Defender Of The Animal Realm

A story about a squirrel with many fantasy based weapons. He is the Defender of the animal Realm, a title he intends to keep. His forest kingdom needs him. He must travel far and wide, decide his fellow creatures fates and be a guardian to all the fluffy creatures of the forest. It's time to read on as a heroic squirrel begins his magical journey to get his kingdom away from the darkness of bad creatures heading his way. All seems fine at the moment. But eventually this ordinary red squirrel will grab his sword and begin to get his paws a little dirty.


3. Secret Revealed

As they ran on away from the darkness, Dylan looked up to see a swarm of huge bats hunting them down. Their mouths opened wide, baring their huge sharp white teeth, as long and as sharp as knifes. Each tooth like an individual dagger, ready to kill their prey. They were hunting the family down, and gaining on them fast. The mother picked up speed, literally dragging her children behind her using great strength. She soon came to a large hedged area as she dived into the flurry of leaves. The large bats didn't attempt to follow them into the bushed area. The mother stopped and began frantically counting her children while breathing heavily, trying desperately to get her breath back after that horrific ordeal. "What was that mummy!?" one of the little girl squirrels cried out with fear. "I'm not sure honey, but their gone now. Were safe now" the mother sighed with relief as she finished counting her babies. "When can we go home?" Greyson said quietly so the bats wouldn't hear them and come back to try and get them again. "I honestly believe..." Their mum sniffed hard and said sadly "we cannot go home". She bowed her head down in shame. "But why ever not" Dylan squeaked. "Because I know they will come back. I thought I had lost them forever". She kept her head down, full of sorrow. "What are you talking about!?" Dylan shouted crossly at his mother. "I think it's time me and you had a little talk about the past son" the mother said slowly. "Can we come to?" the little girls squeaked with interest. "I'm sorry girls, but you are to young to know any of this yet. Greyson, you might need to come along as well".


As the three walked a little further into the bush, leaving the three girls out of ear shot, the mother sat them down and took a deep breath before revealing the truth to the boys. She told them all about Zacharius being their farther, and Evangeline, was infact her. Greyson and Dylan's mouths hung open as all this new information was being fed to them. It was all too much to take in at once. So much new information to process with such tiny young brains. Evangeline told the boys how Dylan's farther seemed to hold some kind of great powers, especially speed as they already knew. She told Greyson how she wasn't his real mum. Greyson teared up but stayed strong as he listened eagerly for the rest of the story. "And so, Dylan". "Yes" he said quietly. Evangeline continued in a serious tone "you must take over what your farther used to do". "And what's that?" Dylan said with interest. "He used to defend the forest creatures from the evils lurking ahead". "Is that what was chasing us back there?" Greyson said intelligently. "Yes... I'm afraid the dark evil has returned, for revenge". She gulped nervously as she said with a sigh "this is very bad news for all the defenceless forest creatures out there". Dylan said with a cry "what can we do to help them mum!?" She said calmly "you must save our world... Become.... s Defender of the Animal Realm. I'm sorry to be giving you such a huge responsibility at such a young age, but I have no choice love. You need to fulfil your destiny. Your time for adventure has come".


Dylan said "and what about Grey here?" Evangeline said with a smile "he will be by your side. I want you boys to go and save our forest. I know you will look out for one another and do what's right". Greysons ears pricked up as his eyes widened with fear. Evangeline panicked and said "what's wrong?" Greyson said "I hear something..." There was a loud scream within the bush. Evangeline cried out in shock "THE GIRLS!!!!" She ran to save the girls. Dylan and Greyson tried to follow her, but she stopped them crying out "no! Go on! Save yourselves! The world needs you when your strong enough! Find the old badger! He'll know what to do!" She began to run off to find the girls when Dylan shouted to her "where do we find this badger!" She shouted in the distance "You will find him by an old oak tree!" As they watched the final flick of red fur in the distance disappear, they both huddled together, shuddering at the realization that they were now all alone. No adult to guide them, and no idea what to do next. "So what now?" Dylan said with a stutter. Greyson shivered nervously, keeping on his hind legs in order to keep an eye out for danger. "Our best bet is to walk in the opposite direction our mother went. We just have to walk on... Avoid any strangers we may come across, until we come across an old oak tree". "You make it sound so easy" Dylan laughed sarcastically. "Hey! Your not the one coming up with the ideas remember. Your the one who asked me!" Greyson said crossly in defence. Greyson's ears pricked up once more, as did Dylan's this time. "What's that?" they said together in a high pitched squeak. They heard the flapping of many wings getting closer to them. "I think we should go now" Greyson said quietly. "You think!" Dylan yelled as they ran side by side as fast as they could, in the  opposite direction their mother went.

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