Kirby's Return To Dreamland: The Novel (9+)

Kirby's Return to Dreamland is a video game turned novel! Read to discover the full story beyond the controls. Kirby is an adorable pink hero who sets on a mission to help a friend find the parts he needs to get home, although he has to cross an invasion to do so. Magolor suspects the pieces are being guarded by a mysterious dark force secluded for years, waiting to strike...


13. The Last Part

This time, the warp star brought them to a quite peculiar place. It looked a lot like Cookie Country, only tangled up. They were standing on moss instead of grass.

Up ahead was a rocky hill. Kirby started climbing, and his friends followed without a word. Up ahead was another warp star.

"Now what could that be?" Waddle Dee asked.

"It's another warp star. It'll lead us somewhere," said Kirby. "Grab ahold."

They did. The star whizzed away, sending them on a frightening ride. Behind them energy consumed the hill.

"Waddle Dee! Grab my hand!" said Kirby.

Waddle Dee's hand clung to Kirby's. Kirby could only hope Meta Knight and King Dedede had made it.

Suddenly, they landed--and hard. The ground was blue and sleek, and the walls were purple and had creepy designs. It was clear to Kirby--they were in the underworld! The Grand Doomer must be very near, Kirby thought with both anxiety and anticipation.

There were two large stairs leading to a ladder. They climbed them and found Meta Knight and King Dedede below them on the other end of the platform.

After finding a few more minions, including one that nearly chewed Waddle Dee whole, they climbed a blue ladder to find a large, glowing minion with a large hammer.

"Here goes nothing," said Kirby, and inhaled it. Suddenly, all went dark as it cycled through Kirby's recently activated system...and he had a gigantic hammer! Kirby screamed as he jumped off the level they were on, igniting the enormous weapon and slamming it into the ground. The ground gave way, and the shock wave sent minions flying every-which-way.

An eager Kirby took out more minions with the amazing Copy Ability, as well as some objects in their way. It did relieve him that the hammer couldn't harm Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee. Soon, the minions were all gone.

"That's the last of them!" shouted King Dedede.

"There's a huge spring," said Kirby. "Get on and I'll force it upward."

They did as they were told. With one swift slam of his hammer, the spring sent them flying.

Now they were near the top of a tower.


"Blast!" said the Grand Doomer, furious inside his lair. All his minions were gone, and the invasion was officially foiled. "They've gotten away again! It's up to me show them my true power and kick their ass!!!"

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