Skylers' Adventure

Skyler W. Evans has abilities, abilities that the Avengers could use. What happens
when they find her? What will happen? Who would be her best friends?


7. Chapter 5

   ( This located on the 1st x-men movie where Logan and Rouge join them )

                                                 Skylers' pov

   I was walking down a road, and then I see people coming out of the woods. I jump back afraid of what will happen, I also happen to see a car stop behind me. I look back to see a girl and a man. I turn back read their minds. 'These are the people magneto wanted lets get'em.' I look at them and throw some daggers at them they block and something hit me and I ended up falling to the ground. The last thing I remember seeing is a girl and boy also come out the woods before the blackness takes over me.


   I wake up in a totally different place it's white and has tools. I sit up and look around. Then I see these things open and 3 people walk in one in a wheelchair, and the 2 people i saw before i blacked out."You must be Skyler." The guy in the wheelchair asks. I shake my head after a few seconds. "I am professor xavier. This is Storm,and Scott." He pointed at each of them. "What am I doing here?" 

"You have unique powers that can help other people with."

"I know I was apart of a team." 


I shake my head 

"Well follow me."

I get and follow him. we got to another one of those things that i was in. I tuned most of it out, But then I noticed I still had my ear piece on so I took it off. We leave the room again. 

"Skyler go with Storm she will show you to your room." professor xavier said.

I follow Storm here while she asks me questions. 

"So Skyler when did you find out you had powers." She asks then I remember when I found out.  


"Skyler come down here now!" my mom yelled from down stairs. I run down stairs to see my mom and dad around the table. 

"Skyler please sit down." 

"I'm fine standing."

"Okay." my dad said.

I looked at them in confusion.'What is going on'

"Let me cut to the chase we're putting you up for adoption!" 


"I know i know but if for your own good."

"Why just tell me why first."

"We don't have enough money anymore to take care of you me working 2 jobs your mom with her babysitting. It's not enough of money for us."

"So putting me up for adoption is your only choice?" I ask with tears spilling out.


I look at the table like i want hit or catch something on fire but I guess it came true cause right when my hands touch the table it went up in flames. My dad ran in to the kitchen and got a bucket of water and threw it o the fire, while m mom looked at me with rage,surprised, and non-regretful eyes. 

"Pack your stuff and get out of my house NOW you freak!" My dad yelled.

I ran up the stairs and packed all my things and atleast we just moved here i put all my boxes and stuff in my car and went off.

--------------------------------------------------------End of FlashBack------------------------------------------------------

 "Here's your room and some of your clothes of on your bed just call if you need anything." 


I go in my room and slip into night clothes and go to sleep.


"Sir agent Evens is nowhere on the ship." 


"Evans do you copy." nothing but silence.


I wake up to hear screaming. I get up and follow it. i see a bunch of people surround the door. I look to see a girl walking out with someone (forgot who I think someone walked her out) I go back to my room and I have a major headache. I lay down and go to sleep. But my dreams were filled with what happend and what is happening where Fury is (aka the ship) and found out why she screamed.



-sorry for not updating but I do need help so if anyone have any ideas please tell my and no i am not doing a love thing with skyler but i have school on friday so :( i won't update alot. So I would love some tips and ideas from you guys -ihaveadarkside 



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