Strings Of Fate

Alice Zealand always thought she'd have a healthy life.
Until she found out she had cancer.

When she gets an unexpected visitor, her life decides to hang on.
But what happens when its the famous Harry Styles?


1. Finding Out

Finding Out


It was the middle of a sunny summer day. Me, Mom, Dad, Tyler, and Heather were at the beach. Tyler was flirting with one of the girls and Heather was showing Mom how she could do a handstand underwater. I was about to ask Mom could I go and get my beach chair from the car when I fainted.



I yawned as Nurse Miranda gave me my Pain Pills. "Can I go get something to eat?" I asked, scratching the tube under my nose. Nurse Miranda nodded. I opened the door that was filled with cute drawings that said, "Get Well Soon Alice!" or "Have A Great Day."

I picked up my oxygen tank and placed it in my backpack. I heard a nearby T.V saying, "Harry Styles and the rest of the 1D band are here at Goergia, visiting for a concert and-"

But thats all I heard. Because I fainted.

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