy had a huge crush on him, I remember the day she told me she was gonna ask him out, he was found dead.I didn't know Justin did this...

"Mike Jackson, Age 18, Type O negitive blood,allergic to pollen,dust,clean cut grass, and the medcine penicillin.He was a honor student at Stratford High School.He was a football player,and was in band playing the guitar. He drove a red 2012 dodge and use that nice vehicle to ram my parents car at 11:42 pm on 47th street of landcaster drive. He had a little concusion, nothing to serious. My parents though had more that a concusion, they had there life taken away."He said standing up getting angry by each second that passed.

"Justin."I warned.

"So took his life like he took my parents."He growled.

Dasiy looked at me like I was crazy.

"How the hell do you know that?"Hazel spat.

"I know everyone in Toronto."He spat back.

"This guy is crazy."Blake sighed.

"Prove it."Hazel tested.

Justin raised his eyebrow.

"Your mother Heather, and your father of course Frank do you think they would be proud of you for treating someone so disrespectfully."Justin asked rudely. I chewed on my nails nervously.

"Dasiy make sure not to eat any banana's you might puff up."Justin added.

"Can you all just stop!"I yelled.

Everyone looked at me.

"This is what he does okay, he is in a gang....he has to do this. It is his job to know everyone. He isn't insane so stop calling him that. I love him because he is the only one who has showed me true love. He has killed people, but he doesnt do it just for the hell of it he has reasons!"I looked at dasiy and she just stared at me.

"You guys are my friends and need you guys to support this relationship. We told you the truth, please just be my friends and see how he is like."I pleaded.

"And you, you need to be nicer to my friends, there like other versions of me. So you treat them with respect."I said to Justin. He nodded still a little shooken up.

"How about we have spaggetti?"I asked.


A little update for you guys! What you think? Any predictions :)

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