Finally Found You (Luke Hemmings)

Aryanna is a student at the most expensive yet amazing Music School. But what happens when she falls in love with her music teacher Mr.Hemmings? Also known as the Lead singer for 5 Seconds Of Summer? but is dating the Popular boy band One Direction member


3. Chapter 3

Liam's POV

Aryanna came home a hour later, she was looking upset so i came up to her and hugged her.

"What's wrong love?" i ask her with concern.

"Lu-Luke wr-wrote a s-song about m-me" she looks down and starts crying. 

"What was it about?" i bite my lip thinking maybe i can top his.

"All the problems we've had and him falling love with me" she wipes her eyes "but he's my teacher and I just got with you and I love you but I like Luke at the same time" Damn its like Twilight.

"What Does Your Heart want?" i ask softly.

"You" she simply states and kisses me.

To say i'm happy is an understatement, I'm ecstatic. Having her in my like is the best thing that ever happened to me since breaking up with Danielle (A/N i have nothing bad about her i just came up with a reason on why they broke up in the story) I just felt like she wasn't my star to guide me in the right direction. Anna on the other hand is definitely my star in the right direction! I'm gonna give it a few months before a give her this promise ring i got today.. or maybe i can do it when we go on tour? After we sing "Little Things" cause that's her favorite one by us as she says.

I look down at her and notice she's almost asleep so i pick her up and carry her to her room and lay her on her bed covering her up. Then I lay next to her and kiss her head. I start singing 'Little Things' because us singing to her when shes tired helps her sleep and i always sing her her favorite song. I did it for her on tour too we would FaceTime and she would fall asleep while i was singing to her. The way she sleeps makes me wish we started dating when she was 15 and i was 16 because we could be having our two year anniversary tomorrow. I guess I was too chicken to ask her out then.

I looked at her sleeping and i kissed her head and wrapped my arm around her waist falling asleep. 

-------- 3 hours Later-------

"Louis just take the Damn picture and send it to Luke so we can show him she's perfectly happy with Liam" I heard Harry whisper shout at Louis.

"Okay Hazza I deserve a kiss after this" he grumbles and takes the picture sending it to Luke.

I guess i forgot to mention the Larry Stylinson is real.. oops sorry guys got side tracked by Anna.

I wake up and look at the boys and see them in a heated make out session.

"Okay boys not in Anna's Room"

They blush and go to Harry's room.

I fall back asleep next to Anna.

A/N I use Anna because its one of my nicknames! so i didnt change her name i might use Ary or Anna in the story

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