Defender Of The Animal Realm

A story about a squirrel with many fantasy based weapons. He is the Defender of the animal Realm, a title he intends to keep. His forest kingdom needs him. He must travel far and wide, decide his fellow creatures fates and be a guardian to all the fluffy creatures of the forest. It's time to read on as a heroic squirrel begins his magical journey to get his kingdom away from the darkness of bad creatures heading his way. All seems fine at the moment. But eventually this ordinary red squirrel will grab his sword and begin to get his paws a little dirty.


1. In The Beginning

Right from the start, a great many years ago.... Before our heroic red squirrel had even been brought into the world. There was a forest under attack. Flames took the whole forest. Two brave young squirrels were out there saving all the animals from the blaze, risking their own bushy tails to save others. One of the young squirrels was a thin male with a streak of black going down one of his sides like those on a chipmunk. He was a very agile little guy, and very athletic. He could run at lightning speed, becoming nothing but a blur of red fur flying across the tree canopy's, and the forest  floor. This brave young boy was called Zacharias. But a lot of the forest folk liked to nickname him Zachary Zoom as he was so fast and always in a rush wherever he was heading. He never seemed to have any time, and he always got to places early as he thought he was always late.


Now Zacharias was always accompanied on his little travels for nuts and adventure. This beautiful female squirrel was slightly tubby and was known as Evangeline. She may have been a a chubby squirrel around the belly area, but otherwise, she was a stunner to all the young males. She had a cute little face with big beady black eyes. Some of the forest folk made fun of her with the nickname they used for her. They always said 'Always Eating Evangeline'. Now Zacharias did not like this one bit. The forest folk knew he was madly in love with Evangeline. It was so obvious, the way he stuck up for the young girl. Evangeline also had a thing for Zacharias. She loved the fact that he had the bushiest tail out of all the red squirrels around. It is a known fact, that the males with the bushiest tails get all the girls after them. Another bonus point is speed, and he really had it all. Evangeline looked just like an ordinary red squirrel. No powerful speed, or magnificent birth marks. Well only the one if you count a tiny white star on her side. Now Evangeline thought Zacharias was also just an ordinary young squirrel, but this wasn't the case. There was a secret about his family tree she wouldn't find out about until later on in the story.


Zacharias saw a baby rabbit hopping around the forest floor, looking around franticly. He was crying out for his mother. Evangeline hobbled awkwardly on her big belly to reach the baby in distress. Zacharias rushed ahead as always. "Show off" Evangeline snorted with disgust. When Evangeline got there she put her tail around the baby rabbit, comforting him with a soothing tone. "Don't you worry little one. Were here to help you find your mummy. Nothing will happen to you while your in our care". Zacharias suddenly looked up in a panic as he heard a crack high above them in the tree tops. At full speed a huge branch came hurtling down towards them. Evangeline and the baby bunny had not noticed this and remained where they were standing... Right below where the branch would hit. Without thinking Zacharias leapt at the two of them. Upon impact he sent Evangeline and the baby bunny flying into the air. Evangeline reacted quickly as she grabbed the baby rabbit, twisting her tail around his waist. She then put her paws out in front of her, grabbing hold of a tree. She dug her claws into the bark for support.


There was a loud crashing sound behind her. She turned round to see a huge tree branch sprawled across the forest floor where she and the baby rabbit once stood. She sighed with relief and climbed down slowly from the tree. She unwrapped her tail and headed towards the tree, as the baby bunny hopped closely and nervously behind her. Evangeline laughed and said "Oi! Zacharias! That was a close one wasn't it love!" Evangeline then began to worry as she stopped hoping for a reply that never returned to her. "Zacharias?" she said nervously. She edged closer to the tree branch, holding her breath as she did so. She heard a groan come from the other side of the tree branch. She quickly ran round saying "Zacharias! Where are you?! Are you okay?!" The groan continued as if in pain. As she came to the other side of the tree branch she saw him. He was led on his side, his back end pinned down by the tree branch. "Zacharias!" she cried in shock.


He looked up into Evanegeline's eyes. She could see the pain in his eyes and as he spoke. "Evangeline" he moaned in pain. "Yes" she replied through her tears. "Find the baby rabbits mum without me. I know you will make me" He paused then cried out in pain "PROUD!" Evangeline burst into tears saying "no, no, no! Me and you! It was always that way! I love you! I'm not going without you!" Zacharias shouted and said "you have to! I love you to! But it's over! I have failed you!" Evangeline said solemnly "no... It is I who has failed you. I should have listened out for that branch! you should have left me to die! I would have preferred that! It's all my fault!!!!" Zacharias held his paw out to wipe away her tears the best he could from below the tree branch. "no... It's not your fault. I chose to save the one I couldn't live without. I sacrificed my own life to save you". Evangeline in a panic said "no, no, no you don't! Your not sacrificing any of your life! I'm going to get help! You will be freed from below that thing!" Zacharias held his paw out to her as she went to run off for help. "No! Wait! It's too late for me". Evangeline said sadly "what do you mean?" He sighed and said "The damage will be too much. I haven't got long left. I want to spend my last minutes with you". "BUT YOU CAN'T DIE!" Evangeline cried out in shock.


"I'm afraid I don't have any choice love. My time on this earth is over. I'm going to have to face that. You have to go on living though. For our babies sake. They will need you. I know you can do this without me". Evangeline continued to cry as she put her paw on his side. "But what will our children do without a farther to guide them?" Zacharias gasped and said "". Evangeline smiled weakly at this. "I won't let you down". Zacharias moaned once more "just remember I love you". Evangeline said "I love you to". They rubbed noses to show affection towards one another. Zacharias gave a sigh of relief. He lay motionless as Evangeline looked at him sadly. She cried out "NOOOO!!!" into the darkened sky, the sun blocked off because of the smoke. She collapsed on top of him in tears. "Is he going to be okay mummy?" the baby rabbit said sweetly. "I'm afraid he's gone" Evangeline snivelled. The baby rabbit said "that's bad then isn't it mummy?" Evangeline said nothing, she was speechless. Still not believing that the one she loves lay dead before her. "I can call you mummy can't I?" the baby rabbit said in a cute voice. "Yes, I don't mind. Just until we find your real mummy". Evangeline forced herself to look at him one last time, and then walked away. There was nothing she could do for him now. It's like Zacharias said... She has to continue her life.

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