Finally Found You (Luke Hemmings)

Aryanna is a student at the most expensive yet amazing Music School. But what happens when she falls in love with her music teacher Mr.Hemmings? Also known as the Lead singer for 5 Seconds Of Summer? but is dating the Popular boy band One Direction member


5. Chapter 5

A/N: Wrote this listening to Latch Acoustic by Sam Smith so

Aryanna's POV

Once i got there i put in my Sam Smith CD and got out of my car and turned the volume up high an sat on the roof of my car and looked around..stl looks the same.. i look to a tree and smile me and Luke had our first kiss right there.. my phone goes off and its Liam so i Answer

Liam<3 : Where are you i thought you were coming home babe

he sounds scared

Me: Sorry love i went to a park i'm on my way home don't worry love you bye

i hung up and got in my car and started driving home. When i got home Liam was waiting there and he came up to my door and pulled me out pulling me into a tight hug "I thought you were at Luke's again and i got worried"

i hugged back " I went to a park don't worry i'm fine" i kiss his cheek and go inside and notice Both bands on the couch minus Liam who is standing next to me holding my hand


A/N sorry guys this is a filler and the next Chapter is Huge! big stuff happens and it might finally turn some tables in relationships. 

Vote Luke with Aryanna or Liam and Aryanna 

Come up with ship names too please lol

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