Sweet Bites

When one direction chooses 5SOS to open for their tour, they also choose a girl who closes each show. She catches all of their eyes, and soon they all fight. She can open up to only one of them about her feelings, and that's Ashton.


2. 2

Ashton's pov:

-the next day on the plane-

"Next stop is New York City" the lady announced. She was hyper and her hair looked like she walked out of a salon. Luke Leaned against a window and pulled out his penguin while Calum Was vining about Lukes messy hair. Everyone laughed, but then we heard Michael & Laura talk dirty.

"WHOA THERE RAINBOW HAIR" everyone laughed as Claum talked, "GET A ROOM!"

"HAHA SHUT UP" Michael Laughed with Laura on his shoulder.

"Maybe ya need a cond..." I said but got slapped halfway through

"CAT FIGHT!" Calum Shouted and we all laughed.

"Haha let's live stream!" I yelled and pulled out my laptop. We were in the air already.

"Hey guys were on a plane and do you wanna see Luke Sleep?" I laughed. Dozens of fans started freaking out so I showed Luke Leaning on a window. Everyone saw his penguin and started freaking out. Then, we all said bye as Louis Tomlinson was calling us.

"Hey Lou!" Michael Said.

He started talking about the tour and what stuff to do and then they hung up and we all fell asleep.

-one hour later-

I woke up in the middle of the night. I decided to get up and go to the bathroom. I got up and approached the bathroom but a girl on the seat next to it was distracting me. She had a red skirt and a small black "crop top".

"hey there" i said to her

"Hey" she smiled and I waved and went to the bathroom. She was really cute but I couldn't let mystery girl get to me. After all it was only one time I would even see her. She didn't freak out so she wasn't a fan.

-next morning-

"We have landed. Please get up slowly and get your luggage. You all can safely walk out after." The lady announced.

The boys and I all got our stuff and waited until everyone left. Then we did. As we were in New York, I saw mystery girl.

"Hey there! Do you have a phone number?" I asked, awkwardly.

"Yeah haha here let me add it." I handed her my phone and she entered it as CoCo.

"Your name is coco?" I smiled.

"It's Nicole but they call me CoCo" she smiled.

"Nice meeting you! I'll text you." I winked and we went off.

"Zayum Ashton " calum said, laughing.

I blushed and felt my dimples get larger. Then, we met the boys downstairs and went outside to the tour bus. We got in.

"Hey guys, were just waiting for the guest" they said.

"Ok" I said.

Finally, she arrived and she was wearng black and white.

"Let's exchange numbers." Harry said to her.

"Ok haha" she took his phone and entered it.

"Coco?" He laughed.

"Nicole." She smiled. Then she turned.

"Wait a minute... I know you." She said to me. "I just saw you."

"I'm Ashton Irwin. My band and I are opening for the guys. I didn't know your a singer. And you change fast.

"It's a jacket haha" she blushed.

I was so happy I would be spending a few months with her.

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