Skylers' Adventure

Skyler W. Evans has abilities, abilities that the Avengers could use. What happens
when they find her? What will happen? Who would be her best friends?


4. Chapter 3

                                                                          Chapter 3     

  Today Black Widow left so that left Barton, but I'm staying in my room doing research. Then I started to hear gun shots. I walked towards the gun shots but I looked a little through the door. Loki.

   Loki turned Hawkeye to one of his minions. I stood there in surprise. I went back to my room.

  I just went to work on little some things Fury has me do. 


  I started to work on the Tesseract. I looked up some things but not alot. 

"Agent Evans Fury needs you."


I stop doing research and go looking for him. When I find him he's just standing.

"I'm here Mr.Fury." 

"Good sit." I do as I was instructed.

"So what is this about."

I watch as Natasha,Steve, and Banner come in. 

 Fury started talking with Banner while I sat there looking for more info.

Then I heard they located him and smiled and then went back to my room.They had business to take care of and I kinda don't. I start practicing my magic to control it better.

  So when I was done I went to the Training room. I started to throw my daggers all landing on the bullseye. Then I went to go use my bow. 






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