Finally Found You (Luke Hemmings)

Aryanna is a student at the most expensive yet amazing Music School. But what happens when she falls in love with her music teacher Mr.Hemmings? Also known as the Lead singer for 5 Seconds Of Summer? but is dating the Popular boy band One Direction member


1. Chapter 1

 Aryanna's Pov

" your like perfection some kind of holiday you got me thinking that we can run away" 

The familiar music filled my ears as my alarm clock went off telling me to get up for the first day of school. i got up and unplugged my phone. I went to my closet and found my 5 Seconds Of Summer shirt and my ripped skinny jeans. Then I put them on and looked through my jewelry box and grabbed my plugs and put them in then i grabbed my black lip ring and put it in. I walked downstairs and went to the door and grabbed my vans and put them on. After that i grabbed my keys and went outside to my 2014 Cherry Red Mustang. i got in and started my car and 5 Seconds Of Summer started playing. i checked my phone and noticed i had a text from my friend Leah so i opened it.

L- Hey we're getting 5 new teachers today rumor has it they're young and are hott C:

i laughed at her and texted her back

A- Hey Girlie i just saw your message i'm on my way to your house to pick you up, really? i hope they're replacing the old teachers xD.

L- Okaii :D ill see you soon, IKR finally their gone 

i back out of my driveway and start driving towards her house. While i'm driving to her house let me introduce myself. My name is Aryanna i'm 16 and i live in a HUGE house cause my mom is a fashion designer and my step dad is a CEO for Ford. I have an older brother but he's in College and comes home tomorrow for break. I guess that's it about me. I pull into her driveway and honk my horn and she comes out running. She gets in and buckles up. 

"I still can't get over the fact your parents got you your dream car" she sighs and changes the song to 'Everything I Didn't Say' i tap my fingers on the steering wheel to the song.

 " I know but our parents are equally rich and you still need to get your license."

I stick my tongue out and start driving to school. When we pull into my parking space i notice paps around the school. 

"they're here for you again" Leah sighs and rolls her eyes 

"I know i'm getting tired of it" i sigh and see my Brother talking to MICHEAL CLIFFORD

"lock my car please" i turn my car and pass her the keys then i go up to my brother 

"I thought you were coming tomorrow Harry Styles" i hug him tightly. Oh a little detail i forgot to brother is Harry Styles

"you know Me Anna, I can't stay away from the family" he hugs me back

"Oh Anna this is-" I cut him off 

" I know who you are Micheal" i hug him then i see Luke 

"LUKE" i yell and run up to him and jump on his back and the paps go crazy 

"I missed you too Penguin" he laughs and stumbles slightly then takes me off of his back.

"What are you doing here?" i ask curious 

"I'm your new music teacher" I squeal and hug him again and kiss his cheek. the paps take pictures like always

" i got to go see you in music!" the bell rings and i go to class excited to see Luke.

-Skip to music-

i tip toe in cause i'm a little late.. okay try a lot. i take my seat 

"Aryanna Detention" he winks at me when no one is looking and blush looking down

during class we all had to sing a song. When it's my turn I sing 'Sirens' By Cher Lloyd. no one knows i can sing so i chose a song i can do best 

I start " I carry the weight of you in my heavy heart , and the wind is so icy i am numb"

i ended and everyone stands and starts clapping. I look at Luke and his mouth is hanging open and his phone was up and he was video tapping me. I blush and walk back to my seat. Leah sits next to me.

"I didn't know you could sing!" she smiles and hugs me. about fifteen minutes later the bell rings and i stay seated because of my detention. Luke gets up and locks the door and covers the door window. 

" Why didn't you tell me Penguin" he sits in front of me and sighs

" I thought i wasn't that good" I mumble and look down. he tilts my head up and looks me in the eyes.

"Your Amazing" he leans in and kisses me. i felt sparks wait no fireworks! it felt natural kissing him. but he's my teacher now so we cant date. I pull away and grab my bag getting my keys out and run out the door. I can hear him calling my name but i tear up and run out to my car unlocking it and getting in. i start it and see Luke running towards my car and i pull out quickly and drive home. When I get home I give my keys to the butler and run up to my room and slam my down and slide down it crying.

"Why'd he do that?" i whisper and wipe my eyes i go to open my door but i hear 1D and 5SOS come in so i text Liam and ask him if he'll come upstairs.

Ary- Hey i need some advice.. :'(

LiLi- Where are you? :(

Ary- In my room is Luke here? D:

LiLi- Yeah but he's upset :/

Ary- Good were having issues.

LiLi- im on my way up Harry is coming too

Ary- Okay

I get up and unlock my door when i hear the knock i open it.

Liam and Harry come in and hug me 

"Luke told us what happened" Liam says 

"yeah" i mumble 

"Harry can you give us a second?" he nods and steps outside 

"Listen Aryanna i've had a crush on you since we first met.." he looks down " will you go out with me" i nod smiling 

" Yes LiLi" i kiss him and stand up and pull up then we walk downstairs holding hands. Luke looks at our hands and stands up storming out the door slamming it. i jump slightly but Liam calms me down.

"I see you guys are together finally?" Harry says smiling 

I nod and Liam sits down then starts singing 'Happily' I giggle and sit down on his lap joining in, soon everyone is joining in

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