Skylers' Adventure

Skyler W. Evans has abilities, abilities that the Avengers could use. What happens
when they find her? What will happen? Who would be her best friends?


3. Chapter 2

                                                                    Chapter 2

   When I woke up drenched in sweat and breathing heavy.I always have nightmares of all the things I did when I was little. I checked the time 5:06. I took a shower and did my hair.I put my S.H.E.I.L. suit on.

   I went to the cafeteria I got my food and drink and started to eat. People started to wake up. The first two people were Natasha and Clint. "good morning." I said. They saw me and said good morning. They got their food and sat at my table.

   "So why did you leave the meeting?" Clint asked. I looked up at him at back to my food, still not having emotion on my face. "You know you can trust us right." I was thinking hard and I thought I could trust them. "I was used to yelling since I got yelled at when I was a kid. I just needed to let off some steam." They nodded and went back to eating. I guess I can trust them now.

    I went to my room to do some research things, like Loki. I scanned all the things they have on him. I had to hack on to S.H.E.I.L.D to find info on Loki.


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