The unknown daughter of Styles

Harry left Ashely 4 years ago. She had a baby in that time. Will Harry ever find out? Will he even care? Read to find out. No hate please


8. the mean girl

Hey guys! I got a name for the mean girl and that name is Chloe from Candy.k. Now I just for the other girl thanks love you all. And thank you to Candy.k

~liams kitty

Ashely's POV

I drove all the way home with tears in my eyes. Why would he even call his daughter stupid? It doesn't make sence, I should have never went with Liam to his house, I should have said no,but I don't want Darcy to not have a father. I put Darcy on the floor of the living room so she can play. I turned on the news and something about Taylor swift turned on.

We spotted Taylor Swift running out of her feanices house crying. We got to her so we could talk to her and here is what she said

"Harry And I broke up there's nothing else to know now bye"

That all we caught now haylor is now broken forever

Thank you Taylor for not telling them about Darcy or me. I turned off the t.v. And I got a knock at the door at the same time. I opend it up and one direction was standing in front of me, well Harry wasn't there so it's not all of one Driection.

"Not to be rude but what are you guys doing here?" I asked

"We came to see if you alright"Liam said

"I'm fine. Someone tell me the truth, did I brake up Harry and Taylor?"

"No, Taylor said that it was going to be hard to marrie a man that's a father, and then left."Niall said


All the boys were playing with Darcy, expected for Liam. Liam sitting right next to me makes me remmebered about my talk with mom. Liams my older brother.

"Liam can I talk to you?"

"Yes"he said and we both walked into the kitchen

"Your-your Darcy's uncle."

"I know that, Harry and I are like brothers"

"No, I mean your Darcy's uncle by blood"


"My mom came over and told me I was adopted and she told me my real parents were your parents, so your my older brother."

"Why would they let you go?"

"I don't know"

Liams POV

I remmeber now, but I wasn't even a year old when she was born, my oldest sister knew about her, she would ask mom "where's Ashley" now I know

Harry's POV

I was walking at the park and I saw someone crying on the bench

"Are you ok?"

She looked up and she know who I was

Ashley's POV

My phone was ring and I picked it up and saw the caller ID said Luke, one of my best friends

(L:Luke a:ash )

A: hello?

L: hey ash

A: hey what's up

L: nothing I just want to come over

A: of corse, I haven't seen you in a long time

L: can I bring my girlfriend?

A:sure she you here bye


We both hung up

****************20 minutes later**********************

We all heard a knock on the door and Darcy want to go get it, we were all eating dinner, Darcy came back with Luke and the person I never want to see again, Chloe.

"Hey Luke"

"Hey ash, long time no see!" He came over to me to give me a hug

"Hey Chloe" she ingroned me

"Omg! One directions here!" She said

"Hi" I tidied again

"Oh look, it's little miss sult and her worthless daughter"she said slapping Darcy in the face making her cry, I was going to go to her but Chloe was blocking me. Liam got up to get Darcy and yelled in Chloe's face.


"Just leave Chloe"I said to her

"Fine, come on Luke" she said

"Any person that calls my best friend a sult is not my girl friend, were through!"

I went to go open the door for Chloe so she could leave, and she just slapped me and then kicked me and walked away. I fell on the ground and all the boys came running to me.

"I can't believe she would do that after all we have been through" I said

"You guys had a connection?" Liam asked me

"Yeah, I'll tell you the story after I put Darcy to sleep" I said taking Darcy from Liam and went up stairs.

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