Scarlet rose was a straight "a" student at willbert high. But one day on her daily walk something terrible happens. In a hospital with no memory scarlet gets these continues visions. Visions of missing people. After getting out scarlet is offered a job at the FBI to find missing people. After weeks of working with the FBI scarlet is on a mission and gets purposely ran over. Loosing her gift scarlet retreats from the FBI. But now she has one continues dream. A dream of a little boy climbing a tree. As she drew of this for several days she finally reports it. But she is relieved when there's no missing boy. Until that night. Searching for quite some time they find the boy. But in the most unexpected place. Scared to death scarlet is put in an institution and realizes something is watching them. Something in the shadows. And it wants her dead.


1. spark

I walked down the hall hand in hand with my boyfriend Allen. His strong grip whitening my knuckles. I kissed his cheek goodbye and walked into eighth period.

"Scarlet!" Amy reviera pointed to the desk beside her.

"Hey girl! What's up?" I asked. Amy bit her lip.

"Evan asked me out. " I screamed with her.

"No way! I'm so happy for you!" I hugged her. A light drop of rain hit the window pane.

"It's too nice of a day to rain. " I pouted.

I waved goodbye to the moving figure on the bus, Amy. I looked up in the sky.

"Clouds are pretty far behind. I can still jog today." I ran upstairs changing into my jogging suite and grabbing a bottle of water.

"Bye mom!" I yelled. I ran out the door all the way down the road.

I rested my body on my knees and inhaled deeply. I was at the edge of the trail. People lined in the parks. May crack if thunder boomed. I looked up once more and sighed.

Suddenly it started pouring. I shielded my body as best as I could. I was 7 miles from my house. Jeez. I started walking in the rain.

Thunder cracked and an instant later lighting flooded the sky light.

It rained even harder. The droplets stinging my face. I ran under a tree, where at least they won't be as hard.

I sat on the muddy ground listening to the rain hit the leaves. Once again thunder boomed but this time was different. A jolt of energy served trough me. My entire body ached.

A woman screamed and came to help me.

"W- what happened?" I asked unable to move.

"Somebody call an ambulance!"the woman howled. My eyes fluttered closed as I tried so hard to jerk them open.

I awoke in a white room. The light hurt my eyes.

"Scarlet! You're awake!" A woman cried.

"W-who a-are yo-" I choke on every breath. It hurt so bad. To breath. To move. To talk. Everything. I took short breaths.

"Scarlet? You ok? It's me. Mum. And your brother. Jacob. " she started crying. I touché her hand. Her cold weary hand.

"It'll be ok. I promise. "

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