I want somthing more!!! <>or <3

Homestuck has been morails <>with a certain pasta loving crazed adorable fandom know only as Hetalia!!!!!
Honestuck has slowly developed red felling for Hetalia. With in time he realizes it more then a little red feelings he full on flushed and he trying to ask Hetalia to be his matespirt!! Will this intresting fandom have the guts to make the first move , or will he need help from other fandom even his kissmasis Supernatural? Dose Hetalia feel the same way?

Find out in... I WANT SOMETHING


2. Realization

MSP (Honestuck) pov

Just another ordinary day with the same old arguments amd same old mother of jegus references. But one thing stuck you as odd no different almost as strange as Gamzee or Korea. Kept staring at APH ( Hetalia ). Not in the morials <> for life kinda way more of a sempie notice me kinda way. Strange right i dont know why but i just kept staring and staring. What in all names of Karkat is going on with me . I just teired i thinking to hard it been like this seance the well you know what. I just sleep it off . You jump into you recoopracoon and slowly nod off to sleep.


Can you here me?

Why won't you answer me?

I thought you loved me MSP?

Don't let the take me away i need you?

MSP ..... its me APH why aren't you going to help me ?

Don't let SN (Supernatural) take me away!




Don't you love me!

*screams of pain*


3rd person

He sits up painting and sweating .

-just a dream-

he say to himself

-just a really bad dream. But dose it mean you like or even flushed for APH-

He sits there pondering his dream wishing he just woke up on prosbit or derces like he usually dose.

-I think i do gave red feelings for him, but why him? he would never ever become my matespirt. For jegus sake u were fucking shocked that he became you morial <> -

He sits there for hour trying to explain all this and his true intentions. He doesn't go to sleep tonight and it will not be the first nor the last .


Brought to you by THE HERO AMERICA

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