Finally Found You (Luke Hemmings)

Aryanna is a student at the most expensive yet amazing Music School. But what happens when she falls in love with her music teacher Mr.Hemmings? Also known as the Lead singer for 5 Seconds Of Summer? but is dating the Popular boy band One Direction member


6. Chapter 6 + Author's Note

Aryanna's Pov

I looked down when i noticed Luke standing there with a relieved yet pissed off look on his face. He opened his mouth to say something then stopped when Michael gave him a look..Harry came up to me and hugged me causing me to stop holding Liam's hand so i could hug back. Luke sighed in relief and asked," Aryanna can i talk to you outside". I nod and head out back and sit in the grass.Luke follows what i did and he grabbed my hand and i felt sparks.

"Aryanna i need you to understand that you don't have feelings for Liam, I know that you feel the sparks every time we touch,Aryanna please tell me you'll break up with him"

Those last nine words killed me..

"But Luke you know that your my teacher, I would do it but-" he cut me off with a kiss

Liam's Pov

I watched as Luke kissed her.I was standing by the door.I hear the whole conversation, It hurt me that we were gonna go on tour with them and he is trying to do this.. He didn't grow up with her like i did.I won't let him ruin our relationship.

Luke you're gonna get time you try something

Luke's Pov

I got happy when i kissed Aryanna it's the best feeling ever.I looked behind me and noticed Liam with his fists balled glaring at me. I smirked and kissed her cheek and got up and went into the house...

Next thing i know i'm being pushed against the wall and Liam is punching me in the face. I'll admit it hurt but i still was thinking about the kiss with Aryanna. He name made me smile.

Aryanna's Pov

After Luke kissed me and then my cheek i held my hand to my cheek and smiled softly then all of a sudden i hear someone punching someone.I get up and run inside.Then i notice Luke being punched by Liam and i see Michael trying to tear Liam away and i look at Harry who's pissed at Luke..I think..Then Louis comes in and finally gets Liam away from Luke. By the time that's done i didn't notice i was crying..

Nobody's Pov

After the fight Aryanna helped Liam get cleaned up, everyone went to the living room except for Aryanna and Liam.

Aryanna opened her mouth first " Liam I think we need to break up"

Liam looked upset Aryanna could tell cause he had big puppy eyes "okay..It's not cause of what Luke said is it?"

Aryanna opened her mouth then closed it and ran out of the room and went to her room and slammed the door then slide down and started crying.

Her phone went off a million times before it stopped 



im proud to say im happy for a new year.. My resolution for you guys is to update my book more..Im sorry for those who want me to update more..but i wouldn't know cause no one comments on it..Anyway i love you guys..those who have keeped it in your library that is..anyways bye for now!

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