Ever is a 20 year old woman. She is turning 21 in a week. So for her birthday she decides to go on a road trip with her brother Mike, his friends Ted and Dave and her two best friends Hope and Allen. Ever has always had a crush on Allen, and this week she plans on telling him how she feels. But then something happens. When Ever steps foot in the cabin she gets a painful message. Creatures called Shadows are out to get them, and they are craving blood


5. Thank You

~Chapter 4~

~Thank You~

Ever was on the floor passed out and erratically breathing. "W-what happened?" Hope was taking small steps back. "What happened to Ever?!" "Well she obviously passed out! Dumbass!" Mike, at this point, was beyond drunk. Hope glared at him with furious eyes. "Someone help me get Ever on the couch," Allen's voice had startled Hope. "Since when where y-" She was caught off by realizing Allen wasn't listening. "Fine!"

Hope and Allen carried Ever to the leather couch. Ted couldn't stop looking at her with a terrified expression. "W-What was all that screaming?" Everyone looked at Ever. There faces were a mixture of sadness, worry, and terror. "I...don't know." "Heehee! N-No one knows...idjit! Why do you...think we're all silent!" Mike was walking in a zigzag motion and his speech was sloppy. *sigh* "I'll take care of the big guy over there." Dave said as he started walking towards Mike. "The three of you take care of Ever." Dave led Mike into the warming afternoon sunlight outside. "Wait up!" Ted rushed after Dave.

"Okay so-" Hope was about to talk but stopped midway because she heard a noise. "What was that?" Hope was already scared. This just made her heart stop. "I don't know." Allen sounded confident but you could see the fear in face.

"Well it's not a robber. Right? A robber can't rob a place in the brink of daylight!" Hope couldn't move from her spot.

"Maybe. But we are miles from the nearest police station and our phones have no service here." Allen was just looking at the kitchen and at Ever.

What could you be thinking of Allen?

"Hmmm...well go check it out!"

"Why me?!" "Because I'm going to stay here and protect Ever."

With a grumble and some not so nice words, Allen went to the kitchen. The sound came from the kitchen, right? When he finally reached the kitchen he sighed with relief.

He yelled back at Hope,"It's okay! A knife just fell from it's little hanging think!"

"Oh okay! Well come back here! I think Ever is waking up!"

As Allen was reaching the coach Ever started moving a bit. "..vr. H...Eve...up. WAKE UP EVER!!!" Evers eye's popped open to reveal Hope smirking and Allen relieved about something. "W-what happened? Why am I on a couch? Who are you people?" "WHAT!!! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!!" Hope tackled Ever back down the couch and started shaking her furiously and almost choking her to death! "IM JUST KIDDDINNNNNGGG!!!! GET OFF ME!!" Ever threw Hope back and sat up. "Geez what the hell! I was kidding." "Oh...heehee sorry."

"Okay now that all that has been cleared, let's get back to Ever's awakening." Allen was just sitting at the edge if the couch looking at Hope and Ever. "Oh right!!" Hope jumped up from the floor and went to the other side of the couch. "What happened Ever?" Allen and Hope said in unison.

"I-It's a little" Ever's eyes shot open, pupils shrinked, and fear going into her body. She jumped up and stared at the kitchen knives. The knife. "Is something wrong?" Hope started to slowly get up. Ever dashed to the kitchen with the silver knife in her thoughts. She reached the counter, slammed her hands on it, and stared intently at the knives. Ever heard the footsteps of two tired beings behind her.

"What's wrong?" Hope panted her words. She started terrified at Ever. Allen was speechless, but his eyes said he wanted to know more. "The knives! When i was passes out did ANYTHING happen that involved these knives?" Ever asked the two of them, and they exchanged looks of surprise. "W-well sort of," Allen started off saying. Before he could start his explanation Ever rushed towards him and grabbed Allen by the collar of his shirt. "WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED WHILE I WAS UNCONSCIOUS!? TELL ME!!" Ever was screaming at Allen. She practically choked him with her tight grasp on him. "LET GO!" Hope knocked Ever to the floor.

The moment Ever hit the floor, she snapped back into her senses. "What's wrong with you Ever?! You should be-" Before Hope could finish scolding Ever, Allen stopped her. He looked at Hope and shook his head. He looked back at Ever. Ever was in tears. "I-i'm sorry...i'm sorry! I-i don't know what came over me." Ever got on her knees and looked down. "I'm sorry." Allen got down on his knees and looked at Ever. "Put your head up." Ever did so. "There. Now you're looking at me." Allen said this with a sweet smile on his face, "It's not your fault. I can't imagine what you've just been through. So i forgive you!"

Ever stared at Allen for awhile. His beautiful smile gleaming at her and his sweet eyes looking at hers. She dried her tears on her cat hood sweater. Ever smiled back, "Thank you."

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