Kirby's Return To Dreamland: The Novel (9+)

Kirby's Return to Dreamland is a video game turned novel! Read to discover the full story beyond the controls. Kirby is an adorable pink hero who sets on a mission to help a friend find the parts he needs to get home, although he has to cross an invasion to do so. Magolor suspects the pieces are being guarded by a mysterious dark force secluded for years, waiting to strike...


12. Goriath

Now the Grand Doomer was really mad. "The Metal General is off-planet...three henchmen are I only have one more! Goriath! Get in here now!"

Goriath landed in the lair with one swift bounce. To all appearances he was a giant, white gorilla.

"What is thy bidding, my Master?" he said.

"You are the last boss," said the Grand Doomer. "You will find the emblem in White Wafers, a continent on Dreamland. I pray you will survive once Kirby finds you. Exterminate him!!!"

"It will be done, my Lord." Goriath bowed.

"Good," said the Grand Doomer. "Off with you. Go on now."


Just as they thought the path had no end to it, Kirby and his friends found the emblem, shining below a cliff. It was guarded by Goriath--he had already made it.

"You shall not get this piece!" Goriath roared.

"Oh really?" said Kirby. "You'll have to kill us first."

"That sounds like a fair deal," said Goriath. "Let's fight!" He jumped onto the wall of the cliff and threw two snowballs. Kirby just avoided being hit.

"With a Ninja's set of weaponry, I can beat you just fine!"

Goriath bounced off walls in an attempt to crush them, but Kirby and Waddle Dee kept him at bay with their long-range weapons.

That was all it took. Goriath dropped from the wall and landed on his feet. He started to pound the snow.

Waddle Dee turned to Kirby and shrugged. Suddenly, the ground gave way, and they all fell 30 feet onto a more bumpy terrain. Meta Knight landed a few slashes on their asiliant, but Goriath could still lay down attacks.

But Goriath's last attack backfired: Kirby caught a snowball Goriath lashed out toward him and threw it back at his enemy.

Goriath fell on his head, bounced twice--and fell. He was dead. Kirby found a star Goriath had thrown at them and threw it at Goriath's corpse, sending the gorilla's body flying through the air.

Then the ground gave way again, leading them straight toward the emblem!


"Kirby, you've done it!" said Magolor. "Give me the part, and I'll hook it to the front! Hang on."

He left the Starcutter for a minute, then walked back in. "My Starcutter has its emblem back in place! Come outside and see how the Starcutter looks."

Kirby shrugged, then followed him out. His three allies were close behind.

"See?" said Magolor. "It looks almost ready to go! There's only one missing part left to find. And that's the mast!"

"Perfect!" said Kirby.

"And just remember, once the Lor is up and running, you can come with me and visit my home! Thank you yet again for all your help. And for being such a cool dude!"

Kirby smiled. "You're welcome. Come on, friends. We're in for the final battle that lies ahead!"

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