Defender Of The Animal Realm

A story about a squirrel with many fantasy based weapons. He is the Defender of the animal Realm, a title he intends to keep. His forest kingdom needs him. He must travel far and wide, decide his fellow creatures fates and be a guardian to all the fluffy creatures of the forest. It's time to read on as a heroic squirrel begins his magical journey to get his kingdom away from the darkness of bad creatures heading his way. All seems fine at the moment. But eventually this ordinary red squirrel will grab his sword and begin to get his paws a little dirty.


4. The Magical Oak Tree

Dylan and Greyson ran on for ages. Far too afraid to stop in fear of getting caught. They finally decided to stop when they came to the end of bushes. They paused nervously, Greyson sniffing the air on his hind legs for any signs of danger. Dylan's tail was flicking all over the place, as his head moved from side to side, to assess the areas safety ahead. "You think we should go out there?" Dylan said with a squeak of fear. Greyson said nothing for a second. He was busy trying to make out a shape in the distance. Dylan shrieked loudly in order to get an answer from his brother. "Speak to me!" Dylan cried out in the midst of a shaky fit. Greyson shushed his brother and continued to peer into the distance with interest. Dylan looked at Greyson's face, noticing his eyes were transfixed on something. Dylan tried to follow his eyes to see what on earth he was staring at. "What is it you see?" Dylan said quietly with a stutter. Greyson said with interest "do you see that black thing in the distance?" Dylan shuddered as the wind nipped aggressively at his fur. "Yeah I see it, what about it?" Greyson said with a rise of hope in his voice "well doesn't it look like a large tree to you?" Dylan concentrated on the black thing in the distance. "But were looking for an oak tree! Not just any old tree!" Dylan shouted crossly. Greyson said in a raised tone of voice "that tree is huge! Oak trees just happen to be huge!"Dylan said "oh" looking rather embarrassed. There was a sudden flurry of wings coming towards them, so they had no choice but to run , and hope that the tree in the distance was the old oak tree their mother had told them about. The bats came at them fast, with a blood thirsty look in their devilish black eyes. As they got closer to the tree an old badger came out looking cross, to find out what all the noise was about. He noticed the bats and his mouth fell open, as he looked shocked at the horrific sight coming his way fast. He called out to the rabbit and the squirrel saying "quick! Over here! Their gaining on you!" As soon as Dylan and Greyson ran down the entrance of the badgers sett, the old badger scrambled weakly on his limbs to get down to safety as well.


Dylan and Greyson cried out together "they can get down here easily!" The old badger laughed and said calmly "oh they won't even dare pass the boundary". Dylan looked confused, as did Greyson. Greyson spoke up eager for an explanation. "What are you talking about? What boundary?" The old badger said slowly in a rumbling voice "this is an enchanted oak tree. The first ever tree to inhabit this forest. Many years ago, when unicorns walked the earth, the dreaded darkness killed all the trees. The only surviving thing, was a tiny seed. A unicorn by the name of Hope came across this seed, lying on the dead forest floor. With one touch of their tip of her horn, the seed sprouted in seconds, to form a large oak tree. Ever since the oak tree sucked up all the bad soil in the ground, plants, and other trees began to grow over the years". Dylan said confused "unicorns? Aren't they myths?" The old badger shouted in a mad rage "MYTHS! I will have you know they were the most majestic creatures to ever walk the earth, and you call them MYTHS! Are you calling me a liar!" Dylan panicked hiding behind Greyson for support. Greyson spoke up with as nervous stutter "no, no, no, my brother wasn't calling you a liar sir. He is just merely confused, and in shock given the current situation we are in. There is just so much information we never knew to take it. It is hard for a young creature like us to process all at once". The old badger said calmly "I'm sorry for shouting at you, it's just I have looked up to these unicorns since I was a little boy. They were the guardians of the forest at one point. But nobody has seen a unicorn in many years now, and the darkness is getting worse everyday. The only other hero of the forest we had was Zacharias, and even he is no more". The badger looked down at the floor full of sorrow.


Dylan said quietly "Sir". The badger said kindly "please, please call me Balthasar". Greyson said amazed "wow, that is a perfect name, for someone so wise". Balthasar said with pride "that's because my mother named me after one of the three wise men". Dylan forgot what he was going to say for a second and instead he said "Balthasar Badger". Balthasar grunted and said "don't try and be a wise guy Dylan, I will out do you any day". Dylan gulped and said nervously "how do you know my name?" Balthasar said with a short laugh "I know everything that goes on in the forest! How could I not know the son of Zacharias when he stands so clearly before me. And a rabbit sidekick, just fascinating! You must be the noble Greyson I have heard talk about". Greyson ignored the fact he had been called noble. Instead he said crossly "his sidekick! I will have you know I am the brains of this operation. I'm always getting young Dylan out of trouble!" Balthasar chuckled and said with a friendly smile "that is the whole idea of a sidekick". Dylan spoke up like a true leader looking rather irritated. "Our mother, Evangeline sent us here to find you, before the bats took off with our sisters, now I have no idea if their okay". Balthasar said with a smile "ah Eve as they call her now. She was so shamed by the loss of Zacharias, that she changed her name so as to cover up ever being the one buy his side back in the good old days". Greyson said quietly "why did she send us to you?" Balthsar said solemnly "there once was a time when i was the greatest teacher of the forest". Greyson said with interest "so you were once a teacher?" "That’s right young man" balthasar said proudly. Dylan stepped forward and said spoke aloud "you taught my farther didn't you". Balthasar said with a sigh "he was my wisest student". Dylan said excitedly "and now you intend to teach us". Balthasar said "afraid not, I'm far too old to give you the training you need. You already have your fathers genes deep within you". Greyson said confused "then why did our mother send us to find you?" Balthasar grinned and said "follow me into the next room please".

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