Kirby's Return To Dreamland: The Novel (9+)

Kirby's Return to Dreamland is a video game turned novel! Read to discover the full story beyond the controls. Kirby is an adorable pink hero who sets on a mission to help a friend find the parts he needs to get home, although he has to cross an invasion to do so. Magolor suspects the pieces are being guarded by a mysterious dark force secluded for years, waiting to strike...


5. The First Boss

Meanwhile, the Grand Doomer called Whispy Woods.

"What? What is it?" he asked.

"Kirby and his friends are coming! They're after your part!"


"So show them what you've got. Magolor must not escape."

"Oh, I see them." Whispy Woods replied.

"Are you ready?"

"I was born ready."

"Then launch your attack," the Grand Doomer replied, and hung up.

Just then, Kirby arrived. Just as they found him, they all tumbled in his presence. But they quickly got up.

Kirby and his friends struggled against the ferocious tree. Kirby managed to inhale an apple and spit it at him, but it only left a small dent.

That gave Whispy Woods an idea. He tried to inhale all four of them! He finally lost breath and paused for just a moment. It was all they needed. Whispy Woods tried to breathe small, solid billows of wind, but Waddle Dee dodged the attack and provided the death blow!

Whispy Woods started to shrink and finally stopped, small and weak. He was stuck to the ground.

Now Kirby had the oars! He couldn't wait to tell Magolor.


"You did it, Kirby!" exclaimed an excited Magolor. "My ship has its oars back!" With just a few twists and turns the oars were back in place. "I'm counting on you to find the other missing parts. Keep up the good work! And don't forget to keep an eye out for those Energy Spheres! You've already found 13 of them."

Kirby smiled. "Will do!"

"Why not take a break first?" offered Magolor. "With me? Have a cool drink perhaps?"

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