Sweet Bites

When one direction chooses 5SOS to open for their tour, they also choose a girl who closes each show. She catches all of their eyes, and soon they all fight. She can open up to only one of them about her feelings, and that's Ashton.


4. 3

Harry's point of view:

"All makeup artists and crew members are going to be in the... Hmm.. Louis What's the word?"I asked

"Haha. Dressing room."Louis Laughed at me.

"Whatever" I laughed.

"I'm hungry" niall rubbed his stomach.

"Yeah me too." Luke Laughed.

"We just ate Haha" calum said.

"Who cares." Luke Laughed.

"Well maybe They didn't eat so I'll just eat with them" Luke Made a hilarious face, popping his chin out.

Niall started cracking up and fell onto the floor.

"Can we play music I'm so bored." Ashton Irwin peeped. He had been awfully quiet. I thought he would be loud like every other time.

"Yeah what music?" I asked smiling.

"Do you have an idea nicole?" Zayn Asked.

"I like all music It doesn't matter to me" she giggled. It was pretty cute.

"Let's listen to the radio." Liam Suggested.

"haha kk" I clicked a few buttons and then music started playing. Then, ashton luke calum michael and Nicole started singing loudly.

"THIS IS THE PART WHEN" and we all started laughing. We were getting along great.

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