Ever is a 20 year old woman. She is turning 21 in a week. So for her birthday she decides to go on a road trip with her brother Mike, his friends Ted and Dave and her two best friends Hope and Allen. Ever has always had a crush on Allen, and this week she plans on telling him how she feels. But then something happens. When Ever steps foot in the cabin she gets a painful message. Creatures called Shadows are out to get them, and they are craving blood


1. Intro

Hello Guys! It's Turnip. I'm here to tell you about this book...well you read the blurp so that's it

I have posted this movella before but deleted it because I was about to give up on it. Then i got so many ideas and I started it again. The first chapter hasn't changed much. This story may be a bit long just because I like having details and forming the story around said details. Also, sorry if i just don't post any chapters for awhile. Ideas come and go so i wait sometimes. Other times i'm just too busy or too lazy(sorry) So enjoy ^-^

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